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"The New Girl"
Part 6
by LisaBham
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At the police station, Kyle led Carrie back to his fatherís office. When he found the room empty he headed down to the holding cells.

"Dad, I need to talk to you." Kyle said as he recognized his father talking to Michael.

The Sheriff turned and frowned as he saw Kyle and Carrie standing in the doorway, "go back to my office and wait, Iíll be there in a few minutes."

"No dad, this canít wait and it involves Michael." Kyle stated firmly, "Go ahead Carrie, and tell my dad what you told me."

Carrie swallowed, "Thereís been a mistake, I never thought it would go this far." She looked straight at Michael. "I was the one that took the things from the teachers desk, I was angry at Michael, and I wanted to get back at him. I never thought he would still be here."

The Sheriff turned and looked at Michael and asked, "Is this true?"

"As I have said all along, I donít know how those things got in my locker, but I didnít take them." Michael said matching Carries gaze.

The Sheriff unlocked the cell and released the captive. "Iím sorry Michael, youíre free to go." He turned to Carrie, "You, young lady have some explaining to do. Letís go back to my office and talk."

Michael followed them back up to the property room. And checked out his belongings. As he was leaving the station Michael noticed a deep blue sedan pulled up. Two men in dark suits got out and headed into the station. Michael decided that he would rather be anywhere but the police station at the moment jogged all the way over to the Crashdown.

He arrived just as Liz and Maria were closing up for the night. The restaurant was empty except for one booth containing 4 men, Michael went up to the table and asked, "Hello Maxwell, did you miss me," he said with a touch of sarcasm in his voice.

"Hi Michael, we were waiting for youÖ Carrie said she was going to go and get you out, so we decided to just wait for you here." Max said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"I want to introduce you to Mark and Carries brother Steve/Josh, I still donít know what to call you." Max questioned.

"Steve, is what I use these days, Iíll stick with that if you donít mind." Steve replied to Max.

Max looked at Michael with some concern in his voice and asked, "youíre OK, arenít you? She got you out in time didnít she?" Michael nodded, "good Max continued, because we have some newsÖ Iíll tell you about it later."

The girls were all in Lizís bedroom primping before the dance. "Do you really think Michael will notice this dress?" Maria asked the others?

"If that boy isnít speechless at the site of you he wouldnít be human!" Carrie said playfully.

The others stopped what they were doing momentarily before laughing at the inadvertent joke. "Oh I think we will see a reaction out of all the boys," Isabel said with a giggle

Liz after combing out the last of her long hair looked at the clock on the wall and announced "well we better get a move on it. The boyís will be here any moment."

"I hope my brother was able to find a tuxedo for Michael on such short notice." Isabel said as she applied one last coat of lipstick to her already red lips.

Maria snorted. "Michael in a tuxedo, now thatís a site Iím looking forward to seeing."

"I know you are," Isabel said as she straightened the hem on her dress.

Maria glared at Isabel suddenly remembering the dream Isabel walked into. "Well I hear you will have some explaining to do to Alex as well."

Isabel glared at Liz, "You told her?"

"I donít know what the three of you are fighting about now but I just saw the boys drive up in the Limo." Carrie announced.

The group all went down stairs when they heard Lizís father answered the door. Lizís mom stood at the front door waiting to take pictures of all of the couples and the group.

The boys all walked into the house; they were all dressed in black suits and white shirts, with black bow ties. As soon as they saw the girls they stopped and starred. The girls quickly moved into position next to their dates, allowing pictures to be taken before pulling the boys out of the house and back to the limo. The ride to the dance was a blur, and the couples did not talk much until they arrived at the dance.

Carrie took Kyleís hand a led him over to the corner of the room so she could talk to him. "Kyle, I havenít been completely honest with you. Iím not the girl you think I am. In fact I graduated High school 3 years ago, Iím sorry but I just used you to get a story. I hope you will be able to forgive me eventually."

"Forgive you for what? You have been a great friend to talk to for these past few weeks. I was having a hard time getting over Liz, and you showed me that I could move onÖ That perhaps Liz wasnít the one for me. I enjoyed the conversations we had and the things we did. Perhaps I just need to find girl a little more like you." Kyle replied.

Carrie smiled, "When I get home Iím going to have a lot of explaining to do, I expect I will lose my job, because I donít think Iíll be able to write the kind of story he wants to hear."

"Where do you think youíll go? What do you think youíll do?" Kyle asked.

Carrie shrugged her shoulders, "I donít know yet. Iíve lived my life in search of my brother so perhaps Iíll spend some time getting to know him again, and then, Iíll start living for me again."

Isabel led Alex over to the DJ and requested a song, she then led him out onto the dance floor and watched as his eyebrows raised as the first few notes of the song ĎLet Me Iní started to play. "This feels like a dream," Alex finally was able to verbalize what he had been feeling since he first saw Isabel walk down the stares in that red silk dress tiny embroidered flowers trailing up from the bottom. He knew he had seen that dress before he just couldnít place it. Not until the music started playing did the images come flooding back and he looked once again into Isabelís eyes, "Did you go into my dreams Isabel?"

"Yes," was all that she was able to pull from her memory she had practiced what she had wanted to say to Alex for days, she knew what she wanted to say. She just couldnít convey the words to the one standing in front of her. "Iím sorry," she added hoping her eyes would speak where her lips would not.

"In that dream I asked you to let me in because I knew there was so much more to you than you let people see. How could I ask you to trust me with the knowledge of who you are without first letting you see me?"

Alex said sweetly as he pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, "Next time ask and we can share our dreams together."

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