Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
"The Changes That Make Us"
Part 1
by Megan Walsh
Disclaimer: I do not own the original cast members, but the ones that have not appeared on the show have been created by me, in exception of Serena, who we heard about in The End of the World episode.
Summary: The very beginning of a piece about 18 new aliens who have come to earth in search of someone they all love, and someone we all know.
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Please email me and tell me who you want the Queen to be, and especially to tell me if you like my piece and want me to continue it.
Serena grabbed her cell phone that she always kept by her side in case of emergencies. She dialed the familiar number of her good friend and waited impatiently as the phone rang.

"Hello," came a voice she knew only all too well.

"Hey T," his name was Tristan, but nobody ever called him anything besides T, "It's Serena."

Serena, T, and 16 other friends of theirs were from another planet. They had been living on the planet Earth for the past 2 years searching for someone very important to their planet, and it's existence.

"Serena what's wrong, is everyone okay? Is West okay?" Tristan asked suddenly nervous.

That's T for you, always worrying for his little brother and the rest of the group, Serena thought to herself.

"It's all good, everyone's fine, but I just saw someone that would make your heart stop!" Serena said happily back to T.

They had split up into five groups around a year ago, it had been T's idea. He figured the faster they found who they were looking for the faster they could get back home. All they knew for sure was that she was in the United States, and believe it or not, but the United States is a pretty big place for 18 kids to travel around in hopes to find one girl.

"Who?" T asked nervously. His heart had stopped just thinking about her, just in hopes that thousands of miles away Serena was looking at her.

"It's her T, it's her," Serena said proudly to T. He had missed her so much, he had cried for her, yelled for her, killed for her. He had breathed for her, it was because of her that T was still alive. Serena watched the unsuspecting girl follow the waiter to her booth. She had no idea that she was important, no idea that she was loved by millions of people, and no idea that she was loved by a man like T, but she would, Serena told herself.

T laughed openly on the other end of the phone. He laughed and he cried until he was brimming with happiness and humbleness. Serena heard him and tears streamed down her face as well. "I'll call everyone Serena, I'll tell everyone. Just don't let her out of your sight Serena," Tristan said.

"Get everyone to come here. Oh T, she looks the exact same. When I saw her I nearly bowed," Serena confessed.

Tristan laughed at Serena's open confession. He had waited so long to hold her again, to kiss her, to smell her hair, to touch her lips.

"We'll be there soon, tell West I said I love him, and say hi to Ryan, Natalie, and Joey for me," T said while grinning broadly.

"Will do, bye T," Serena added before pressing end on her cell phone.

She sighed, and smiled. She realized that she must look goofy with a grin on her face and tears running down her cheeks, but she didn't care because she had found her. Out of all 18 of them, she had been the one to find her old best friend and beloved Queen.

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