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"Unexpected Surprises"
Part 1
by Aria51chick
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. Anything you don’t recognizefrom WB is mine.
Summary: Someone new comes to Roswell and some very Unexpected things happen.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Feedback: Please send Feedback! I don’t know if I am going to continue this, so I need feedback. I am not very good at Fanfic! I have only done RPG! This is my first fanfic! I would like to thank everybody at the messageboard, Timeo, who always helps me out with the RPG’s and Jezzie and everyone else I have had the pleasure to meet in RPG’s or just regular threads. Also like to thank Sunny, cause they write such good stories! I recommend Soulmates, by Sunny. I’m still waiting for Part 8! My style of writing is very weird and ecclectic, so if you don’t understand a part, email me at

As Maria walked to the front doors, to close up the Crashdown, I heard the phone ring.

"Hey guys, I’ll be right back, gotta go answer the phone." I said.

As I walked away I heard Isabel add the daily gossip of, "I heard that the Home Economics teacher caught Pam Troy throwing up in the bathroom this morning, and now everybody thinks she’s pregnant."

I smiled to myself as I walked towards the ‘Employees only’ door.

I ran through the door, as the phone rang for the fifth time.

I reached the phone and picked it up.



I watched as Liz walked away to answer the phone.

(I think I made Max a little too sappy for his own good, but, whatever)

I saw Liz pick up the phone.

I saw her say something.

She had a look of confusion on her face. Then she dropped the phone.

I was out of the booth and beside her in a moment.

"Liz what is it?"

BTW- the characters thought are in < > this is gonna be really long if I continue it so, be ready for the long haul. Aria51chick ( <> .. <> )

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