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"Us Six Against the World "
Part 19
by Linda
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Max's jaw was tight with anger as he drove the four of them down the mountain in the borrowed pick-up truck.

Michael continued to look behind them. "No one is following us. We got away Max." he sighed.

Max nodded. His focus only on getting to Liz before the stalker did. Isabel and Alex also breathed a sigh of relief after the four had secretly snuck off in the middle of the night without telling Jordan.

Isabel felt only a little bad for taking Jordan's truck and going back on their promise not to go after the alien. After all, what did Jordan expect Max and Michael to do? Sit and wait while that maniac went after Liz and Maria. And with his powers they wouldn’t stand a chance of getting away from him! And they would never suspect him either, if he came up to them.

"Alex. You never did tell us why Liz and Maria left? I mean, and why didn't stop them? Or go with them if it was that important?" Isabel turned to Alex in the back seat next to her.

Both Max and Michael's attention also focused on Alex.

Alex swallowed. He had been hoping that they could find Liz and Maria first, and then she could tell Max herself.

"Alex. What aren't you telling us?" Max asked in a very low, worried voice, as he glanced in the rearview mirror to see Alex's discomfort. The cold lump of fear in his stomach was growing larger the more Alex hesitated. My God, what had happened? Max wondered.

"You know, it's probably nothing. Maria got something in her head, and before you know it she had Liz convinced, and I don't think it's true, only they believe it and I couldn't argue with them." Alex started.

"He's rambling." Michael said looking from Max to Isabel and then to Alex, with a waiting expression.

"Alex!?" Isabel demanded, knowing that Max was going to lose it soon if Alex didn't tell them.

"What? Oh, they think Liz might be pregnant. Isn't that ridiculous." Alex shrugged. The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous it sounded to him.

Alex felt the car jerk, as Max turned to study Alex's face. Michael grabbed the wheel and kept the car on the road as Max tried to recover from the shock of the statement.

"Max buddy, pull over." Michael said softly. He could only imagine how shook up Max must be. Whether it was true or not, it was a lot to take in.


Jordan and Matthew watched as the four teens snuck away. When the taillights of the pickup were gone, Matthew turned to Jordan.

"Why did you let them go?" he asked with a frown.

"Because, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep them here, and if they go back to Roswell to look for their friend, it will give us time to find this evil one."


Jordan turned from the window and looked at his friend. "Because I FEEL him. His evil is strong right now. I think he is so intent on going after the Max's girl that he has forgotten to block us out. Or he just is so angry that his whole energy and focus is on finding the girls." Jordan said. "Come, we must find the evil one. His anger will lead us to him."


When the car was stopped by the side of the empty road, Michael looked at Max whose hands were shaking.

"Liz doesn't panic easily Alex. What reason did she give for thinking she was pregnant?" Max asked very quietly, looking straight ahead out at the darkness, and waited.

Alex swallowed. It didn't seem like any of the three thought it sounded too crazy. He began to think again about the crazy story Maria and Liz had told him.

"You mean it's possible?" Alex asked now starting to seriously worry himself. Then he looked from Max's still figure in the driver's seat, to Michael and Isabel's waiting faces.

"Maria said Liz had been acting weird lately, which didn't seem hard to believe was normal under the circumstances. Then yesterday in the Crashdown when they were working."

Alex explained the following events and saw Michael raise an eyebrow at Liz putting Tabasco sauce on her ice cream, and then he gave a quick little smile when Alex mentioned how Maria had freaked out and gone into hysterics. Then Alex told them about the accident Maria had with the knife.

"Healed? What do you mean healed?" Isabel asked with wide eyes.

All this time, Max sat motionless in the front seat, looking straight ahead, his hands gripping the steering wheel and his jaw tight as he stared out into the night.

"Liz reached for a Maria's hand, and it just healed itself under Liz's touch." Alex explained and then sighed. He had been hoping that the two had just overreacted and it had just been their overactive imagination and all it had been was a paper cut or something. But now he realized he had tried to convince himself of all that, so as not to worry as much about letting the two go off alone.

The car was silent then. Everyone looked at Max and frowned, waiting for him to say something.

"Max?" Isabel finally asked.

Max shook his head.

"Max! It's going to be okay. Don't you remember what Jordan said? It won't happen unless it's going to be okay." She tried to reassure him with a smile.

"Don't you understand? Liz is out there somewhere, running for her life and and our baby's, afraid the FBI or Sheriff Valenti will find her first, and not even knowing that she will be okay carrying an alien child." Max swallowed his voice rising in anger at himself. "And they don't even know that a killer is after them now too! God! What have I done to her!?" Max finished by slamming his hand against the steering wheel.


"Liz, babe." Maria said gently shaking Liz awake.

They had been driving all day, and Liz had slept most of it. Maria pulled into the bus stop and shook Liz awake.

"Maria?" Liz asked in a small voice.

"Yeah, we're at the bus station. Let's go in and get you something to eat before we like go purchase the tickets."

Liz nodded and they took their belongs out of the old clunker, and went into the bus station.

"Sit down here and I'll go get us something to eat." Maria suggested and pointed to a long wooden bench.

"Maria I'm not crippled." Liz tried to smile.

Maria laughed for a second and then dumped her own bag on the seat. "Still, someone has to stay and watch our stuff. What do you want? Do you want me to get you some Tabasco sauce?" Maria whispered the last part.

Liz smiled and rolled her eyes. "Maria!"

Maria started away with her own smile and then Liz called to her. "Yeah, would you please." She said with wide worried eyes.

Maria swallowed and nodded as she turned back around toward the food counter.

The bus ride was long, considering they had gone a round about way to get to the bus station, and it took the rest of the night for them to get reach Albuquerque. The sun was just coming up when they reached the motel Liz directed them to.

"Are you sure that if when the others come back, Max will know where to find us?" Maria asked as she looked around the small motel room that was right off the highway. Then out at the giant dinosaur across on the other side of the highway, which held a sign stating Dino's Mini Golf."

"Yeah. I'm sure. I just hope, that we don't have to leave here before then." Liz bit her lip.

Maria turned around as she threw her bag on one of the double beds, and came over to Liz. "Of course we'll be here!" she tried to smile as she hugged Liz. "Why wouldn't we be?" Maria asked trying to keep a positive attitude.

Liz turned toward the window and looked out over the highway. Maria was right. No one suspected anything. They were probably safe for now. She didn't want to think about too far into the future though. She put her hand over her flat stomach and sighed. "Talk to me baby. If you're in there, let me know." She whispered.


"Are you sure they're heading to Albuquerque?" Alex asked Max as they were once again headed down the highway.

"Yeah. Positive. She told you it was the place I mentioned right before we had the car accident on the old highway right?" he said quietly.

"Yeah. And she said something about once you got there, that your dad had laughed at you over something."

Max nodded. "The first time dad took us to Albuquerque Is, do you remember what I said when we pulled into that motel off the highway?" Max asked.

"Not really wait! Something about the big monster across the way right? I remember mom laughing about it years later when we passed by it once, that mini golf place with the big dinosaur out front." Isabel laughed.

Max smiled lightly. "Yeah. I told Liz about that once. So my guess is she's there."

"Max how are you doing?" Isabel asked. Max had been quiet for most of the continued trip after he had hit the steering wheel, and then started them back on the road. But now Isabel could see that Max seemed less tense, less in shock.

Max sighed and smiled lightly then frowned. "I don't know. I mean, I've made a mess of things for Liz. She's scared and doesn't know if I'll be there for her, or what's going to happen to her. But then, on the other hand Liz carrying my child." Max's voice cracked a little. "I never thought we'd ever be able to have families of our own, you know? And with Liz" He turned to Michael and then Isabel, who both nodded, and Isabel smiled.

"At least we know Liz will be okay." Alex sighed. Isabel had taken up some of the ride filling Alex in on what Jordan had told them about themselves.

"If we get to them before that psycho does." Michael said and gritted his teeth. He wanted to find Maria before anything happened to her. He wanted to tell her about what he had found out, and he wanted to someday know what it felt like to be told Maria was carrying his child.

"Who is this guy? I mean you say he's an alien, but he goes to Roswell? He's been among us like you guys, for years??" Alex asked. "Is he someone we know?"

The three looked at each other with grim expressions.

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