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"The Journey"
Part 1
by Jamie Phelps
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Summary: After finding out Maria's true identity, the gang deals with their feelings about the new-found knowledge. Could Maria's true identity be a danger to her?
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Please email and let me know your thoughts on this fiction. If you can see the possibility of a third part to this fiction, please email me and tell me what you'd like to see in a third part. If you haven't read my first fic, "Secrets", then this fiction will make no sense because it's a sequel. To read my first fic, email me ( or visit
"This is my favorite movie." Maria exclaimed. "Obviously Amelia has feelings for Lincoln. I mean, come on. Look at everything sheís done for him.

"Yeah," said Liz. "Poking around on dead bodies. Thatís true love!"

"Well I for one thought the movie was disgusting." Tess piped up. "How real can it actually be? The man cut bones out of people for Gods sake. You have to be demented to think this was a good movie."

"Mariaís right." Isabel defended. "This was a great movie. I really liked it. Sure there were a few gross parts, but the story line was to die for."

It was a Friday evening and Isabel, Maria, Tess and Liz were all sitting in front of the TV at Isabelís house watching "The Bone Collector". Michael, Max and Alex had gone with Kyle to a Basketball game.

"I have to agree with Tess." Liz said, smiling. "That movie was pretty demented."

"Whatever!" Maria exclaimed. "You just donít know a good movie when you see one. I bet you didnít like "Girl Interrupted" either did you?"

"Please!" Liz said. "That movie was so dumb. It had no point to it."

"Girl Interrupted was great movie!" Isabel said. "Angelina Jolie won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Lisa in that movie. It focused on all of the girlsí friendship that defied all odds. I think that Angelina Jolie is just a wonderful actress. I cried at the end!"

"Me too!" exclaimed Maria. "Friendship like those are hard to come by these days. And Angelina Jolie is a wonderful actress. One of the bests in my book."

"Could you two be any more alike?" asked Tess.

Maria and Isabel looked at each other. It had only been a month since they had all found out that Maria was part alien. Not only was she part alien, but she also shared a father with Isabel and Max, making them her brother and sister. In that month, the similarities between Isabel and Maria were beginning to become uncanny. They both liked the same things, had the same taste in clothes and now, it even seemed as though they liked the same movies.

"Well I guess thatís what happens when you find out you have a sister." Isabel said. "Iíve grown up my whole life with just Max. Donít get me wrong," she said, looking at Liz. "I love him to death, but there is just something between two sisters that there isnít between a sister and a brother."

Maria smiled. "I know what you mean. I thought I was an only child. There were times I wished so much to have a sister. Thank God for Lizzy. She was my sisterÖis my sister. I wouldnít trade you for anything." She smiled at Liz. "But Iím glad to know that I actually have a blood-related sister. Itís almost a dream come true."

Liz looked at Maria and Isabel. She had been feeling left out lately because Maria and Isabel had been spending a lot of time together. Most of the time they included Liz, but she was beginning to feel like the only one who wanted her around was Tess. And in that case she thought it was only because then Tess could keep an eye on Max. She tried to not let her feelings show, that she was jealous of the new relationship Maria and Isabel had. It was hard though.

"Iím happy for you, Maria." Liz said with a smile. "You deserve to have a real sister. Just donít get rid of me."

Maria laughed. She knew Liz had to have mixed feelings about what was going on. She had to let her know that sheíd always be a sister to her, no matter what. "I love you Lizzy! Nothing will ever change that. Youíre my best friend, and my sister. Maybe not by blood, but those sisters are sometimes closer than the blood related ones." She shot Isabel a look, apologizing for saying that.

Isabel nodded her head knowing that Maria needed to tell Liz that. She thought back to when she thought Liz was trying to take Max away. Sheíd almost hated Liz for that. She was bound and determined to make sure Liz did not hate her or even resent her for spending so much time with Maria.

Liz smiled. What Maria had just said to her meant a lot. "Thanks Maria." She said, reaching over and hugging her friend. "I know nothing will change."

"Well I just feel so unloved." Tess whined.

"Thatís because you are!" Isabel thought.

Maria busted out laughing. Sheíd been able to read what Isabel had thought. Everyone was looking at her. "Sorry!" she said between bursts of laughter. "Sorry! I was just thinking about somethingÖin...the...mooovie." She said as she continued laughing.

Isabel realized Maria had heard what sheíd thought. It wasnít Isabelís fault that she didnít like Tess. She was just so annoying. It was probably the fact that Tess was trying to take her brother from her best friend. Even though she hadnít made an attempt to win him since Liz and Max had gotten back together, Isabel felt sure that Tess was still up to no good.

"Speaking of unloved," Liz said, turning back to Tess. "I donít think you have to worry about being unloved. Iíve heard that a really hot guy has eyes for you."

Tess looked shocked. Someone had told Liz that they liked her? Who could it be? "Oh really?" she asked, being skeptical. This was Liz. She could say anything if she thought it would distract her from going after Max. "Who would that be?"

Liz smiled. "Well, it seems that our All-American sports hero, Kyle Valenti, has got a thing for you!"

Tess didnít know whether to believe Liz or not. Sure sheíd seen Kyle several times and she DID think he was Tess material, but why hadnít Kyle said anything to her. Instead heíd said something to Liz. It just didnít make since. "Sure, Kyle Valenti has a thing for me. And Tom Cruise was married to my mother." She said sarcastically.

"Iím not kidding." Liz said, sounding hurt. "When Max and I were not a couple, I spent a lot of time with Kyle. He told me that he liked you and wanted a chance with you, but you always seemed so busy. Watch him around you, Tess! Heís like a little kid in a candy story. He does his best to impress you. Itís just, well, I guess you donít understand the way human guys act."

"Are you being serious?" Tess asked. "I mean, if he really does like me, thatís great. I mean, I have thought of him as boyfriend material, but then I didnít think he liked me."

Itíll get your claws out of Maxís back, Isabel thought. Maria laughed again. Isabel was cracking her up with her thoughts. She couldnít blame Isabel for disliking Tess though. She had to admit herself that she wasnít to crazy about her."

"What?!?" Tess asked eyeing Maria. "You think him liking me is funny?" She glared at Maria. Why was she laughing at her? She didnít like that fact that Maria was part alien, or that fact that Maria and Isabel were so close. She especially didnít like that fact that she was laughing at that fact that Kyle liked her. She made a mental note to herself to wipe that smile off of Mariaís face.

"Iím not laughing at you." Maria said defensively. "God you are so up tight. Sniff some Cypress Oil." She reached into her purse and pulled out a small vile of oil.

Tess looked at her and turned away. "Iím not in to drugs." She said.

That was it! Maria was ready to pounce. How could she have said that? Aromatherapy had nothing to do with drugs. What that girl needed was to be slapped upside the head a few times. It was Isabel who stopped her. Not now, she thought. Maria understood what Isabel had meant when she thought that. She didnít need to beat her for such a petty little thing. If she kept moving in on her best friends man, then, they could beat her up. Maria smiled to herself. Isabel couldnít help but giggle. She knew what Maria was thinking.

"I canít stand it when you two are together. You never let us in on your little secrets." Tess said, starring at Isabel and Maria.

"Well you didnít have to come over!" Isabel said to her. "We invited you to be nice. If you didnít want to be around us, you didnít have to come. Maybe you should just go home!" Anger flowed through Isabelís veins. She really hated Tess now.

"Iím going." She said. "Liz, you need a ride?"

Liz looked at Isabel and Maria. She knew she should stay, but it was getting late and she needed to get home. Maria smiled at her and let Liz know it was ok. "Sure, thanks Tess." She said and went out to her car.

As Tess walked through the front door of Isabelís house, she turned around and glared at the two of them. "Just for your information, Iím watching you two. I donít know what it is, but when you two are together secrets are kept. Iím not the only one who feels this way."

She turned and headed out the door. "Wait a second!" Isabel screamed. "What the hell are you talking about?" she demanded.

"You know EXACTLY what Iím talking about, Iz!" Tess said smiling. "Max. Go ahead and tell her. He still doesnít believe that she is your sister. Heís mad at you because you accepted her right away. You and Max havenít talked in weeks. He didnít want to be here tonight because SHE was going to be here. Isnít that right, Iz! Go ahead, tell her." Tess was still grinning at the look on Mariaís face.

"Shut up, Tess. Just shut up!" Isabel screamed, tears forming in her eyes. "You donít know what goes on between my brother and me. Get out of here!"

Maria was crying. Max hadnít accepted her. She had been so caught up with the thought of having a sister that she hadnít realized Max still didnít think she was his sister. And Tess was being so cold about it. Why didnít Tess want her to be their sister?"

Tess looked back over her shoulder one last time. "Tell her Isabel! Tell her all about you and Max." And with that, Tess was gone.

Isabel slammed the door and turned around. She and Maria were both crying. She walked over to Maria and put they put their arms around each other, hugging.

"What was that all about?" Maria said, between sobs. "Why did she say all those things?"

Isabel held Maria close. This was her sister damn it! And she was going to have to prove it to everyone. Max included. "Exactly what she said, Maria. Max and I havenít been on speaking terms for 3 weeks. He doesnít believe you are our sister."

Maria couldnít believe it. She pulled back away from Isabel and looked at her face. "Why?" she asked.

Isabelís answer was only one word, a word that was like poison to Maria. A word that Maria had had it with. "Tess."

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