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"The Booth"
Part 1
by Nina
Disclaimer: I don`t own Roswell (sniffles) but I wish I did. That way I could afford a canopy bed and jacuzzi. Did I spell that right?
Summary: Tess`s POV. The girl has an interesting dream when she falls asleep in the Crashdown. That pretty much says it all.
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Rating: G
Authors Note: I pretty much make Tess a different kind of person in every different fanfic I write with her in it. In Decision she was softer and more thoughtful. In Finding Tess she was one messed up little girl with a sort of inner goodness that didn`t want to come out. I`m getting to writing in an evil Tess somewhere, any time now. In this particular fanfic of mine I think Tess is pretty much the same Tess she is in the show, but in this story I show a little more of her personality than the show allows. She`s a way cool character for writing about.
White. Everywhere, everything, all around, it was all just entirely... white. It was like heaven or something.

Tess felt a breeze from somewhere licking her hair back. The curls at the front of her face tickled back and forth at her forhead. She looked back and forth. She knew he was here. She just couldn`t see him. There was no use wasting he time looking around for him. She might as well stand there until he came to her. Because she knew...

And then there he was. Max had been standing right behind her all the time. The breeze was blowing from his direction so when Tess turned to face him her slender cream gown blew back. He didn`t take his eyes off her as she moved forward.

Tess moved in close and pressed her chest into him and looked up into his eyes. He leaned his head down. The wind was blowing his bangs all around the place on his forhead. Tess put one arm around his shoulders, smiling...


They both looked in the direction behind Tess. Liz had said it. She stood ten or so feet away in the blank, soft whiteness in a black gown. The opposite of the rest of the atmosphere. She didn`t belong, She broke the lightness, she made too much of a contrast. Ruined it.

Max`s eyes were now locked on her. That was wrong. Wrong. Tess pressed her body closer to his and lifted her head up besinde his. She put her lips up to his ear and so softly and quietly sang, "You don`t know what you`re doing, Max. You don`t know where you`re going, Max. You don`t see what you should do, Max. You don`t see where you should be, Max."

Her notes echoed through the atmosphere. And in the small distance away from them, Liz began to fade...

Isabel giggled as Michael tickled her sides and knocked over the glass of orange juice on the wood tabletop.As Michael stopped and grabbed onto the back of her chair to tip her backwards, she let out a playful scream. Michael bent over, still holding the chair teetered back, and planted a loving kiss on her upside-down lips.

Max swung back and forth on the thick tree limb Tess was sitting in. "You`re gonna break it!" Tess complained. Max stopped and dropped to the grass. Tess wound her legs tight over the limb and leaned back so she hung upside-down, her hair hanging around her face. Max came close and toyed with one of her curls. Tess laughed with a big smile on her face. Max reflected the smile and leaned back like he was doing a limbo to wrap his arms around her and slide her legs out of the tree. Max grunted as he absorbed her wait and fell backward into the grass before he could stop leaning back. They giggled harder as Max slid his hands up under her shirt and rubbed her belly. There was a silver metallic handprint there. Tess turned over so she was facing him but didn`t roll off of Max. They enjoyed a long kiss under the full cherry tree in the grass with wildflowers everywhere.

"You don`t know what you`re doing, Max.

You don`t know where you`re going, Max

You don`t see what you should do, Max

You don`t see where you should be, Max."

Tess was practically whispering the song into his mouth. Then the world swirled around them...

Liz pounded on the glass. "Stop it!"

Tess bounced up off of Max`s chest. She sprung to her feet and Max got up from the cold white floor and stood next to her. Isabel was in a knocked back chair on top of a squished Michael under the back of it. They got up too and Michael kicked the chair to the side. Then Isabel moved into his arms as if she was scared. Max slid his arms around Tess`s waist from behind her.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Liz screamed.

Max broke away. He stared at Liz in the next room through the glass wall with her tearing, red face. She sobbed and put her hand up on the glass. Max moved over and matched his hand up with hers on the other side of the glass. Liz lifted up her shirt to show a silver hand print. No. Tess stared with wide eyes and snatched up her own shirt and looked at her stomach. It was gone.

"No," Tess said shakily. Then as Max pressed his hand against the glass it began to disolve. The glass wall was fading.

"You don`t know what you`re doing, Max.

You don`t know where you`re going, Max.

You don`t see what you should do, Max

You don`t see where you should be, Max."

The soft, muffled words were coming from everywhere at once. But Max didn`t seem to hear anything.

Tess let out the most furious, shrillest, most ear-piearcing scream that echoed and rang all around the rooms. The glass walls all around them shattered into a million pieces. She continued to scream. Then the floor beneath her caved in.

"Help me!" she screamed at Max, but he was gone. He`d gone somewhere... he`d left.

She fell along with the millions of piees of the glass room, fell through velvet blackness. Stars...

Then someone grabbed the collar of her dress. She coughed out water as he lifted out of the ocean. The rock was hard as she collapsed down on it at his knees. The warm sun pressed down on her, drying her off, until she opened her eyes. It was Max.

"Help me," Tess said for the second time, this time with a weak, tired voice. He wrapped her up in his arms. She was warm now. She looked out at the ocean. she knew she was still there. Liz. She was in the ocean. Still out in the ocean. The ocean...

The ocean was no longer the same ocean. It was covered in the glowing light blue symbols. The alien symbols. The symbols that told them their destinies. The four squares together in one square that stood for her, Max, Isabel, and Michael. The sign that was on the metallic book. All of them. Now Max saw them and what they meant. How couldn`t he see it was meant to be? It was written in the ocean. It was written in the stars.

As the waves crashed against the rocks she and Max held eachother. Hugged. Rocked back and forth. Stretched out on the rocks. Kissed.

"Max. Help me."

The voice was Liz`s. Her words were coming from everywhere. They came from the sky. They came from the waves licking the beach ahead them. They sang everywhere.

Tess`s words were louder.

"You don`t know what you`re doing, Max.

You don`t know where you`re going, Max.

You don`t see what you should do, Max.

You don`t see where you should be, Max."

Max didn`t even hear Liz`s voice. And then her voice left. Left the two of them alone.

And then the ice rattled in the pitcher as a Crashdown waitress refilled Tess`s glass of coke. Tess`s eyes opened and she sprang up from her laying position in the booth.

It was pitch black outside. What time was it? Tess looked at her watch. Almost eight thirty.

She looked at the other side of the booth. Max was gone. He had been there before she fell asleep. Then she saw his black leather jacket in the seat. She got up and picked it up.

"Did Max leave?" Tess called across the cafe at Maria, who was wiping the counter off.

"He`s helping Liz move some boxes in the back room," Maria answered. "He`ll probably forget that if you don`t give it to him now, though. Go ahead."

Tess nodded and walked through the storage room door, which was being held open with a chair against it. It was dark inside. Probably because the door was letting enough light in when it was open. At first she didn`t see him. She opened her mouth to say, "Max?" but then she saw him over in the corner. She saw them both. Max and Liz. Arms around each other. Mouths together. Hands rubbing up and down each other`s backs and through each other`s hair.

It was too much.

You don`t know what you`re doing, Max

You don`t know where you`re going, Max

You don`t see what you should do, Max

You don`t see where you should be, Max.

Tess went behind a tall box and slid to the floor against the wall, crouching behind the box. She looked at Max`s warm jacket. She held it to herself and started to cry into the black leather.

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