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"The Light"
Part 1
by Jo
Disclaimer: I do not own any of this (except my words...teeheehee)
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: This story doesn't give a lot of info.
The days flew by like minutes. She felt nothing anymore. No pain, no happiness, and no love. She still hadn't figured out where she was. It was bright all the time, and at times she thought she heard voices, but she could see nothing. At first she was scared. That lasted a long time. She would lay there and think about how frightened she was. She almost literally died from it. Then one day it left. It left along with all the other emotions she had felt, lonliness, being scared, and missing the love she used to have.

Now she spent her days trying to remember what happened. It came bit by bit. She remembered Max telling her everything would be fine. She remembered the bright light. It was the first time she had seen it. It had burned her eyes and she thought she was blind. But now she was used to it. She remembered the last time Max had touched her. He had been holding her and then one moment later he let go of her and she screamed. That was the last memory she had. That must've been years ago.

She tried to think further back, to her life before Max's people came, but she could hardely remember anything. She remembered a girl with blonde hair and an infectious smile. She also remembered Alex. She remembered his name for some reason..... now she remembered. She remembered him because she had watched him die. Him and Isabel. She remembered that name too. They had been too close to the light. They had been sucked right into it. Max had yelled Isabel's name and Alex's too.

There was something even stranger. She couldn't remember her name. So many times had she tried to remember but couldn't. She'd think of Max, maybe he said her name. But she never found it. She knew it was there, stuck somewhere in her memory. But she couldn't find the light to see it with.

Sometimes she thought she could hear him. Max. She would try to turn to look but she couldn't move. She would scream his name over and over again. Then everything would turn black. She loved those moments. Her eyes would stop burning for a moment and then she would smile. It took a lot of effort but she would. But then she'd remember there was no one there to see it.


She whispered to no one.

"Max..... I love you...."

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