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"Episode 1: Too Many Decisions"
Part 1
by Chris Uecke
Disclaimer: All of these characters are the property of Jason Katims and Warner Bothers studios. No Copyright infringements are intended. And I would just like to thanks them for developing such a good show that inspires me to continue the story during the summer hiatus.
Summary: This is my version of what should take place starting next season. This is just part one in a longer Story Line. So keep your eyes open for the continuing story.
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Rating: PG-13
Opening Scene: An overshot of Liz writing in her diary. We hear her speaking over some shots of the others in their own areas.

Liz: Well, I thought the day would never come. I found the true love of my life and had to choose over fighting for him and freeing him to follow his destiny. How can I consider myself more important than that? He has a purpose and it doesn't involve me. So, I had to make the hardest decision of my life, and now I wonder if it was the right one. Yes, he was created to serve a higher purpose, but then again he is a living breathing person capable of making his own decisions. Well we will never know will we?

Scene: Max is alone in his room studying the book he got from Tess. He keeps flipping from page to page looking more and more confused as he goes along. Isabel enters his room and sits down on the bed next to him.

Isabel: So, have you figured any of it out?

Max: No, no matter how much I study it, I cannot make any sense of it. The only things that make any sense are the pictures of us and the pods. It seems as if I should be able to read the symbols, but I can't. They look familiar, but strangely enough they don't.

Isabel: Don't torture yourself. It will all come in time. I'm sure.

Max: How am I supposed to be this great leader, if I can't even figure out something as simple as this?

Isabel: Well, you've always been a good leader to us.

Max: I haven't been a leader. I've just tried not to screw up too badly.

Isabel: Come on, don't berate yourself. You were always the one to keep your cool when the going got tough. You were the glue that has kept the three of us together all of these years.

Max: Yeah, but it was me who got us in all this trouble in the first place too. If I hadn't rescued Liz on that day, none of this would ever have happened.

Isabel: But we would have never figured anything out about us. We wouldn't have anyone to turn to when we needed help. Who would be there to help us and be able to go to just to talk?

Max: Yeah, but do you ever wonder what it would be like if that day had never happened?

Isabel: Of course I do, but then I think of all the good things and I'm happy that it did.

Scene: Inside Michael's apartment. Michael is there alone restlessly going through some stuff on his counter when there is a knock one the door.

Michael: I'm not in the mood right now Mar….

He opens the door to find Tess standing there.

Michael: Sorry, I thought you were…

Tess: Maria, I figured that much out. Can I come in?

Michael: Uh, sure.

Tess: I thought that I would come to you?

Michael: For what?

Tess: Well, I'm sure that you have questions, and you seem the one more likely to trust what I'm saying.

Michael: What's that supposed to mean?

Tess: No, nothing bad, it just seems that you, like me, are more interested in where we come from. And with Nasedo gone into the world covering as Pierce, I have even more time alone to think about it. But, unlike you, I have had time with Nasedo over the years and have learned a little more from him.

Michael: Really? Did he tell you who our parents were? What planet we're from? Why we were sent here in the first place?

Tess: Woah there big guy. Unfortunately, he didn't say who our parents were, only that they are probably dead by now. And he would never tell me the name of our planet, only that I would find out in due time. Not exactly sure what that means. As for why we were sent here. We were not exactly sent here. There were problems that caused our unfortunate landing here back in '47.

Michael: Well, that is kind of what I thought, but why were we being "engineered" in the first place? For what purpose?

Tess: All I know is that the four of us were intended to help fight for some higher cause. We have many more abilities than we know about, and even the amount that Nasedo had started to teach me, doesn't even cover some of the abilities that you have already learned on your own.

Michael: I just wish he was still around to help me learn even more. I've never been as good as Max and Isabel at controlling my powers.

Tess: Well, I can try and help.

Michael: Okay, how do you do that thing where you make people see things that are not there?

Tess: Why don't we start with something simpler? As in your ability to move objects without touching them. I've seen you use it, but with some practice you can move anything no matter how big or small. Why don't we start with some thing small?

She grabs a plastic cup out of the sink and puts it down on the counter.

Scene: Outside the Crashdown. Max is outside the window looking through it at Liz. Liz is busy waiting on some tables, and is so busy that she fails to notice Max outside. Max just stands there staring long fully at her, wishing things were different. As Liz starts to head towards some tables nearer to the front of the restaurant, Max slowly backs away so that she doesn't see him. He starts to cross the street to the UFO Convention Center.

Scene: Inside the Convention Center a little later. Max is walking around somewhat in a daze, while he goes from one display to another fixing this and cleaning that. Milton comes out of his office to head back to the main floor when he notices Max moping around.

Milton: Hey Max, what's wrong. You are not your normal invocative self. Is there something the matter?

Max: Oh, nothing. Sorry, I guess I've just been a little preoccupied.

Milton: I wouldn't have anything to do with that little brunette I usually see you with? Max: Kind of.

Milton: Okay then, spill it. I may not be the Dr. Ruth or relationships, but working around here you get to see a little of everything pass through these doors.

Max: Well, let's just put it this way. Do you think that you are destined to be with someone? That even though you think you found the woman that's perfect for you and the one person in the whole world that you would like to grow old with? That there is someone else that's out there that you are meant to be with?

Milton: Is there another girl in this picture?

Max: Kind of. When I'm with Liz I feel that this is perfect there is nothing better, but when I'm with Tess, it seems like we have a kind of link.

Milton: Kind of link?

Max: I can't explain it. It just is.

Milton: Well, I may not exactly understand you, but all I can say is to follow your heart. No matter where it may lead you.

Max: I just wish it were that simple.

Scene: Later that evening in Liz's bedroom. The camera is focused on the Answering machine.

Machine: …after the beep. Beep

Max: Liz, I know that things are a little weird right now, but please call me back as soon as you get this message. I really want to talk to you.

The camera pulls back from the machine to see Liz standing by it just listening to Max as the tears begin to fall down her face. She walks away from the machine to lie down on her bed and curls up into a little ball.

Scene: The next day at the Crashdown Café. The restaurant is close, and the only people in it are Liz, Maria, and Alex. The three people in the world with the most in common. They have all lost the ones they care for in order to allow them to fulfill their destiny.

Maria: Come on, Liz. You can't just keep ignoring him.

Liz: Yeah, but every time I see him, it's like my heart gets ripped out again. I want to run up and throw my arms around him, but then I think of the message and what it said about his destiny.

Alex: What did the message say?

Liz: Mainly that Max is a great leader from his planet, and that Tess was his Fiancée. And that Michael was his first in command and that Isabel was his Wife. There were some other things about their world, but it these things that stick in my mind.

Maria: It's hard on all of us, but we will be here for each other.

Alex: That's right. We were best friends before all of this started and we will be best friends until we die.

Maria: I wouldn't go that far. [They all laugh]

Liz: Thank you guys for being here. It means more than you know. I just wish I knew what to do about all of this.

Maria: Well, when you figure that you'll be sure to tell us. Won't you.

Liz: You'll be the first ones I call. Count on it.

Scene: A little later at the Crashdown. Liz is cleaning off the counter when there is a knock on the front door. Startled for a second, Liz turns to see that Kyle is on the other side of the door. He has a really confused look on his face.

Liz: Kyle. What are you doing here?

Kyle: Well, I'm really confused about what happened yesterday. The day starts out with my father and Max acting very suspiciously and the FBI stationed at my house. The next thing I know I'm shot and dying but then I'm not. It's all really confusing.

Liz: I know what you mean.

Kyle: So, I thought that since you seem to have gone through a similar experience that you would be the best one to talk to.

Liz: Well, I think I can help out a little.

Kyle: Okay, let's start with this glowing handprint. How long is it going to last? [He pulls up his shirt to reveal the spot where Max had healed the gunshot wound]

Liz: Well that's only lasts about a day, and then it will fade away.

Kyle: What exactly did he do?

Liz: Well, the best way to describe it is to just say that he made your body return to the condition that it was before you were shot. The handprint is just an after affect of the healing.

Kyle: Okay, one more question.

Liz: Sure. What is it?

Kyle: Does this mean that I have to fall in love with him now? [They both laugh as the camera pulls away from them and fades out]

Scene: Max's bedroom. Max is there alone just lying back on his bed staring at the ceiling. He is suddenly startled by a tapping on his window.

Max: Come in Michael. [The Window opens by it's not Michael, but Tess instead.]

Tess: Uh, it's not Michael.

Max: What are you doing here?

Tess: Can I come in?

Max: Do I have a choice?

Tess: I thought we should talk.

Max: About what?

Tess: About the message and what it meant. You were there too. You must be interested as well.

Max: I'm interested in it, but there are a lot of things I've had to think about lately. For one thing, this book. Why can't I figure out what it says? You've had it all these years. Tell me what is in it.

Tess: I wish that I could. I've never been able to read it my self.

Max: How is that possible? All those years with Nasedo and you never once asked him to tell you what it meant.

Tess: We never really had the time? We were always running for one place to another to keep ourselves away from those that were chasing us.

Max: In ten years you never once got the chance.

Tess: I'm sorry. It's not my fault that I can't read the book.

Max: No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go off on you. It's just that all of this has come all at once and it's a bit overwhelming. Tess: I so wish that I could give you all the answers, but I'm in as much of a daze as you are. This is all new to me. But we'll sort it out together.

Max: Tess…I just need some time alone to think things out.

Tess: You don't have to be alone. We are meant to be together. Please don't push me away from you.

Max: Please. I'll contact you once I've straightened some of this out.

Tess: If that's how you feel, but please call me at any time. [She climbs back out the window, watching Max the whole way out. Max just goes back to staring at the ceiling.]

Scene: The School hallway. Alex and Maria are walking together between classes talking.

Alex: So, how are you handling all of this?

Maria: I'm coping. How about you?

Alex: I wish that I could say that everything was fine, but that would be lying.

Maria: I know how you feel. Things start to get normal again. Then someone's got to go and pull the "Czechoslovakian" card.

Alex: I was just starting to get things going with Isabel when all of this came out of the woodwork.

Maria: Well, take it from me. As I've found out, things change quite frequently when the three of them are involved. We've just got to keep a stiff upper lip and hope for the best.

Alex: I wish I had the conviction that you have.

Maria: Come one, look at them. They don't "fit" together. It seems more like a marriage of convenience than a relationship.

Alex: Well, that's one way to look at it.

Maria: The only bit of advice that I can give you, is don't give up on her.

Alex: I keep picking up the phone, but I just can't bring myself to dial the number, thinking that she'll hate me for interfering. Maria: I'm just betting that she'd like to hear from you right now.

Alex: So, have you talked to Michael yet?

Maria: Uh, not exactly.

Alex: Well, than maybe we should both take your advice.

Maria: Yeah, maybe.

Scene: Later that day, inside Isabel's room. Isabel is sitting on her bed just starring at the wall when there is a knock on her door. She looks up and is kind of surprised to see Alex standing at her door way.

Alex: Please, don't be mad. You mother let me in, in hope that I might cheer you up a little. Can we talk?

Isabel: I'm sorry, yes please sit down.

[He goes and sits down next to her on the bed.]

Alex: I know that you have this whole new life to live, but I don't want you to forget about your old life in the process.

Isabel: Oh, I could never for get you.

Alex: I'm so glad to hear you say that.

Isabel: It's just that there is a lot of information to try and sort out, and I don't even know where to start.

Alex: I may not have any of the answers that you need, but I want you to know something. I'll be here for you in whatever role you may need. Whether it is as your boyfriend or just a friend.

Isabel: You don't know how happy I am to hear you say that.

[She begins to cry, and Alex pulls her head down onto his shoulder and hugs her tight to him. She wraps her arms around him and the just sit there like that as the camera pulls away.]

Scene: Liz's house. On the roof outside her window. It is now nighttime and Liz is there just looking at the Love sign that Max had painted on her wall with teary eyes. Liz is startled to hear someone climbing the ladder behind her. She turns to see Max climbing over the wall.

Max: Geez, you are one hard woman to get a hold of.

Liz: I'm sorry. I just thought that you should be following your destiny.

Max: As I told you before. Destiny is what you make, not what you are meant for.

Liz: You were there, Max. You saw the message. How can you say that you don't have a destiny to follow?

Max: I just don't want to lose you. You are the one thing that makes sense in my life.

Liz: I feel the same, but I can't be the one that stands in the way of what you were meant to do.

Max: You won't be. I'm the one who makes my decisions. I'm the one who leads my life. Not some message that may or may not be meant for me.

Liz: Max, how can you say that? You are meant for a higher purpose. Can you tell me that you would feel the same way if you had never met me?

Max: I don't know. All I know is that the moment you came into my life I have never been happier.

Liz: Max, please. You know that it just can't be that way. I just want you to leave now, before this gets any harder.

Max: No, I can't.

Liz: You have to. Please Max.

[After a moment of silence, he finally turns and starts to climb down the ladder.]

Max: Bye Liz.

Liz: Bye. [She turns back to her room crying.]

Scene: Michaels apartment. Michael is there at the counter with the cup in front of him. There is a knock at the door and Max walks into the apartment.

Michael: Max, come here. Watch. [He points to the glass on the counter. Starts to concentrate and the cup goes flying and hits the wall.]

Michael: Okay, so it needs some help, but I'm getting better.

Max: Good, I remember that the next time I'm attacked by a plastic cup.

Michael: Thanks for your enthusiasm. We've just recently found out more about our past and you are here moping around. You should be excited.

Max: I'm sorry. I'm happy to finally learn some more, but it's just…

Michael: Liz.

Max: Yeah. I was just at her place and she told me that I should follow my destiny.

Michael: That's good advice.

Max: What did you say to Maria?

Michael: Well, uh, we haven't quite talked about it yet?

Max: You haven't?

Michael: I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to. So, uh, have you figured out anything in the book yet?

Max: No. I keep concentrating on it, but it seems like I should recognize the symbols. I just can't make heads or tails of it. The symbols in the book look tike those in the cave, but I still can't figure it out. You were able to decipher the cave symbols weren't you?

Michael: Well, I thought I had, but it wasn't writing, but more of a map. I stumbled across similarities to stars.

Max: Maybe you should study the book for a while. It might make better sense to you. The only thing in the book that makes any sense is the picture of the four of us. Other than that, it might as well be chicken scratch.

Michael: It is uncanny how they knew what we would look like.

Max: Almost disturbing. Well, I've got to go. Here you take the book for a while.

Michael: Where are you going?

Max: Home, I've got to try and get some sleep. I haven't gotten too much sleep in the last few nights.

Michael: I know what you mean, but remember you don't have to do it all alone. You've always got me an Isabel too. Wow, I'm starting to sound like you now.

[They Laugh.]

Max: Thanks, I needed that. Bye.

Michael: Later.

Scene: A little later at Michael's apartment. There once again is a knock on the door, but this time when Michael opens the door he finds Maria standing outside it.

Michael: Maria, I thought that you would never talk to me again.

Maria: Well, that was the plan at first, but Alex talked me into it.

Michael: I've meant to call you several times. Just every time I would go to pick up the phone, I couldn't bring myself to dial the number. I thought that you would be angry with me.

Maria: Well, I'd have to say that this has been one of the more interesting relationships in my life. We are together, and then we are not, then we are again, and now I have no idea where we stand.

Michael: I wish I could answer that for you. It's all gotten so confusing lately. Max, Isabel, Tess, and the message, it's just all added to the confusion. I thought that once we found out more about our past that some of these questions would be answered, but it's only added more questions to the already lengthy list of them.

Maria: And what about you and Isabel?

Michael: I don't know. I think of her as a sister, and now this. I have no idea what to think.

Maria: Well, it's good to hear you say that. I thought I was the only one.

Michael: No matter what happens, we'll always be friends.

Maria: Oh, so it's the friends' speech, huh?

Michael: That's not what I meant, and you know it. It's just going to take some time to sort things out, and I don't want to lose you in the process.

Maria: Thank you, Michael. Even if you are saying it just for me.

Michael: Come here.

[He pulls her close and gives her a long strong hug. The camera pans to a close-up of her face as a single tear runs over her cheek and then fades away.]

Scene: The next day. Out in the desert near the hidden cave. Max, Michael, and Maria are there sitting in the jeep looking at the rock outcropping and talking.

Isabel: Max you look terrible. Haven't you gotten any sleep?

Max: I don't know. Maybe a couple of hours?

Isabel: When, over the last few nights? You can't let all of this get to you. We are in this too.

Michael: Isabel is right. I know that you think that you need to take care of it all, but we are here to help you.

Max: I know, and believe me, I wish you could. But all of this happening and then there is Liz too. I just don't know what to do.

Isabel: Have you talked to her?

Max: I tried, but she said that I should go and follow my destiny.

Michael: Maybe she's right.

Isabel: Michael. How can you be so inconsiderate?

Michael: I'm not trying to be, but she does have a point. We should be trying to figure out what all of this means. The message told us that we were put here with a purpose in mind.

Max: I just wish that they told us what that purpose was. Things are so much more complicated now. Nasedo is no longer around to ask questions of, and we have no real way of contacting him without endangering ourselves even further. I still don't know if we can trust Tess or not.

Michael: But at least Tess might be able to help us understand this more. Remember she was with Nasedo for the last 10 years now.

Max: Which makes me wonder. After 10 years with him, and she can not even read the book. What does that mean?

Michael: I don't know, but it seems like she might our only chance at figuring some of this out.

Max: Yeah, but right now. I think that we should be cautious around her.

Isabel: I have to agree with Max on this one.

Michael: But…

Max: Michael, please. We have to watch out for ourselves more now than ever. We don't know who is out there, but we can be sure that someone is looking for us. And until we can fully trust Tess, I think we should be careful what we say around her.

Michael: Okay.

Scene: Later at the Crashdown. Liz and Maria are working behind the counter, when Max, Michael and Isabel enter and sit at one of the booths.

Maria: You've got to talk to him sometime.

Liz: I know, but it just hurts so much to think about him and Tess, and all of this.

Maria: Liz, you can't just keep avoiding him. You are going to drive me crazy if you do.

Liz: I'm sorry. Maybe you're right. Maybe I should walk right over there and say… [At that moment. Tess enters the Restaurant and goes over to the booth and sits down next to Max.]

Maria: Save that thought. You want me to take that table?

Liz: Thank you.

[Cut to the table. Maria walks up to it as the four of them are sitting there.]

Maria: So, can I get you guys anything?

[Max looks over at Liz and sees that she is avoiding his gaze, then turns back to the menu.]

Max: I'll have the Alien Blast.

Isabel: I'll just have an Orange Cola.

Tess: Me too.

Michael: I'll have the Roswell Special with an extra order of fries, and a large Cherry Cola. What? I'm hungry.

Isabel: Well, that's Michael for you. Never let anything get in the way of his stomach.

Maria: Coming right up.

[She turns and leaves them.]

Tess: So, I've been looking around for you guys.

Max: Uh, we've been around.

Tess: I hope it wasn't something I said?

Isabel: No, it's not that. We are just trying to let all of this new information sink in.

Michael: Yeah, and we've got our, uh, friends to think about too.

Tess: I guess that is one of the advantages of spending all these years on the run from one place to another. You never had much time to make any friends, but I'm glad to call you mine.

Isabel: Us too.

Max: So, have you heard anything from Nasedo recently?

Tess: Not since he left us all that one day.

Michael: Don't you have any way to reach him?

Tess: No, but he always said that he would always know what was happening around me at all times and be there when I needed him.

Max: Well, I guess that's that. We are on our own again.

Tess: Yeah, the four of us.

Scene: In an office. The camera view is as if it were looking out of the occupant's eyes. He is looking at the phone and we can see that he is talking on it. We can however, only hear his side of the conversation.

Man: So, where are they now?

Have you learned anything new?

What about the local sheriff? Will he be any trouble?

Well, that's something we will just have to deal with in due time.

Yes, Pierce is out in the field. He's got a handle on the situation.

[The camera fades away.]

The end of episode one.

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