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"The Concubine"
Part 1
by Desirae Wilson
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell, though I wish I did I do not.
Summary: A past fic, how Vilandra fell in live with Cavor, but everyone wanted her to marry Rath.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Please all the Max/Liz, Micheal/Maria, and Isabel/Alex lovers don't hate me, I'm really interested in the whole past lives thing, so peace, love, and joy, hope you like.
~ A whisper,
Broken, and unsettled in the night,
A forgivingness in only borrowed ways,
I am returning,
A sad homecoming,
And I fell it coming,
It's not about staying,
It's not about going,
It's only a whisper,
One I have heard and spoken back long before this,
These words do not confuse me,
And I hunger for him,
Not alone,
But not together.~

~Desirae Wilson.



A shadow splintered over the wooden floor. She hid, or was trying to hide. Strength was no defense from this hunger. This calling that surrounded her from all angles and every direction. Afraid of being caught, Vilandra walked cautiously. The murky surroundings were all around her. The princess tried not to notice, and thought of what awaited her beyond this. He spoke with no sound, beckoning her to come to him. She followed this call to where ever it might lead. Leaving the Ball, leaving her Mother, her Brother, her Fiance. All to find him.

Vilandra breathed heavily and softly all at the same time. Sanity was breathless tonight, she walked with no destination traveling by a feeling, a feeling that was never confirmed to be real. A voice came from her head and told her to go, he demanded it, and so she followed.

It was there in the western field by the palace that she saw him, Cavor; before her in the moonlight. An exterior built with magic, tall and strong. She stopped for fear he would suddenly break in front of her. But he did not he only stood welcoming her with his arms. She ran to him, holding him breathing with him, existing with him.


He began to speak. Releasing his embrace to her slightly, she looked at him and they began again. There was nothing over this, she could stay for hours.

"Cavor, I felt you calling me, it was you wasn't it." "Yes,"

She kissed him again. Not alone, but not together Cavors eyes traveled to the castle. A castle which stood tall and glistened with light and music from the party that went on inside. He wanted to be king in that castle, then he really would have everything, and Vilandra.

He took away once again releasing himself from her arms, from her touch, his lips from her beautiful face, from her charming and romantically longing disposition. She looked up at him in curiosity as he pulled away, watching him as he began to speak.

"Vilandra, you must go back now."

"But you." She began, but Cavor interrupted her before she could finish.

"I'll make my entrench in a few minutes, they'll send the guards if they see your missing.............go on now."

Vilandra looked back at the castle which represented everything that she hated, everything which suggested for her to forget about the man she loved. She did not want to go back but Cavor was right. She took her eyes from the castle and back to Cavor. Kissing him one last time, and looking at him one last time, she departed. Leaving a face so gentle and loving, leaving the home of his eyes that stared as no other man has ever. Being only steps away from him she was called back the pull of his arm to hers and they wrapped themselves in another kiss, he held her face saying.

"Tonight you'll be mine, will be together."



"Where is Vilandra?"

King Zanith asked, looking both at his mother, The queen, and his wife princess Avandrea. Neither of them new but Avandrea answered back with a joke.

"You know Vilandra, she has to be perfect. And Rath has returned, and he will be here, she's more then likely out doing the rest of us."

"Couldn't be possible."

Zanith answered back to his wife, she smiled at the complement.

"There she is."

The queen spoke gentle, a vary quiet women, being the queen she stayed in her place.

Vilandra came in hastily, excitement on her face, everyone assumed it was because of Rath's homecoming. When in the presence of her guest's she slowed down, realizing that there was no hurry.

Every guest had there eyes on the princess Vilandra, beauty was no comparison to her and everyone was envious. She walked up the steps holding her golden dress up as she came over each step and incline, coming to her seat and noticed the empty one on her left that would in time be filled with Rath, Vilandra sat on the left side of her mother, Zanith was on the right side of the queen and on the kings right was Avandrea.

The king, queen, and two princess sat tall, straight and quiet awaiting the entrance of most of the other guests. Vilandra's eye's stayed on the entry way, waiting for Cavor to step through it and release her from the chains of being the beautiful princess Vilandra. Then suddenly there he was, receiving a few stars and glances from some of the other guests, it was rumored and thought that Cavor was part of a conspiracy to overthrow the king. Zanith even looked up when he sheepishly walked in, but Vilandra did not believe such rumors. Cavor looked up at the royal circle which looked at him from above. There was no time for looks though Rath was coming, a caller from the hall way came running in to the astronomical ball room and shouted with the accompaniment of horns.

"General Rathues."

The room was in awe, as the tall and buff soldier walked in, straight and full of pride he received their gazes with affection. All except Cavor's, the radical conspirator seemed to hang like a shadow on the party, Rath could sense trouble, but to be proper he said nothing and did nothing. Remembering the last time that they had met Rath had almost killed him, he would have if Zanith had not stopped him.

Once to the top of the stairs he bowed,

"Your Highnesses."

The queen and Avandrea both smiled and bowed their heads in admiration to there good friend. The king looked upon his beast friend and smiled, graceful to all the stars that he had retuned safe from the fighting in the East. Vilandra was less enthusiastic to the man that in less then two months time would be her husband. She smiled in a fake smile and looked at him, trying to have a less hating look on her face, trying to duplicate the look that she gave Cavor, but it was impossible. He sat next to her and looked at her for a moment before looking at Zanith.

"What in the hell is he doing here"

There was no love in the tone that he was speaking about Cavor. And Vilandra had a look of hate on her face that she gave warmly to her Fiance, but he did not notice.

"I don't know, he's probably here to mock at as."

"But we shall not let him ruin the night, we are here to celebrate the homecoming of our hero."

Avandrea had vary much thought of Rath and she was not afraid to say it and Zanith agreed. He stood and in addressing the audience said.

"Friends, neighbors we are here tonight to celebrate the homecoming of a man that I hold in the highest esteem, General Rathues."

The crowed cheered and clapped at the mention of his name and did not stop until there king beckoned them to.

"And, our victory in the lands to the East."

The crowed began to cheer once again, clapping at the news of victory. And continuing even as Zanith began to speak again.

"Now to commemorate this special occasion, there will be more music, and dancing."

With that the music began to play once more louder then it had once been, to be heard for miles around.

"Would you care to dance,"

Rath asked giving Vilandra his hand, she looked at him and contemplated for a moment. Realizing that it was the only way that she would be able to get down close enough to really see Cavor so she accepted warmly and openly, taking his hand, Zanith did the same only without words he held his hand out and Avandrea accepted. once the four of them stood, Zanith looked at his mother holding out his other arm for her.

"Oh no, I'll stay here."

She answered in reply. Zanith and Avandrea came down first, then followed by Rath and Vilandra. sense it was customary for the king and queen to dance the first dance, the real dancing music had not began yet. Once they were down to the ball room floor they took their places in lines, men on one side and woman on the other. Rath and Zanith stood next to each other as did Vilandra and Avandrea.

"Rath is very handsome."

Avandrea whispered in vilandras direction.

"Yes, he is."

She replied looking at him but then letting her eyes soak into Cavors.

"Then what is it, he is a good man, he will be good to you."

"I know that."

"Then what is it."


Vilandra found herself unable to speak, seeing Cavor standing in the row across from her only a few people away from Rath and Zanith, she counted quickly ignoring Avandrea who was repeating the question that she had asked before. 1,2,3,4,5. 5 people away. She smiled now it was certain that they would dance together.

The music begins,

The women and men both turn gracefully around in a circle, then once back around head to their partners, holding hands they turn again. Avandrea with Zanith and Vilandra with Rath but to no ones behest she looks at Cavor the whole time, leaving himself to look only at her as well. Still holding hands they turn again. Then switch partners, the women moving to the right and doing the same thing with their new partners, time after time. Until the fifth time when her body turns with Cavors when thoughts of love and what could be passes her mind, and once again the concubine is released.

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