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"The Light"
Part 4
by Gwen
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters I just borrowed them.
Summary: The truth about many things comes to the light. Takes place around the end of the group's senior year.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Everything starts about a little messed up but I'll fix it I promise. This is my first try at fiction, so please be gentile. Please write back, I really, really, really, really want to know what everyone thinks.
"Is this getting to the good part?" Jim asked.

"Hey, do you know how much pain I went through those three days?" Maria questioned.

"Get on with it," Jim warned.

A man was standing atop the old caves where Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess had been born. He had blond hair, like Maria's and bright dimples. He was peaking into the cave, helping Max and Isabel down. Then it was out to a parking lot where he was standing. A tall brown haired woman was standing out in a parking lot and carrying milk in her hands, when a car came speeding by hitting her. Her brown eyes didn't even have time to widen them selves before she hit the pavement. The man who hit her kept going, like he had meant too. From the front seat of the car there was a FBI badge shinning. The blond man ran to her, but something pushed him back, and then, seeing who was in the car, he ran, like something would go after him too.

"Maria?" Max asked standing over her. "Maria?"

"What?" she asked her eyes open.

"You were out for five minutes," Liz said glaring over her. "I'm calling a meeting, that's not normal, is that normal Max?"

"No, I don't think touching a rock would be normal," Max agreed.

Maria hopped up. "I have to call Kyle," she sighed. She raced for the phone.

Maria: Is Kyle there?
Kyle: This would be him.
Maria: Kyle, I have something to tell you, happy May 9th.
Kyle: Oh, god, is it good?
Maria: Well, she loved you.
Kyle: Oh my god, are you at the Crashdown? Of course you're at the Crashdown, I'll be right there.

Maria hung up the phone and squatted down next to the door and closed her eyes. She prayed for something good to come out of this. Then she looked at her watch, it was 5:30 on May 9th. What had Mrs. Valenti been doing then? Had she known she was going to die? Had Jim known, had Kyle? Had she known why, had she known that no matter where she was in the galaxy, she wouldn't, couldn't be safe? Had that man known, why her, why was Maria being shown all of these things?

"Maria?" Liz questioned. "Are you alright, what happened, did you get a flash when you touched the rock?"

"Michael's gonna be late for some stupid reason!" Max yelled interrupting Liz and Maria for a moment.

"Yeah, yeah, I did," Maria nodded slowly.

"What did you see?" Max asked, hanging up the phone with Isabel.

"I don't know, I saw two people, who clearly knew each other, who were aliens, who lived here on Earth," Maria said.

"From a rock?" Max yelled. "How could you get all of this from a rock?"

"Well it obviously has some kind of relationship to everything I'm seeing!" Maria snapped back. "And I clearly have a connection to it, otherwise, why didn't you see anything?" Maria demanded.

"Okay everyone, calm down," Liz pleaded.

"Oh, so now we're talking!" Max snapped.

"Don't say anything you'll regret," Liz sighed.

"How can I say some thing that I'll regret, I can't even get you to talk to me!" Max cried.

Maria tiptoed over to the door and out of the way of the fight. She looked through the hole and recognized a head out side. She flung the door open to find Kyle and Tess making-out. "Oh my god, Max is going to kill someone before the day is over," she said.

Tess heard a voice and quickly pulled back. "Maria! Uh, I was teaching him CPR?"

"Nice try," Maria said. "You guys should come in," she said pointing to the door.

"So what did you see, when did you see it, and how'd you see it?" Kyle cried quickly. His eyes were as wide as a little kid in a candy store.

"Simmer down cowboy," Maria said pointing to chair. "You weren't so into the world a couple seconds ago.

"Am I late?" Alex asked bouncing in.

"Nope, where's Isabel?" Maria questioned.

"How should I know, we are only friends," Alex said rolling his eyes.

"She's here, let's start," Isabel said behind Alex.

"I gotta look behind me more often," Alex said coming in with Isabel behind him.

"Kyle, why do you have lipstick on your face?" Liz asked.

"Uh, uh, uh," he said.

"And Tess honey, you have to re-apply," Isabel said tossing her a small green tube.

"Thanks," Tess said. "So why did you call us all here?" she asked quickly changing the subject.

"Maria, care to take the meeting?" Max snapped.

"Got it captain!" Maria cried rolling her eyes.

"Get on with it," Kyle said practically on the edge of his seat.

"Okay, I was down stairs and Max was fiddling with something, and I told him to take it out, and it was a rock, and as soon as I touched the rock I got a flash. First of a guy helping the pod people out, and then one of a woman, getting hit by an FBI agent, I think it may have been Pierce. And they were both aliens. Like you guys."

"What does this have to, oh," Kyle whispered not at first, but then understanding why Maria had called him. "But I've taken 100's of blood tests for basketball and football and wrestling and they've all come out the same, normal."

"You must have been lucky and gotten everything from your father," Max said.

"Don't be stupid Max, that's not physically possible," Liz said rolling her eyes.

"Unless," Maria said swallowing during a pause, "maybe the war has been going on way longer than we thought. What if this was there second trying at hybrids?" Maria questioned.

"Are you saying my mother was like Tess?" Kyle questioned.

"Yes, and you got nothing but 100% human blood from her and your father," Isabel said. "Maria I think you may be on to something."

"Open up!" Michael yelled from the front.

"But why did she see some guy?" Kyle asked.

"That's a good question, too bad we don't know the answer." Liz sighed.

"You're going to fill me in on everything? Right?" Michael asked sitting down.

"Yeah of course," Liz said nodding slowly.

"Max?" Maria asked.


"You said you found the rock at the pod chamber right?" she asked.

"What the hell were you doing at the pod chamber?" Michael demanded.

"That's what I'd like to know," Isabel and Liz said together.

"Yes, I found it at the chamber," Max said ignoring them.

"Then that's where we look for answers," Maria said sounding very sure of herself. She wasn't really; she had passed out, and still had a strange feeling inside her stomach.

"I don't know if that's such a good idea," Max said.

"I'm with you 100%," Michael said.

"Michael! You don't even know what's going on," Max said.

"Sure, Maria saw something, it's bad, and now she wants to find out what it is, sounds like a plan to me," Michael said rolling his eyes. "You'll fill me in on the gaps later?"

"Yeah," Maria said.

"I know what's going on, and I want to do this," Kyle said after a moment. "It's important to me to find out what happened, I need to know what happened to my mother."

"I'm with you," Tess said smiling.

"Count me in," Alex said nodding.

"Follow your heart," Isabel said.

"I don't know," Liz said.

"It's a democracy, the majority wins, coming or not, were doing this," Maria said proudly.

"Fine, I'm going but just to make sure you don't kill yourselves," Max and Liz said together.

Maria shrugged and smiled. She was leading her own expedition, to find something out about Kyle's mother, but that posed a problem, she still didn't know who the blond man was, and she didn't know who would be waiting for her at the cave, most importantly, she didn't have a clue to go from there.

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