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"Troubled Paradise"
Part 2
by Eva
Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are based on the show and it's characters, and do not belong to me. It is merely my imagination.
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Rating: PG
Author's Note: The idea came to me while I was bored trying to entertain myself. It is a follow up from Episode 1 of Season 1 after Max saved her, 've tried my best to make it interesting so i would love to get your feedback. Enjoy and lat me know what you think of it.
In shock she dropped her notepad and pencil, startling herself. She looked down and immediately looked back up again. What happened to Michael and Isabel, they both looked as if in great deal of physical pain.

Isabel had been standing outside the jeep but now she was on the floor clutching herself, her face showed Liz that she was in total agony. Michael was clutching himself too. Liz couldn't see his face but she could tell he was in agony just like Isabel from the way his veins on his neck had popped up.

She looked at Max. He lay on the road motionless. Is he.dead the thought rushed through her mind which made her eyes water. "He can't.he can't.he can't" Liz had started crying, a rush of emotions flooded through her, "NO". Liz started running towards Max, please let him be ok.please.please.please. She was by his side within seconds. Tears had made a way down her cheeks, she wiped the away but more kept streaking down like a shower with no knob so it couldn't be turned off. She tried to call his name, see if he would respond but her throat went dry when she saw Max's face slack, Max please don't die.don't die.

She didn't know what to do so she turned to Isabel. Isabel was crying, really crying. Liz had never seen Isabel show a single sign of weakness and. in public, she must be devastated. She turned back towards the Crash Down to see if anyone had called the paramedics. Liz was surprised, how come no one has noticed someone injured, Max injured, they're just acting like nothing happened. She shifted her gaze to the entrance and saw the sheriff looking outside with a grin on his face. Liz shuddered.

"Liz" Isabel called with a shrieking voice, which got Liz's attention, "is he." wait what was she thinking, of coarse Max was still alive, it's Max she is talking about and besides she could feel pain from him coming off in tremendous waves which had knocked her off her feet.

Liz realized she hadn't even checked his pulse, just persuaded herself that he was fine. She relaxed her knees and dropped down next to him, she moved her hand over Max's neck, her hands trembling. She felt a lump begin to form in her throat, she was nervous, dreading to find that Max might be dead. What are you waiting for? She tried to wet her lips but her tongue was dry too. She breathed slowly trying to stop herself from trembling too much. Max needed her right now. She leaned closer and felt for his pulse. Yes, very faint and irregular but it was there, Max was there.

Liz looked up at Isabel and smiled a weak smile. She took her hands off Max to wipe the happy tears off. But Isabel was concentrating on lowering the effect of the pain-waves coming off Max so she could go over and heal him.

"Iz" Michael opened the door of the jeep with difficulty and fell to the ground real hard, "ah, god".

Liz gave a little gasp, "what happened."

"I'm fine" annoyed at Liz, "we've to heal him, Iz", obviously Michael had a handle on his pain level, he'd manage to keep it at low key. Suddenly his face grew serious, no sign of pain, confusion just confusion, "". His eyes wide with fear and tears started flooding down, he tried to blink them away but at this moment they were stronger than him and he let them fall. He pushed himself off the ground, easily now, with four strides he was practically on top of Max and Liz, he moved a bit to the right blocking out the sun from Max, "Izzy".

"No, no" Isabel put her hands to her mouth and screamed, "no". She managed to scramble to her feet, "" holding the side of the jeep, "heal him, Michael.heal him".

Isabel rushed over and sat down. She lifted his head gently off the ground and on her lap. Then with a jerk she pulled Michael down, her elbow going into her side, but she didn't care. The only thing that mattered was getting Max to start breathing again.

She concentrated on Max, only Max, to feel his presence, to get his memories flooding through her. She was trying to connect, to become one with his body so she could heal him, make her brother safe. But no images flooded her, no beating of his heart. "Michael, I can't connect, I can't.I have to.Michael help me" sobbing so hard that she looked like she was having a severe hiccup attack.

"Maybe you're too concentrated on healing him, that you're not concentrated on Max himself" Michael wiped off Isabel's tears and pushed her hair off her face, "let's try together". He grabbed Isabel's hand and with the other he grabbed Max's free hand. He willed to connect but it was taking too long so he knew.

Michael knew that Max was.that he was.gone. Few seconds later it really hit him, Max, his brother, his best friend and somehow his leader was gone.dead. He felt a stab of pain sizzling through himself, "no, damn, you can't die on me Max, you can't, we need you" Michael started doing CPR on him, pumping down on Max's chest.

Liz felt a chill run down her back as she watched Michael going hysterical, something ripped inside her. She felt a force pull Max's hand away from hers. Suddenly the air seemed to get thin and cold, within seconds the sky was filled with angry clouds, angry with her.

"No, com'on, breath" Michael was still thinking that Max could come back, "all you have to do is breath" giving up, he let go off Max, "no, no" he rocked back and forth wishing this was a hallucination.

Isabel hugged Michael and buried herself into his strong arms, she needed to feel safe, and broke down crying. He wrapped his arms around her and locked his fingers together as if something was waiting to snatch her away from him just like Max. His family was all Max and Isabel and now Michael felt unsafe, Max wasn't there to complete the trio. Max had been the one who always protected him and Isabel and now their protection was taken away.

Liz watched in horror as Max seemed to fade away into the darkness pulling Michael and Isabel with him, "No".

Darkness was surrounding her "No" Liz cried, she was getting lost in the darkness and Max, Michael and Isabel were gone, the CrashDown was gone. The damp air was warping around her, then she heard herself scream, "NO". Liz sprang up, her top drenched in sweat, "No" she whispered into the darkness. "No, Max.don't go" she closed her eyes and noticed tears coming down, "No". Breaking into sobs she pulled her knees near her chest and just cried.

A cold breeze rushed past her making goose bumps. She lifted her head off her knees. In the dark the shape of her room started appearing, What happened? she was back in her room and it was night, not day at the Crash Down.

Liz's bedroom door swung open and her mum stuck her head in and turned on the lights, "are you ok honey, we heard you scream" she entered the room, "what's wrong?"

"Oh mum. oh it was horrible.horrible" Liz pulled her knees closer to her chest feeling fragile. Liz's mum came and gave her a hug.

"It was just a dream honey.just a dream" rubbing Liz's back to help relax her nervous, tensed body, "it's ok honey I'm here".

Liz shot her hands up to her eyes covering them so her mum wouldn't see her crying. She had really thought that Max died and that it was somehow all her fault. "You know what go back to sleep mum, I'm fine" seeing her dad enter the room. "It was just a dream, I'm fine" looking at her dad, she really wanted to be alone so she could check up on Max. She had ignored him since she found out that he was.well just that he wasn't from around here. She hadn't decided weither it would be safe telling Valenti or not. Now the idea of telling him wasn't that appealing.

"Are you sure, 'cause I can stay and talk if you want" her mum gave her another little squeeze.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine, I'm a big girl I need to get used to being more responsible for myself" she got hold of her mum's hand and returned the reassuring squeeze, "I'm fine, thank you".

"Ok but if you need us, we'll be in the next room" her mum kissed her on the forehead and made her way towards the door.

"Mum, can you close the door behind you, please".

As soon as the doors were shut, she reached out for the phone and automatically dialed Max's number. Her heart was still playing basketball but she ignored the rather loud heartbeat she seemed to be having.

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