FanFic - Other
"The Perfect Life"
Part 1
by Amanda
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or situation.
Summary: The Perfect Life. It's what Liz Parker wishes she had.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
She had the perfect life. That's what everyone said anyway. How could she not? She's got two loving parents who are still together. She is a straight A student and has good looks. She doesn't even have any annoying brothers or sisters to deal with. But what do they know anyway. They didn't know about the part of her life that she has to hide away. Liz Parker couldn't just go around telling everyone about her life, they would think she was crazy. 'Aliens?' they would ask with a disbelieving look on their faces.

Or even worse, they would know she was telling the truth and her friends would end up dead. Friends? When did Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin become her friends? Liz just hasn't been the same since her death. Isabel Evans never would had even glanced at her before. Nor would Michael Guerin have. Although, Liz wasn't so sure she was glad Michael did now. No matter how great Maria thought he was, Michael still got under Liz's skin. Then there was Max. Max Evans. He wasn't her friend, he was her sole mate. Too bad they could never be together...

Max had his destiny with Tess. But Max didn't want to be with Tess, he wanted to be with her. Which just made it harder.

When 'future Max' told Liz they could never be together it had shook her world. But Liz knew what she had to do. She had to never tell the biggest secret of her life. She had to lie to everyone, even her parents. But worst of all, she had to stay away from the one she loved and couldn't tell him why. The perfect life? Yeah right.

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