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"The Truth of it All"
Part 1
by Michael Sim
Disclaimer: The characters and settings in this story are the property of Jason Katims productions and the Warner Brothers Corporation. Tabasco Brand Sauce is the trademark of the McIlhenny Corporation. All use is for the sole intent of fictional storytelling.
Summary: Taking place before Christmas time, Max learns certain truths about himself and those around him after facing a familiar enemy.
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Rating: PG
Earlier that day.

Liz is in her room above the Crashdown. She is in front of the mirror checking out different outfits when Maria, in her waitress uniform, comes in.

Maria: Hey Liz.

Liz: Hey Maria, what’s going on?

Maria: Nothing really, which is what sucks! When is Michael gonna get over this, “I’m too dangerous to go out with you” crap.

Liz: I don’t know…

Maria: (notices that Liz is going through outfits) And what are you up to? Did you and Max finally…

Liz: No.

Maria: Then what?… Oh my God, you are not going out with… with Sean are you!?

Liz: Well…

Maria: Girlfriend, this is a convicted felon you are thinking about. What is wrong with you? What, one day you go from royalty and then to trash the very next! Just like that!

Liz: It’s not like that at all Maria. I just needed to do something other than “alien.” We’ve known Sean since we were kids. You know, I just need to… to grow.

Maria: TO GROW! Yeah, you’ll grow all right. Like fungus from that filthy… UGH!


Maria: Fine, go out with Sean, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Maria leaves with a look of disgust and Liz continues to go over her wardrobe.

Switch to Maria coming down the stairs, she sees Michael putting on his apron in the back room.

Maria: Hey…

Michael: Hey…

Maria is about to go out to the seating area when…

Michael: Maria.

Maria turns around looking beautifully pouty, but says nothing.

Michael: So what’s up with you and Brody. I’ve seen you take him lunch everyday.

Maria: Oh, so you ignore me for weeks on end and when you finally talk to me, you, you accuse me of… Wait a second! What’s wrong with me bringing him lunch!

Michael: He can’t be trusted. He may not be a skin, but he…

Liz: Stop! I will do as I wish, when I wish, no matter what you say. So if you and Liz are gonna be all wigged out on me today…

She turns to leave.

Michael: What? Wait!

Maria turns around and starts twirling her hair, trying to look uninterested.

Michael: I’m just don’t want you to get hurt.

Maria: (indignantly) And what brought this on… this, this sudden wave of humanity.

Michael: I… I miss you okay!

Michael looks frustrated, opening himself up, but feeling rejected. He throws down his apron and turns away. Maria comes up to him, holds him by his face, and softly kisses him.

Maria: Thanks, but I think I can take care of myself.

They looked lovingly into each other’s eyes before Maria exits, leaving Michael, forlorn. In the Crashdown, Kyle and Tess are sitting in a booth.

Kyle: (holding up the top of a hamburger bun) Hey, what’s up with this! I asked for a veggie burger… This is beef!

Tess: What now Kyle? No animal products too!

As Tess is about to wave her hand over his burger, Kyle grabs her hand.

Kyle: No, No, No! No alien stuff on my food.

Tess: Oh, lighten up.

Tess then gives Kyle a mischievous look.

Tess: Well, I didn’t know you had those kind of feelings for me, Kyle.

Kyle: What?!

He suddenly notices that he is still holding her hand. He quickly lets go, but he looks unsure.

Kyle: You… You didn’t see any flashes or anything like that did you?

Tess: Should I have?

Kyle: Come on, don’t mess with my mind like that.

Tess: It doesn’t take an alien to do that, Kyle.

Kyle: I know…

As Tess starts to eat her Tabasco and sugar overloaded meal, Kyle takes a deep breath.

Kyle: Tess… I… uh… if you wouldn’t mind…

Tess: Wait a second. Is Kyle Valenti actually going to accept “my” otherworldly help?

Kyle gives her a look and Tess smiles as she changes his hamburger into a veggie burger.

Kyle: (meekly) Thanks.

Kyle slowly brings the burger up to his mouth and takes a bite. He appears happily surprised.

Kyle: Hey, this is good… really good.

Tess: I call it, Tess’ Buddha burger deluxe

Kyle: You know, I was just wondering… You’ve been living with me and my dad for a while now and we really haven’t done anything… together… you know… to bond and stuff.

Tess: Kyle, I would love to bond.

Kyle: But just as Kyle and Tess… none of this alien and human… or whatever stuff.

Tess: (with a smile) That sounds great.

At this point, Jim Valenti and Amy DeLuca enter the Crashdown. As Amy goes to the counter, Jim heads to Kyle and Tess’ booth

Kyle: Hey Dad.

Jim: Hi guys. Just wanted to tell you that, uh, I will be out for the day. Uh… we… Amy and I will headed to the lake.

Tess: You go sheriff!

Jim: So, you two take care of yourselves for tonight.

Tess: All taken care of. You have a good time.

Jim: Thanks.

On the other side of the Crashdown, Amy is getting a bag of food from Maria.

Maria: I can’t believe you and Sheriff Valenti are going out.

Amy: Well, I’m just seeing if the old high school flame is still lit is all.

Maria: Mom! I know I’m the daughter and you’re the mom, but I hope you know what you are doing.

Just as Maria says this, Jim comes up behind Amy.

Jim: Ready to go?

Amy: I’ll be right there. (to Maria) Don’t worry about me, I think you have your own guy issues to think about.

She turns her head subtly to signal to Michael, who is placing plates of food at the kitchen window.

We see Jim and Amy, happy, come out of the Crashdown going to their car. We realize this perspective is from the UFO Center, it’s Max. He’s just inside the entrance of the UFO Center, cleaning the windows.

Brody’s voice: Max, great job with the display cases.

We see him come up the stairs behind Max.

Brody: Thanks for taking your day off to help me get this place together.

Max: No problem. Had nothing else to do anyway…

Max says this as he continues to stare out at the Crashdown.

Brody: Keep up the good work. I’ll be in my office.

Max: (absent-mindedly) Yeah… uh… sure. Is it okay for me to go get lunch?

Brody’s voice: Go ahead. And pick up lunch for me too!

Max leaves the Center and heads across the street to the Crashdown. When he enters, the first person he sees is Tess. As Max approaches her booth, he notices Kyle. A palpable tension can be felt.

Max: Hi.

Tess: Hey Max. Exciting day at the UFO Center?

Max: (touching his work vest) No, just helping Brody with clean up duties. (turning to Kyle) Hey.

Kyle: Hey.

Kyle gets up to leave.

Kyle: (to Tess) I’ll, uh, meet up with you tonight at home, okay.

Tess: Sure!

This leaves Max and Tess, just staring uneasily at each other.

Max: So, I… uh… will see you later.

Tess: Okay, Max.

Max goes to the counter and sits down by himself. Maria comes up to him.

Maria: Thanks for talking to Michael.

Max: What do you mean?

Maria: You know, he was all sweet and protective of me earlier.

Max: I had nothing to do with that.

Maria: You mean, oh, I get it. You’re being all coy and quiet about it. That’s okay. I mean it’s all nice and stuff for you to try to help me and Michael out, but I know this is not his kind of thing unless…

Max: Maria! I really didn’t do anything.

Maria: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, whatever has turned on the switch in Michael Guerin, I’ll take it. So what’ll it be.

Max: Um, just a burger, extra peppers, and Brody wants…

Maria: …Galaxy sub. Hold the mayo and extra pepperjack.

Max: You seem to know the guy’s tastes.

Maria: (smirking) I’ve heard that before.

She walks away. We hear a phone ring. Maria picks it up.

Maria: Hey Max! It’s for you.

Max goes and picks up the phone.

Max: Hello?

Isabel’s voice: Max, I need a favor.

Max: What is it?

Isabel’s voice: Can I borrow the Jeep? Mom’s car is in the shop and Dad needs his for something or other.

Max: Where are you going?

Isabel’s voice: Alex wants to go to some film festival thing outside town and I, well, decided that you know… I’ve been giving him the run around and all.

Max: How am I supposed to get home?

Isabel’s voice: Oh come on Max, you walk home from there all the time!

Max: Okay, okay.

Isabel’s voice: Great! Thanks Max. I’ll come by to get it later. Bye.

Max: Bye.

Max hangs up the phone as…

Maria: (with brown bag) Here’s your lunch.

Max: (taking the bag) Thanks.

On his way out, Max notices the now empty booth that Kyle and Tess shared. He looks back and sees Michael and Maria talking. Just outside the door, he looks at the path that Jim and Amy took on their way out. With a shrug and a sigh, Max heads back to the UFO Center.

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