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"True Destiny"
Part 1
by Actrez
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, although I wish I did.
Summary: Tess thinks about the group of eight and some information about all them that only she knows.
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: Ok, now before you go all bonkers on me for doing a short fic called True Destiny from Tess’ POV let me just tell you: it’s not what you think it is! I got this idea while lying in bed today. We all sort of get the feeling Tess is hiding something right? Well maybe this is what she’s hiding, if I were a writer of the show this is what would happen, but sadly I’m not so we’re just going to have to trust the writers I guess. : )
I’m laying in bed Saturday morning, listening to the rain hit the window. I can hear Kyle and the Sheriff up and about. I hear small murmurs of their conversation and the crackling of grease as bacon cooks. I hear a door to a cabinet slam closed and a fork scrape across a plate in an attempt to get the last remains of food. The radio in the room plays softly as it has all night and I allow myself to get lost in my thoughts.

The group is falling apart, anyone with eyes can see that. What were once our greatest strenghts are now weaknesses. Michael’s untrusting nature of anyone outside the group is now being used on everyone, including the seven people he knew as family. Max and Liz’s strong relationship has now been reducded to that of acquaintances. The group of eight that should work as a strong unit is now nothing more than eight lost individuals.

Max and Liz have lost faith, faith in each other, faith in their relationship, just faith over all. Now, because off that, they’ve pulled away from each other, leaving the other lost and hurt. They know deep down they’re ment to be, and what ever Max thinks he saw I know never really happened. But because of past trials in their relationship, some which I take the blame for, they’ve given up.

Maria has given up on Michael, because as she told Max ‘None of us belong with any of you.’ Michael’s lost all hope of being with Maria because he’s scared he’ll hurt her.

Alex has pulled back from the group because Isabel told him that she only thought of him as a friend. But I know that’s not true, she cares about him more than she wants to admit, and those feelings scare her.

Kyle’s never felt like he was a part of the group, and as hard as he tries to fit in he can’t, because there’s nothing left to fit into.

The group of eight has broken into two groups of four and even those two groups are falling apart. There’s no longer the trust and friendship there once was between Liz, Maria, and Alex. They’ve all pulled into their little shells, keeping secrets because of a trust that’s no longer there.

Michael and Max are constantly fighting, no longer the brothers they once were. Isabel has closed herself off to everyone, even Max and Michael, keeping a secret from the whole group. Keeping herself safe from being hurt.

Maria’s words repeat in my head as if she’d said them to me, ‘None of us belong with any of you.’ But that’s not true! Doesn’t she know? Don’t any of them know? Of course they don’t, because I’m the only one, I alone have been intrusted with a secret that will change eight lives forever. The only problem is, I can’t tell them, not yet at least.

But shouldn’t I tell them, isn’t this information needed in order to stop the complete collapse of our group? If they knew about this the wounds made over the past few months could heal and the eight of us could continue on with our lives. If I don’t tell them soon it may be too late. Wounds may be too deep to heal. Trust may have been completely lost within the group, then what chance do we have against the Skins?

What seemed the perfect plan has backfired on us. All members of the group have come to dispise the word ‘destiny’ all because they were given false information in an attempt to strengthn our group, when all it’s really done is destroy it.

But I was told not to tell, not yet. Nasedo said everything would happen in time. First the four of us needed to trust each other, work together like a well oiled machine. Then would be the time to bring the others in, tell everyone of their true destiny. But with the way things are looking now the four of us may never trust each other, we’ve lost all hope of working like a well oiled machine, all because everyone has lost faith in what they know deep down is supposed to happen. We’ve all given up.

I have to tell them, I have to mend the wounds of the group, bring everyone back together. But how am I supposed to do that? What if they think it’s all some game, some ploy to get them to trust me? No, I have to try.

They have to know that Michael, Isabel, Max, and I aren’t destined mates, we’re family. The Royal Four, children of the King and Queen of our planet. The visions, the book, the message from our mother, was all just part of the plan. We had to trust each other, we had to become family again because although we needed four more people in order to win the war, we didn’t stand a chance if we didn’t work together.

Max has been right all along, Liz and he are destined for each other, as are Michael and Maria, Isabel and Alex,. . . and Kyle and I. So how am I supposed to tell them, how do I give everyone hope when all hope has been lost within our group? How do I tell them that everything they know right now is a lie, a plan made by our planet in order to win the war. A plan to make us trust each other, to bring us closer, even though all it really did was bring pain.

I have to tell them, today. Today is they day that they all hear about their destinies, their true destinies. Today’s the day that wounds will start to heal and trust will come back into our group. Today’s the day we find faith, faith in ourselves, faith in each other.

The End

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