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Disclaimer: I own the story, the characters Jennetta, Ren, Andrina and Tarsus. I am just borrowing the others with thanks. Lyrics by Patty Griffin, Dido, Garth Brooks
Summary: Third in a trilogy that includes Out of the Woods and Legacy. If you donít read them, you will be seriously lost. If you DO read them, I congratulate you, because even I am horrified by their length. I will also be tickled pink! This story began with Out of the Woods, which was Post-Destiny, so everything that has occurred during Season 2 is not applicable here. All couples are currently together except for Kyle and Tess. Jennetta is Michael and Mariaís daughter. Why she is grown-up is a long story and is told in Legacy. Max and Isabel also consider her to be their sister because she was raised by their alien mother on their home planet of Illyria. Maxís alien name is Jaxon Falconer, Isabelís is Mirana, Tessí is Sabrya and Michaelís is Tristandor. Michael and Tess are siblings.
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Rating: PG-13
December 2, 1812

Salisbury, England, Earth

My dearest,

It is difficult to comprehend that as I transmit these words to you, you are asleep on a far distant planet, circling another star.

I feel you with me everywhere, at all times. If my brother knew how he was torturing me by ordering this mission, I do not doubt he would regret it. And yet, I know that he was right as well. If we can endure this trial, our union will only be stronger, proving once again that peace and love are the only way to save our world.

My journey through the portal was uneventful. The humans did not note our arrival, Jemmaís mind-warp working as it was meant to. We have set up temporary headquarters above a small tavern in the town of Salisbury. The task force is currently researching where a more permanent colony might be established. Preliminary research seems to indicate that somewhere in the wide expanses on the continent of North America might be appropriate. We will book passage to cross Earthís great expanse of water shortly.

I find myself restless this evening. I crave information, knowledge that you are safe, that Gordian has kept his word and is slowly allowing your fellow Dernians into Illyria. I trust my brother implicitly, but I do not trust your Duke. Lazar has spoken falsely too often to be believed. I fear that the truce that he has instigated will not last, especially now that he has an heir.

My fear is great my love. And yet so is my hope. The births of Jaxon and Mirana seem to have revitalized my people in a way that nothing else could. Their lives guarantee that the portal between this world so like our own and our beloved Illyria will remain open for at least another generation. This only proves again that our decision to come here is the correct one.

And yet I long to return to you. My greatest desire is to do so soon. In the meantime, I look forward to your transmission through my brother.

Know that I love you and that this only becomes more true as the days pass. Be safe my heart.

Your Andrina

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