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"The Ties That Bind"
Part 1
by Neko
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Summary: Set just after "Sexual Healing." It's a quiet weekend for the teens as they plan to celebrate Michael's emancipation. Meanwhile, Robin Daniels-McCallister and her team have arrived in Roswell. Their mission: to solve a mystery that has haunted her for the last fifteen years. Feed back is welcome.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Robin, Andrew, Stone and Emerald are my characters.
The bell rang dismissing classes for the week. Liz Parker was ecstatic. For the first time in weeks she wound be free from her parent’s intense scrutiny at every waking moment of her life. Admittedly she had brought this scrutiny down on herself. Well, she and Max both had when they had snuck out together. Her parents might be able to keep her from seeing Max after school and on the weekends, but they couldn’t do anything about it during school hours. She was grateful for that. She missed being with him terribly. Liz hurried out into the hallway. Max was there leaning against the lockers waiting for her.

“Hey,” Max stood and embraced her. He gently kissed her forehead.

“Hey.” Liz wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. It wasn’t like them to be so openly demonstrative with their affections. But with this being the only time they had had together for the past few weeks they treasured every moment of it. They hadn’t even been able to sneak off to the eraser room lately. Part of their parent’s mutual punishment for their midnight rendezvous had been a weekly report on their classes attended. If they missed even one the moratorium on seeing each other would be extended.

But today their punishment was over. They had stood up to the challenge presented to them and they had survived.

Liz looked up and into Max’s perfect brown eyes. “Are you working this evening?”

“For a while. You?” He leaned his head close to hers.

“Yeah, I close.” He moved in closer and kissed her. Liz sighed contentedly.

“What about tomorrow?” he whispered against her lips.

Liz pulled away slightly. “During the day yes. But I’m free in the evening.”

Max smiled as he pulled her close again. “Me too.”

“What do you want to do?” Max kissed her again and Liz had to laugh. “Besides that.”

“Well, we could…” Before he could finish Max’s sister Isabel and Alex Whitman approached to them.

“There you are,” Isabel said, sounding annoyed. “I’ve been looking for the two of you.”

“Yeah, we had an idea and wanted to run it past you guys,” Alex added.

Liz pulled away to a respectable distance. “What kind of an idea?”

“A party.” Alex grinned widely.

“A party?” Max asked.

“For Michael. For his independence,” Isabel said.

“Where?” Liz asked. Alex looked at Isabel and then back to Liz. “Do you think your parents would let us hold it at the Crashdown?”

Liz sighed. “I’ll ask.” She looked at her friends as they started to walk out of the building together. “What’s the worst they could say?”

“No.” Alex said.

“So who’s going to tell Michael and Maria?” Max asked.

“I’ll tell Maria at work tonight,” Liz said.

“That leaves Michael.” Max said taking hold of Liz’s hand.

Isabel smiled conspiratorially. “Maybe we shouldn’t tell him until the last minute. You know how he gets.”

“I know he works closing tomorrow night. If my parents do say yes, he’ll already be there.” Liz offered.

“That’ll be great,” Isabel said. “Liz will you call me as soon as you’ve talked to your parents?”

“Actually, I think I’ll talk to my dad. He’s been more sympathetic to me for the last couple of weeks. I think he feels a little guilty for the stiff punishment they gave us. But yeah Isabel, I’ll call you just as soon as I get an answer.”

“Great, see you later.” She hurried off, Alex in tow.

Standing beside the Jeep Max pulled Liz close once more. “Can I drop you off at the Crashdown?”

“I was hoping you would.” He leaned close and kissed her again.

“Climb in Miss Parker,” he said as he stepped away from her and went to the other side of the vehicle. When they were both buckled in Max pulled out of the parking spot and headed towards downtown.

Later that evening high over the plains of the Midwest a private jet moved swiftly to the southwest. The small window didn’t afford much of a view. But the sun would be setting soon, the terrain below would disappear and the stars would become clear. Since she was a little girl Robin Daniels-McCallister had watched the stars and longed to be among them. She tried to make herself comfortable, but airline seats were never comfortable. Even the luxury seats onboard the company jet were uncomfortable tonight, or maybe it was just her. She took a deep breath and released it. She needed to clear her mind and try to get some sleep. But one thing kept nagging at her. For fifteen years she and the others had been searching with nothing to show for it. For fifteen years they had been waiting for the signal. They had to find something this time. They just had to.

Robin and her companions had traveled all over the world searching for information, clues anything that would indicate that their leader and his companions were alive or dead. If he was alive, why hadn’t he shown himself? Robin had to know the truth. They knew others had been sent before them and more would follow afterwards. But of their Leader there had been no word, no contact, nothing.

“If they’re dead, I want to see the headstones!” Robin had angrily said to her husband.

“We don’t know they are dead,” Andrew had soothed. “And if they are alive there could be a myriad of reasons they haven’t signaled us yet.”

Robin took another deep breath pushing the memory out of her mind. “Please,” she whispered. “Just be there this time.”

“Rob?” Emerald Braaten sat down across from her best friend. “I’ve pulled everything I can off the net. There’s not a whole lot to go on. The orphanage was closed several years ago. We’ll have to access those records once we get there. There wasn’t much in the newspapers either, except for an obit on that Alien Hunter, Hubble. I still think that the curator of the UFO center is our best bet.”

“We’ll have to coordinate our efforts.” Robin smiled slightly.

Emerald frowned. Robin was definitely not acting like herself. Research missions like this one usually had Robin pacing the cabin in anticipation. She would have everything planned down to the last second. But this was different. It was too off the cuff for her. Not that Robin couldn’t be spontaneous. It was just that when it came to finding their leader and the others she was meticulous. She left no stone unturned. It felt as if she didn’t even know where to begin this time.

“Robin, is everything okay?” Emerald examined her friend with a penetrating gaze. Robin had her dark red hair pulled away from her face. The lighting in the cabin of the private jet made it hard to tell but Robin looked paler that her normal light olive tones.

She seemed surprised by the question. “Of course. Why?”

“Well you just seem a little out of it.”

Emerald took a deep breath and looked harder trying to see her friend’s normally crystal blue aura. It was there, but there was something that wasn’t quite right about it. There was another color around the edges. Like a dark teal. Emerald had never seen this color before in Robin’s aura. Robin shifted uncomfortably under her friend’s intense scrutinizing gaze. “I’m fine. I’m just tired,” she said.

Just tired, Emerald thought. Robin looked positively worn out. She should have insisted on Robin staying back in Minneapolis. Not that it would have done her any good, but at least she wouldn’t feel so guilty dragging her friend across the country.

“You know you’ve said that a lot lately.” Emerald leaned back and crossed her thin arms across her body.

Robin frowned at her. “Em, what are you not saying?” They had been friends all their lives. She should have known better that to try and hide something from Emerald.

“You’re tired. You’re eating like a bird, when you eat at all. You haven’t been feeling well for how long…?”

“About six weeks.” Robin interjected.

“Okay, six weeks…” Emerald stopped and looked at her friend closely trying once again to see the change in her aura. She had shrugged off the change as just the stress of preparations for this trip. That and the fact that Andrew had been in Europe on business for the last month. But now she could clearly see the subtle teal green halo that encircled Robin. Emerald’s eyes began to sparkle. “You are… aren’t you?”

She knew she wouldn’t be able to hide it from Emerald very long. Robin smiled shyly. “Yeah.”

“Oh my gosh! Robin this is great!” she stood and hugged her friend. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“’Cause I was kinda hoping to tell Andrew first.”

“Tell Andrew what?” Stone Kennabeck came into the cabin and took a seat next to his wife.

“That she’s pregnant!” Emerald beamed.

Surprised Stone looked at Robin. “You hadn’t told her yet?"

Robin shrugged and shook her head.

“You knew?” Emerald swatted her husband.

“Ow!” he looked at his wife, “The minute I saw her.” He was ready to laugh at his lovely wife. “Come on, can’t you see that she’s got that I’m-pregnant-and-I’m-glowing- look about her?”

Robin snickered. “I’m-pregnant-and-I’m-glowing-look?”

Emerald sarcastically answered her husband. “No, oh great healer, I didn’t. I guess I had other things on my mind. Like the book signing and this research mission. Speaking of which, is you husband joining us?” She turned back to Robin.

Robin nodded. “Yeah. After the jet drops us off it will continue on down to El Paso and pick him up there. His commercial flight should be there about the same time. We’ll see him for breakfast. Please, don’t say anything to him about this.”

Emerald smiled. “No way. This is yours to tell.”

“Well ladies, we should be in Roswell in about 20 minutes,” Stone said as he looked at his watch.

“Good.” Robin sighed as she looked out the small window again. “I just hope we find something this time.”

* * *

Andrew McCallister quietly shut the door to room number 9 at the Nostromo bed and breakfast. Without turning on the light he set down his bags. The light from outside filtered through the sheers and left a pale ambient glow in the room, but it was enough.

Silently he slipped out of his business clothes and hung them over a nearby chair. He quietly moved to the side of the bed and climbed in slowly not wanting to disturb his bedmate. He snuggled in close and slid his arm around her waist as he leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Glad you could join us Mr. McCallister,” Robin whispered.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He kissed her cheek again. “Besides, you should be more careful. Anyone could have gotten in here.” He teased her.

Robin rolled over to face her husband. “If I wasn’t being careful, you’d be dead.” Her voice was serious as she held up her hand and let the glowing ball of energy hidden there dissipate.

“Hmmm.” Andrew kissed her again. “I’ll just have to watch myself.” He rolled onto his back and Robin snuggled up next to him placing her head in the crook of his neck.

“We don’t have a lot to go on.” She whispered her breath warm against his skin.

He smiled at the sensation as he kissed her forehead. “When do we ever?”

“Hmmm. It looks like Milton at the UFO center is our best bet.” She ran her fingers up his chest lightly and then down his arm.

He lifted his head slightly and looked at his wife. “You’re kidding?”

“No,” she shook her head slightly. Robin couldn’t stifle her yawn. “Do you remember a reference to a Sergeant Martian in the bureau’s records?”

Andrew frowned. “Vaguely.” He started to stroke Robin’s back.

“His son is the current sheriff of Roswell.” Robin found his touch distracting and oh, so soothing. She so desperately wanted to just get lost in him. His rich chocolate brown eyes, his soft blonde curls. The strength of his well-muscled arms and chest. He was and always had been her match. They loved each other as much today as they did fifteen years ago when they married. She could not imagine her life without him.

“Does the son share the father’s passion?” His question pulled her back from her musing.

“I don’t know. It’s something else that we may want to check out.” She stifled another yawn. She was tired and he had woken her up. She had missed him. That much was obvious from the way her hand traveled the length of his chest and down his hard flat stomach. She wanted more than a hug and a kiss.

“Tomorrow,” he whispered seductively as he stopped her hand from it’s amorous teasing. “Tonight, sleep.”

“Uhhnn.” She grumbled, but Andrew just pulled her closer.

“In the morning dearest.” He whispered as he kissed her again.

* * *

After a quick breakfast in the dining room of the beautiful old hotel they split up heading for their assigned tasks and research. Stone and Emerald were headed to the courthouse to check the public records and any others that they may be able to access including those at orphanage.

Robin and Andrew were headed to the sheriff’s office first. There was no guarantee that he would even be willing to talk to them, but it was worth a try.

“I’m sorry ma’am, the Sheriff’s not in. He’s in Albuquerque for the weekend at a convention. Won’t be back until next week, ” the deputy told them.

They left the Sheriff’s office disappointed. “So I guess we head for Milton’s?” Robin asked.

Andrew looked at his watch. “We’re early, but I don’t know what else we can do. Who knows? We may actually find some useful information for a change.” He smiled at her. Robin knew he was being sarcastic, but it was still frustrating. They had hit so many dead ends. But who knows. This might just be the trip where they would finally find a good solid lead. Anything was possible.

Andrew watched his wife. She had seemed fine this morning when they had made love. In fact she had been wonderful. He didn’t realize until then how much he had truly missed her. But now, something was off, as if the sparkle was missing from her hazel eyes. He couldn’t put his finger on it but something had changed while he was in Europe.

They were very early for their meeting with Milton the curator of the UFO center. So to occupy their time they decide to take the tour. They hung back at the end of the tour group inconspicuously.

“This is horrible Andrew.” Robin said as they moved past the crash diorama. “They are dead,” she whispered. “They couldn’t have survived a crash like that.”

“There’s always been talk that the aliens survived.” Andrew placed a protective arm around his wife. “Besides it isn’t real, remember?”

“Then where are they?” she asked becoming angry.

Andrew slowly shook his head trying to calm her. “I don’t know, love. I don’t know.”

They continued to move through the center. When they reached the autopsy exhibit Robin could take no more. She wilted against Andrew. He caught her and moved quickly to a near by bench.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize this was making you feel so poorly.” Seeing how pale she was he pulled her close and she rested her head against his shoulder. Andrew was worried. Why was Robin feeling so ill? He couldn't ever remember her being sick before. He gently stroked her back not knowing what else he could do for her.

Robin stood up suddenly. “Bathroom!?”

“There!” Andrew directed her across the hallway.

Robin ran slamming through the door.

“Excuse me.” Andrew looked at the young man standing beside him. He was taken aback for a moment by his striking features especially the intensity of his gaze. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, the exhibit upset her,” Andrew said still enthralled by the young man’s commanding charisma.

“I’m sorry,” the young man said.

“It's not your fault. It was probably something she ate.” Andrew smiled as he read the young man’s nametag. “Max, right?”

This stranger calling him by name startled Max. “I’m sorry, do I know you?” Andrew reached into his pocket with one hand and pointed to Max’s nametag with the other.

Relieved Max laughed. Andrew extended his hand in greeting as he pulled a business card from the pocket. “I’m Andrew McCallister. My wife and I have a 12:15 appointment with Milton.”

Max examined the card.
North Shore Diversified
Andrew McCallister, CEO
Research and Development
Minneapolis/Duluth, MN

“You’re a long way from home Mr. McCallister.” Max slipped the card into his pocket.

Andrew had to laugh to himself. The kid didn’t know the half of it. “Please call me Andrew.”

“Andrew.” Max looked at the man standing next to him. They had the same body type, tall and muscular. Except for Andrew’s blonde curly hair and fair complexion they could be brothers, or... Max stopped that thought right away. His parents had died in the crash, right? And this guy wasn’t even old enough to be his father. Well, technically, he was, this guy was probally in his mid thirties. He wasn’t even around when the crash happened. “What brings you to Roswell?”

“You could call it a family hobby.” Andrew smiled at Max’s curious question.

“Are you a UFOlogist?”

“Not exactly. I’m an engineer. My wife and I and a couple of friends came down to do some research for a book.”

“Oh, what kind of a book?” Now Max was really curious.

Andrew smiled. Wasn’t it Robin’s job to market and promote Emerald’s books? Yet he always seemed to find himself talking about them as well. “Have you heard of the “Circle of Friends” series by Emerald Braaten?”

Max nodded.

“My wife’s her agent. Emerald has a book signing over at Barnes and Noble tomorrow. So we came down a day early to do some research.”

“So you collaborate on the books with her?” Max asked.

Andrew laughed, “No, Em writes them all on her own. We just offer technical advice and work as her research grunts.”

Robin emerged from the bathroom. Her color had stared to return, but something was still amiss. Andrew didn’t want to worry, but his wife was not herself. She slipped her hand into his. “Better?” Robin just shrugged.

Andrew extended his hand to Max. “It was nice to meet you, Max. Please pass our regrets on to Milton.”

“I’ll be happy to.” Max smiled.

At the sound of his voice Robin was compelled to look up at the young man for the first time. She blinked taking in the striking features of the youth. His dark hair, soulful eyes and the commanding almost regal way he carried himself. Yet there was more, like an all-enveloping gentleness. She found herself smiling. “Thank you,” she said quietly as Andrew led her from the exhibit.

Max watched as the couple walked up the stairs and out of the center. He was turning back to the exhibit when Milton scurried up to him. “Who was that? I was with a group and couldn’t see.”

“They were here to see you.” Max said as he handed Milton the business card.

Milton read the card then cursed under his breath. “Did they say they’d be back?”

Max shook his head, wondering why Milton was suddenly so agitated. “No, she wasn’t feeling very well.” Milton handed Max back the card then scanned the crowd nervously. He took Max’s arm and pulled him to one side. Max smiled. His boss was so secretive sometimes. “Andrew McCallister is one of the country’s leading metallurgists. He’s done extensive research on metal found at the crash site and several other suspected crash sites around the world. He’s actually had several papers published on the subject. I have copies of them upstairs if you’d like to read them.”

Max nodded. Milton turned and headed towards the office. “He’s like the pariah of the UFO community. He married money. Lots of it. His wife was the heir to a huge fortune and Fortune 1000 company.”

“What kind of company?” Max asked becoming more and more intrigued by Milton’s information.

“Supposedly, his wife’s great grandfather was one of the original miners in the Iron region of northern Minnesota. He made is fortune with the mine. Her grandfather diversified into steel, plastics and other metals, and her parents diversified even more picking up a publishing company, a glass company and some other odds and ends.”

“So he fell in love with the boss’ daughter,” Max said smiling.

“Oh, no. The curious thing is that Andrew and his wife have always been together.” Milton began digging through a file cabinet. “I talked to them once at a convention several years ago. They’re both very interesting. Robin, that’s his wife, said that they grew up in a commune in Northern California. They lived there with their parents until 1972. Then they moved back to Minnesota.” Milton pulled out a thick file and placed it on the desk before him.

“Here.” He patted the file. “This is the Daniels-McCallister file.” Milton laughed to himself. “You know there was a time, several years, ago that I thought that they were actually aliens.”

Max’s eyes widened at his revelation. “Are you sure?”

“Nah, it was some eastern block scientist that was trying to discredit Andrew’s research.”

Max nodded slightly. “It’s all in there.” Milton pointed again to the file.

Max looked at the file and then to Milton. “Is it okay if I read it?”

“Sure go ahead, You might learn something.” Milton left the office. Max stood there for a moment and stared at the file before him. It could mean nothing. Then again, this man knew about the metal from their ship. He might know more. Max sat down at the desk and opened the file.

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