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"My, Ain't That Just an Interesting Twist of Fate? "
Part 1
by Jenn
Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own Roswell or any of its characters they belong to Jason Katims and Melinda Meltz (you lucky people) But if I had my way I would definitely own Jason Behr ;)~~ ok that's enuff I'm getting carried away. On with the show.
Summary: After Liz leaves Max at the cave she goes back to town to tell her friends about what has happened. When she arrives at the Crashdown she is confronted by a stranger who brings her good news. The war on Max's home planet is over but they are still in danger because four rebels have escaped. As fate would have it Tess was not Max's destiny after all. Infact Tessie and Nasedo are bad guys (they're Montairians). Micheal is Max and Isabel's brother for real (They're Kitarians). Their home planet is Kitaria.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Dedication: I dedicate this to Chrissie and Rhysha for sharing my love of Roswell and to Ronny for taping it every week for me I luv you guys!!!!
Feedback: I would greatly appreciate it considering this is my first fanfic.
I've read a lot of other people's so I hope I do it justice.

Scene: The desert in Roswell just after Liz left Max to his destiny

She starts running faster then she was before. Tears come pouring out of her eyes, and streaming down her face. It's hard for her to see through all the tears. Yet she keeps on running. Her breathing is not normal. It's almost as if she was having an asthma attack, yet she kept on running. She finally stops running after an hour or so. It hurts all over but nothing can compare to the hurt she is feeling in her heart. (Liz talking to herself) "This is not fair I love him and now I can't have him. He belongs to Tess. (She shudders at the thought of Max and Tess together) I have to tell Maria and Alex who will be heartbroken. Why couldn't Max just have let me die that day! I wouldn't be in pain now if it wasn't for him. Wait, scratch that I would've have never learn to live if it wasn't for Max."
Scene: Back in town, the next day

Before she even notices it she's back in town. She walked 10 miles. It was unbelievable for her grasp she walked that far and failed to notice. Tears were still streaming down her face as she stumbled towards the Crashdown. As she came closer and closer to the Cafe a man not much older than herself is approaching her. She notices the he has the same features as the podsters with the exception of Tess. He is tall with dark hair and deep eyes. He has a beautiful smile on his face as he approaches Liz with hopefulness showing in his eyes. She notes that he is not much older then they are. He approaches her cautiously.

"Good afternoon, Miss. Would your name happen to be Liz?" The man asked hoping her answer would be...

"Yes, and may I ask why you want to know?" He takes her hand and kisses it. The man gets down on his knees and begins to speak with such respect in his tone "My lady I was hoping I would find you soon. You are much prettier than the king described you. He said his son had impeccable taste but you are extraordinary."

Liz begins to blush "King? Me? What? "

"You are dating a young man named Max are you not?" He asks fearfully.

"I was but he is destined to someone else....." She began to sob again.

"Oh no I fear you are wrong in your words, My Lady. Unless ......" He thinks carefully before speaking again, "Unless the girl has penetrated their defenses. Oh no It can't be. Their parents must be alerted at once."

"Um, what are you talking about? And please don't call me lady I prefer Liz. Their real parents? They're alive?!?" she manages to say between sobs.

"I guess I must inform you of what has been transpiring over the last few years. I am Xavier I was sent here to protect the young princes and princess not too long ago. I am here to inform them of events on our home planet. The war is over they are free to come home now."

She began to cry uncontrollably while she fell to the ground. "I knew this day would, would come at some point. It was good that I let him go to be with Tess."

Xavier helps her up brushes the tears from her face and begins again....." My lady, uh, I mean Liz did you just say Tess? Do not fret my lady he is yours in every way. Oh no I fear the Princes and Princess are in grave danger. She is the daughter of the leader of our mortal enemy the Montairians. If she is with them they are in trouble. My lady you must show me to where they are."

"I will in one sec. Just explain to me what you meant by 'he is yours in every way'?"

"His people have been watching him from afar. They have seen how their children react to you and your friends named Alex and Maria. You have their approval to be with their children. In fact the King and Queen wish for you and your friends to accompany the Princes and the Princess back to Kitaria. The King knows his children love you and your friends and wishes for the weddings to be on Kitaria."

"Wait a minute weddings? I'm SIXTEEN FOR CHRIST SAKE!" Liz screamed.

"I failed to mention that we can see the future. Watch." Xavier touches her and suddenly she sees.......

Max, Isabel, Micheal, Maria, Alex, and herself on Kitaria
Max and Liz, Micheal and Maria, and Alex and Isabel marrying in a traditional Kitarian ceremony.
Liz holding a baby girl as Max walks over to her and hugs her.

"Now about Tess...."

She can clearly see the fear in his eyes when she glances at his face. It suddenly occurs to her that they are in front of the Crashdown and she turns her head to because she hears yelling only to see Maria, Alex, Isabel, Max, Micheal, and her. Liz suddenly tenses up when she sees that thing reaching for Max.

"Xavier look," she points to the cafe where the group is sitting. Max is pacing back and forth. Tess touches his arm and reaches for his hand. He pushes her away and turns away from her while yelling. Maria begins to cry again while Micheal sits next to her stroking her hair and holding her in his arms. She runs to the window and knocks on it to get her friends' attention.

Alex jumps up "Look it's Liz!!!!" he screams as he races for the door. The others follow all except for Tess who begins to run in the other direction as she notices who is with Liz.

"Shit he found me." She screams as she darts for the kitchen.

"Tess where are you going?" Max yells at her as he makes his way towards the front door.
Scene: Alley behind the Crashdown Cafe.

Tess runs out the back door. Before she can get anywhere she is grabbed from behind and hit over the head. Once knock out a man takes out a phone and dials a number.

"Yes sir I have her. Come and retrieve her." He hangs up the phone. "One down. Three to go"
Scene: In front of the Crashdown.

"LizzyIouttabeathtecrapouttayou!" Maria manages to say all in one breath. Even though she is out of breath, she runs over to where Liz is in front of the Crashdown and pulls her into a tight hug. Alex quickly joins them.

"Maria breathe we have a more important matter to tend to now. I'm fine." Liz exclaimed as she hugged her best friend as though they would never let go again.

"Liz are you ok, you've been crying I can tell. WherehaveyoubeenyouscaredtheshitoutofallofusIfIwasntaguyIdhityourightnow." Alex exclaimed as he picked Liz up and swung her around.

"Alex I know I know Just put me down I have something I have to tell you," She squealed.

"Who's this guy?" Micheal said in that always sarcastic tone of his.

"Max, Micheal, Is, this is..." She gets cut off before she can finish.

"Your majesty." He bows to Micheal and Max "You have grow so much since I last saw you."

"Is this guy for real? Your majesty? Liz what the fuck is going on here?" Micheal put his hands in his pockets and gave Liz a questioning look.

"Liz are you guys drunk or something? This is totally irrational, especially for you," Isabel asked as she pulled Liz from Alex's arms and gave her a protective hug.

"No it's not like that. Hey where did Tess go? Shit you have to get her she's evil. She's here to kill you guys."

"My Lady calm yourself." He stands there for a moment and closes his eyes.

"She is no longer a problem my people have her."

"Oh thank god." Liz said with a sigh of relief.

"I knew that chick always bugged me. She seemed to good to be true." Alex laughed as he scratched his head while Micheal gave him an I'll-take-care-of-you-later look which normally would have scared Alex but considering Isabel was there he wasn't intimidated.

"Liz maybe you should sit down honey. You're obviously delusional. Here have some cedar oil." Maria handed her the vile as she pushed her into a booth.

"Maria I'm fine hear me out will you. I'm not gonna sniff that crap. And I'm not sitting down not until after you guys listen to Xavier. NOW SIT YOUR ASSES DOWN BEFORE I SIT THEM DOWN FOR YOU!!!" Liz yelled and they obeyed.

There was something different about Liz almost like she had grown up overnight. Max was especially intrigued by her actions even though he found it hard to speak. This all seemed a little to much for him to handle.

"My lady I would appreciate if you did not raise your voice. This is all very new to all of you. Please sit down and calm yourself, while I explain what is going on the princes and the princess." Xavier looked at Liz with a pleading look in his eyes.

She respected his wishes and took a seat next to Max, but did not get to close. Xavier raised his hands cupped them together and closed his eyes. Suddenly a ball of light appeared just above his hands. The ball expanded into a large square with a picture in the middle of it. "That is your mother and father."

He said opening his eyes and looking at Max, Micheal, and Isabel. "Your parents sent you three and myself to Earth when the war started. I was 10 years of age at the time. My job was to protect you once we arrived on Earth. But that's when things went wrong. The Montairians shot down our fleet and our ship crashed into the desert not far from here."

"I thought the fourth pod was Tess's. " Max spoke up. Liz turned her head to see him looking at her with hurt and bewilderment in his eyes.

"No my lord, she is the daughter of the leader of our enemy. She was sent here to befriend you and make you believe you were of her race so that her people could pick you up and hold you for ransom to convince your parents to surrender to Nasedo and his people."

"Nasedo is a Montairian?" Liz asked in a calm tone.

"Yes my lady whatever he and Tess have told you is a lie. And judging from your question I take it you have met her father?"

"Yes." Isabel said as she glanced at Xavier there was a familiarity to him but she could not place it.

"Is, be quite we don't know if this guy is for real." Micheal said as he gave Xavier a dirty look. "How do we know we can trust you?"

With that Xavier lowered his hands and walked towards Micheal slowly. Micheal got a fearful look in his eyes. Isabel thought to herself 'I haven't seen that look in his eyes since Hank hit him when we were little'. Maria rose instinctively and stood in front of Micheal and said "You're not gonna hurt him are you?"

"Maria, Xavier won't hurt him he'll be fine. Sit down. It's okay."

"Yeah cheesehead I'm fine." Micheal said affectionately as he grabbed her and pulled her back next to him in the booth.

"Suit yourself, Spaceboy." She smirked. He pulled away once he realized he was touching her again. He feared that if he touched her too much he could hurt her like he did to Pierce. The hurt in Maria's eyes became apparent once Micheal pulled away. She began to cry and ran to sit in another booth. Liz got up from where she was and sat next to Maria. Maria tears became fewer as she realized everyone was watching her. She sat up and grabbed Liz's hand.

"I'm okay." She turned to Xavier "you can continue."

"Oh yes where was I, ah yes I remember now. I was going to prove to you that I am indeed who I say I am." He touched Micheal's arm and Micheal got a flash.
Max, Isabel and his parents standing in what looked like a mansion. Their mother is crying as a ship leaves the atmosphere. "My babies I love you remember that." She cries as bombs explode in the near distance.
The ship getting shot at by a Montairian ship.
The ship crashing in the desert.
Xavier being pulled out of the ship. Another guard takes him to another ship and the ship leaves.
The royal family is being told their children perished in the crash.
Their mother wakes up one night and wakes their father to tell him their children are alive. And she can sense them.
The last Montairian on Kitaria is killed and the war is over.
People celebrating over the victory.
The King and Queen receive a message that Nasedo and Tess and two other Montairians escaped Kitaria and went to Earth in search of the Princess and the Princes.
Xavier being sent to Earth to find them.
"Guys he's for real." Micheal sat back with a shocked look on his face.

"We're Kitarians and you two are really my brother and sister. Our parents are alive. The war is over." He exclaimed once he regained his bearings. "Even as a young child you were skeptical of everything Prince Micheal."

Xavier smiled. "Is that really my name?"

"Yes and you are Princess Isabel you are Prince Maxwell," he said as he pointed to Max and Isabel.

"Max he's really our brother!" Isabel screamed as she ran to Micheal as hugged him. "I always felt you were my brother, but now I know it's true." She had tears falling from her eyes.

Max jumped up and went to sit opposite his brother and sister as they all cried tears of joy. Liz looked at Max and tears began to fall from her eyes again.

"Children, you can go home but we must eliminate the threat first." Xavier said calmly.

"Eliminate the threat? What do you mean?" Maria questioned with a hint of fear in her tone.

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