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"The Ruins"
Part 1
by Lizzy
Disclaimer: Don't own them but wish I did.
Summary: Takes from 2 months to 3 years after Destiny. Basicly, what would happen if the aliens that attacked Max's planet, came to attack Earth.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This story just kind of popped in to my head. It kind of has an 'Independence Day' (the movie) theme to it if you notice. Those you recognize in here don't belong but the other's do. Feedback: Yes please! This is my first Roswell Fic so be kind
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Journal Entry #4

I'm not even sure why I'm doing this again. I guess you could call it a comfort blanket. Maybe I should explain myself first. My name is Liz Parker. I'm from Roswell, New Mexico and had a somewhat normal life until about three years ago when I was working at the Crashdown which is a restaurant that my parents used to own. It all started with one tiny little thing and it blew up in to something we could never imagine. You see, I was shot and then I was healed by this guy. Well not any guy. Max Evans. Turns out, he's an alien. Along with his sister Isabel and their friend Michael Guerin. At first we all thought they were the only ones. Then two more showed up. Nasedo, who turns out was already here once before. He's a type of shape-shifter. He brought a girl with him named Tess Harding. I was happy that Max and the rest of them were runited. I really was. Until I found out that Tess was Max's wife on his old planet. The four of them had died and their parent's combined their DNA with human DNA to make them what they are now. I still don't know what they are after all this time.

Up until that point, things were somewhat ok. Well except for the part where we had to run from the FBI. After Agent Pierce was killed and Nasedo took his place, we thought everything was going to be ok. Well it was for a little while..............until they showed up.


September 7, 2000

"Michael can you hurry up with those Space Fries please?" Liz called back in to the kitchen.

"Yeah, they're almost done."

Liz walked back up to the counter and over to the register where a costomer was waiting to pay.

"Sorry bout that," she said with a smile as she took the money and counted out the change. She glanced up to the door when she heard the jingle of the bell, and stared right in to Max Evans' eyes.

"Miss?" The costomer said getting irritated.

"Oh sorry," Liz said as she looked away from Max's soulfull eyes. "Thanks and come again." All she heard back was a muffled sound. She walked over to where Maria was standing behind the counter and gave her a look.

Maria had saw the exchange between Max and Liz and knew what she wanted. "Not this time Liz. You're going to have to talk to him sometime." Liz grabbed the menu that Maria was holding and gave her look.

"Gee thanks." she said.

"Well what are friends for?" Was the reply she got as she walked to Max's usual booth.

Max looked up at Liz when she came to his table. "Hey."

Liz released the breath that she didn't know she had been holding. "Hi." she said and knew that she had to be blushing. "What can I get for you?"

"I was thinking maybe we could talk."

"Max you know I can't. I'm on my shift still and if my dad saw me sitting here talking to you....." she was cut off by Max placing his finger on her lips. He pulled his hand away only to grab her hand and pull her down into the seat next to him.

"Liz we have to talk about what happened?"

"Max, there isn't anything to talk about. Remember your destiny?" I don't want to be in the way of that. I mean you are the leader of your people and you have to go back and save them. What good will it do if you have me as a burden?"

Max cupped Liz's face and looked into her eyes. "Liz, you will never be a burden to me you have to know that." He tilted her chin up to him and leaned down to kiss her. When their mouth's were about an inch apart, a thundering sound made them pull apart. They both turned to the front door and looked out it along with all the other people in the restaurant. There was a big shadow coming across the small town of Roswell.

Liz scooted out of the seat and Max took her hand as they both walked to the door. Maria walked up to them with Michael coming behind her.

The clouds shifted and moved in the sky as if there was a big explosion. There was an orange glow to the sky as something cleared through and hovered over the city.

Liz looked up at Max as he stared in shock at what was going on.

"What is it Max?" She whispered although she had a feeling she already knew what it was.

Her question pulled him from the scene in front of them. "It can't be....."

"What can't be Max? What is it?" She said as fear creeped into her voice.

"It's a space craft."

Liz thought that was impossible. I mean this type of thing didn't happen every day right? Maybe they were people like Max.

That's when the ship fired.


It was pure terror when they fired. People screaming and running around. I lost Max and Maria at some point. I don't remember what really happened. I'm sure Max and Michael went out to find Isabel, Tess, and Nasedo. Roswell was completely destroyed. Only thing left now is 'The Ruins'. That's what our little group has named it. You see, I'm in a little organization now. After the war started, people from Max's planet came down to help out. Turns out, the aliens that attacked were the one's that attacked Max's planet. When the people from there heard about what was happening to us, they hurried down. There are about three sides to the war now. I'm on the good one. Or what I would like to think as the good one.

The war has been going on for three years now. Sometimes you can hardly tell. It kind of reminds me of how gangs used to fight for their 'turf'. Funny how that seems so little compared to what has happend. Anyways, back to the organization. I'm in the AHA. It stands for the Alien Human Alliance. It's for the humans and aliens who want the war to end. It's weird that three years ago I never thought I would end up as a warrior. Then again, three years ago I thought I was going to go to Havard. Not like there is anything left of it now though. We do what we can but it's not much. We recruit people each day. They have to go through a series of tests because we have had some spies come through already. From the humans and aliens. That's why I said we really don't know who is on the good side anymore.

The bell is ringing for the town meeting now and I must go.
Signing off..........done

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