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"Vegas Crapshoot"
Part 1
by Jim Pennington
Disclaimer: I do not own the Roswell characters and I am using them without permission. I feel wicked every time I do this.
Summary: Sending the Roswell characters to Las Vegas was a mistake. They're too straight-laced for that. But what if they weren't?
Category: Other
Rating: R
Liz was glad she had come. Maria was right. Future Max and future Liz didn't exist anymore. They had never existed. Liz figured there were at least a billion possible futures and a billion to one is pretty good odds. They were in Las Vegas, weren't they? So forget about dreary, old future Max and his science-fiction horror story. Liz Parker was going to have some fun.

They were in the Presidential Suite and everyone was excited.

"Hold on. Line up. ID's out," said Michael.

They all stood in a line facing him and held out their driver's licenses.

"This town has some restrictions about having fun," continued Michael. "I"m going to fix that. You are no longer high school students from Roswell, NM. You are an of age party machine."

He waved his hand dramatically and the licenses magically changed. Liz was now Shirley Temple from Los Angeles. She was twenty-one years old. Liz had always thought one of the space aliens would become a famous stage magician. Max didn't have the personality for it so it was going to be Michael.

"These are your aliases. You will use these aliases for the duration of the trip. Sound off."

All of the names were the names of drinks. Isabel was Brandy Alexander, Max was Rob Roy, and so forth. Michael gave each one of them three thousand dollars and told them he and Max would be off-limits to them for the rest of the weekend. Then he bounced them out of the room.

Downstairs Isabel walked right into the casino. When Liz and Tess tried to follow her a big, ugly security guard stood in front of them and said, "Excuse me. Can I see some identification?"

They took out their ID's and held them up.

"Nice try, girls. The penny arcade is that way," he said.

They went to the penny arcade and Liz started playing pinball.

"You know what it is," said Tess. "It's these stupid ID's Michael gave us. Shirley Temple and Pina Colada. Of course they wouldn't let us in. I'll change them to something more believable."

"You go. I'm OK here," said Liz.

"Great. Stuck in the party capitol of the world with Liz Parker."

"For your information, I didn't want to come to Vegas in the first place. I knew this was going to be the worst trip of my life. I just knew it but I didn't listen to my instincts. And by the way, Tess, I don't enjoy being stuck here with you either."

"Fine," Tess said and walked away. What a bitch she thought. She probably thinks I'm still after Max.

"Good," Liz called after her.

"Gee, what a great game," said Isabel. She was sitting at a blackjack table with Kyle and Alex. Kyle was explaining the game to her. He had just lost a hand.

"Sorry, you have to play more than one hand," he said.

"Kyle, this is math. It's not exactly what I'm looking for on vacation."

"This is the gamboling capitol of the world. What are you looking for?"

"I guess I'll know it when I see it," the tall, beautiful blond said and left the table.

"She's right you know," said Alex. "It's math. . .more precisely AP Statistics which dictates that an all or nothing strategy has the best chance of beating the house." He bet three thousand dollars on the next hand.

"It makes no sense," warned Kyle.

The dealer dealt the next hand.

"Hit me," said Kyle.

"Hit me," said Alex.

The dealer hit him with the queen of hearts and took the three thousand dollars.

Maria ran up to them.

"You'll never believe what I found in the spa locker room," she gushed. "A booking agent is holding auditions. Alex, I need the hughest favor from you, I need an accompanist."

"I play the bass guitar."

"You could fake it on the piano. It's just a simple chord progression. It starts with an E and then at the bridge. . ."

"Maria, I just lost three thousand dollars!" Alex shouted. She had the worst timing of any girl he had ever met.

"Alex, I'll give you three thousand dollars if you just help me get this gig, please."

Alex put his arm around her shoulder.

"The key was E, right?"


"All right, what's the tune?"

Maria found Michael in the casino. He was playing some silly game at a table. Alex was busy practicing the quick piano lesson Maria had given him.

Michael made six the hard way. He was attracting a lot of attention. There was a large crowd gathered around the table. Maria pushed through the crowd to get to Michael.

"Amazing thing happened. I have an audition!" she shouted.

"Keep with me folks. I'm here to win," Michael said to the mob of fellow gamblers. He turned to Maria and added, "And I don't see you."

"Don't you know what my dream has been since the beginning of time. It's to start my singing career in a smoky Vegas supper club. I'll be up on stage, right, in front of a great band. I'll belt out some torch song, there'll be a spotlight, and my makeup will be perfect. . ."

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