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Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell belong to the WB, among others, but apparently I need to keep borrowing them. I know nothing about computer hacking!
Summary: Okay, so this is the story of Tess – at least in my little alternate Roswell universe I’ve created (starting with “Dealing”). Since I don’t know anything about her (i.e. what she looks like, her mannerisms, and her personality) at the time of writing this I’ve limited her appearance in this fanfic. It pretty much focuses on everybody else’s reaction to her. Whatever they do with Tess on the show, this is what I’d do with her…
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Apparently I write fanfiction in trilogies. The first set was “Dealing” – which you should really read before reading this. These next three, as mentioned above, deal with Tess. The basic premise here is that the 3 humans and the 3 aliens are avoiding each other out of safety – they know that Nasedo is evil and they’re not sure if he’ll hurt A, M, and L because they know. So, in the space between “Dealing” and “Tess” generic things that have happened on the show from the UFO Convention to Independence Day can still happen. For example – Michael does the wrestling thing but there is no kissing! The blind date happens Max can be jealous get drunk whatever…but Liz would be definitely resistant of any lovey stuff between her and Max. Michael can escape from Hank’s but he doesn’t go to Maria’s. And sorry – no “Sexual Healing”…the fact that the writers of the show would have Max and Liz make-out like bandits and then introduce I love interest for Max just seems WRONG to me – so I’ve changed the order of things. Does that make sense? Oh…and Michael figured out who Hubble was by recognizing his name from the newspaper articles that Max researched regarding Nasedo – confused…read “Dealing”…anyway…here you go:
(Scene: Liz’s Roof. Liz is sitting on the lounge chair writing in her journal)

Voice Over: I can’t be angry at Max for what he is – you know…I mean…if he wasn’t what he is, I wouldn’t be here. And I completely understand the fears he has…of being exposed…of getting hurt…of not knowing exactly what it is he is. And I wouldn’t hold his fears for me against him – being afraid of hurting me…of leaving me – except he has…hurt me…and in a way left me. So no…I can’t be angry at Max Evans for being “what” he is…but for being “who” he is – fair game…

(Scene: School. Liz is in the hallway about to walk into her 4th period biology class. She opens the door to find Tess sitting in her seat talking with Max. Max is looking at his notebook, showing her something, and Tess is looking at Max intently. They both look over at Liz as she enters the class with a pretty cold look on her face. As she walks over to her seat Tess gets up)

Tess (touching Max’s arm and leaning close to him): Thanks for the help Max.

Max (feeling uncomfortable): Sure, it’s no problem.

Liz (as she sits down – not looking at them): Take it to the eraser room already. (Max looks over at her a little hurt and Tess just looks between them)

Tess: What’s the eraser room?

Liz (looking at Max and then up at Tess): Maybe if you’re lucky Max here (she pats him on the arm) will show you.

(Max just looks at Liz, surprised. Tess looks from Liz back to Max and then over at the door as Ms. Hardy walks in to start class. Tess gives Max a squeeze before taking her hand off of his arm. She walks back to her seat smiling and Max just watches Liz getting their lab ready in silence.)

(Scene: School Quad, lunchtime. Max and Tess are sitting at a table studying. Occasionally Tess will reach over and touch Max. Liz and Maria are sitting on the other side of the quad watching them)

Maria: I just don’t like her.

Liz (looking over at Maria): I know what my excuse is – what’s yours?

Maria: Don’t you find it a little suspicious?

Liz: Maria…

Maria: Hey, if you can get all “Conspiracy Theory” on me over Ms. Topolsky taking role the first day she’s here then I can get suspicious of that (motioning to their table).

Liz: What are you talking about Maria?

Maria: I mean…Liz…the girl’s been here for what? Three weeks and who does she single out to be her new-school buddy? Max? Don’t you find that odd?

Liz (looking back over at the table): Wouldn’t you want him for your buddy?

Maria: Okay – you’re missing the point. Max has been in love with you for like…ever…and it takes him 10 years and a shooting to finally talk to you…clearly not a social butterfly. So explain that (motioning again to the table) to me.

Liz (sadly): I can’t. (She stands up)

Maria (hearing the hurt in Liz’s voice): Liz.

Liz: I’m not hungry anymore…think I’ll study in the library. (She walks off)

Maria (a little louder than she meant to): Liz! (Liz waves her off and Max looks over at Liz leaving and then over at Maria who is glaring at him. Alex walks up to Maria from the opposite direction)

Alex: Was that Parker?

Maria (still glaring at Max): Yea, the lunchtime entertainment made her lose her appetite.

Alex (following Maria’s glare to the table): I don’t know who I dislike more…him or her.

Maria: Right now I’d like to beat the crap out of both of them.

Alex (opening his sack lunch): There’s always the Vulcan death grip – oh wait, that’s them not us…

Maria: I just don’t like her…something’s rotten in the state of Denmark Batman and we’re gonna find out what it is.

Alex (almost choking on the food in his mouth): We?

(Alex and Maria continue talking and over in the corner of the quad Michael and Isabel seem to be having an argument. Isabel gives up in frustration and walks over to the table Max and Tess are at and sits down. Michael just watches the table with an intense look)

(Scene: Crashdown. Maria and Liz are working. Liz is standing behind the counter just wiping the same spot over and over. The Sheriff walks in and heads to the counter where Liz is at.) Music: Ani Difranco – Wish I May

Valenti: Ms. Parker. (Liz looks up at him blankly) I don’t suppose you know where Max Evans is?

Maria (overhearing the question, under her breath) Shit. (She looks at the customer she’s waiting on) If you’ll excuse me for a moment. (She heads to the counter expecting what’s about to happen)

Liz (cocking her head and looking at Valenti and with a little hint of attitude): Sheriff, Max Evans and his whereabouts don’t seem to be any of my business these days…and for the life of me I can’t figure out why they’d be any of yours. (Just as she finishes Maria puts her arm around Liz and looks up at the Sheriff)

Maria: Excuse us. (She pulls Liz into the backroom) You, sit. (Pointing to the couch and Maria goes back to the Sheriff) Sorry about that. She’s been having a…bad day. Is there anything I can help you with Sheriff?

Valenti (looking at the double doors to the back): Just looking for Mr. Evans, Ms. DeLuca.

Maria: I would try the UFO Center across the way…May I ask what this is about?

Valenti (looking down at Maria): Just business.

Maria: Right.

Valenti: Good day Maria.

Maria: Sheriff. (He leaves the café. Maria grabs the other waitress – whom we’ll call Betty) Betty can you get that guys order (Betty looks about to protest but Maria cuts her off) Thanks, I’ll owe you one. (Maria exits quickly to the back and sits next to Liz on the couch)

Liz: Did I just say that out loud?

Maria: Uh uh.

Liz: And it was the Sheriff right?

Maria: Uh uh.

Liz (shaking her head and then resting it in her hands): Maria…what am I doing?

Maria (putting her arm around Liz and pulling her so that Liz rests her head on Maria’s lap) Hurting.

Liz: Make it stop.

Maria: I wish I could Lizzie…I wish I could. (She looks down at Liz’s head) Why don’t you go upstairs? Betty and I can cover tonight.

Liz (sitting up and looking at Maria): The only thing waiting for me upstairs are the thoughts in my head.

Maria (pausing and looking at Liz): Okay, but try and play nice with the customers.

Liz (smiling): I’ll try…Thank you.

Maria (hugging Liz): Hey, what else am I here for?

(Scene: UFO Center. Max is working on one of the exhibits and the Sheriff comes up behind him)

Valenti: Mr. Evans.

Max (turning around surprised): Sheriff.

Valenti (feeling awkward): I just wanted to check on you…(he looks around to see if anyone is listening) make sure you’re doing alright.

Max (surprised and hesitant): I’m fine Sheriff…thank you.

Valenti: I know it’s been over a month, but something like that…well it can take time to deal with.

Max: I know. (He pauses) I never thanked you. If you hadn’t come he would have killed me.

Valenti: Well, I’m just glad that you’re okay…son. (They share an awkward moment and then the Sheriff leaves and Max just looks puzzled by the exchange)

(Scene: Max’s Bedroom, same evening, late. Max is lying in bed. Michael knocks on the window and starts to open it as Max pulls back the curtain) Music: Red House Painters – Mistress (piano version)

Max: Michael?

Michael: Maxwell.

Max: Problems with sleeping again?

Michael (giving Max a look of disapproval): No Max, problems with you.

Max (defensive): Mich…

Michael (interrupting): Save it Max. Just tell me what the hell you’re doing.

Max (defensive): I don’t have to…

Michael: Yes, yes you do Max, and I’ll tell you why. You’ve already used your one “tell a human the truth” card…and you don’t get another one every time you get the hots for some girl.

Max (mad): You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Michael: Then explain it Maxwell, cause she’s been hangin’ all over you for the past 2 weeks and you don’t seem to be fighting it.

Max (turning away from Michael and sitting on his bed): It’s not like that Michael…she’s new and I’m just helping her catch up.

Michael: Come on Max.

Max (looking up at Michael): It isn’t like that Michael…it’s nothing like…(looking away) Liz.

Michael (sitting next to Max on the bed): Then what is it Max?

Max (pausing and taking a deep breath): Okay…you now how you said you felt something – like Nasedo was near?

Michael (confused): What are you talkin’ about?

Max: Look there’s something about her…something almost familiar Michael.

Michael: Max…

Max: She touched me on the arm Michael and there was almost a…a connection.

Michael: What?

Max (shaking his head): I don’t know…but there’s something about her…I can’t explain.

Michael (after a pause): What about Liz?

Max (sounding sad and looking at Michael) What about her? It’s not…it doesn’t matter Michael…

Michael: I hope you know what you’re doing…cause now is the time to error on the side of caution Maxwell…we’re close to Nasedo…and we don’t know anything about this Tess…

Max: I know…just give me some time…to figure it out.

(Scene: Streets of Roswell, Saturday evening. Alex and Maria are in the Jetta. They’re a fair distance from the UFO Center front entrance. Maria all decked out in black – with a hat, sunglasses, and a pair of binoculars is sitting in the driver’s seat watching the entrance)

Alex (looking at Maria): Alright Inspector Gidget – what are we doing here again?

Maria: Max told Tess he’d be off work at 6 today so they could study.

Alex: What makes you think they’ll go back to her place – that is the point of this right, to find out where she lives? Can I just say that there are easier ways of doing this – albeit illegal ones…

Maria (cutting him off): There she is…(They both slide down in their seats) Come on, who wouldn’t want to bring him home – quiet time alone in her bedroom…meet the folks…

Alex: Okay…but you’re theory is that she’s hiding something, so why would she take Max to her home? (Maria just glares over at him) And if they were going to study at her house wouldn’t Max just drive there after work?

Maria: Shut up…they’re leaving. (She starts the car)

Alex: This is gonna be a long night isn’t it?

(As Maria and Alex are discussing the finer points of their plan, Michael rounds the corner behind the car and stops – recognizing it. He bends down and sees Maria taking the binoculars off her head. He’s about to walk over to the car when he stops. There’s a shadow of movement in an alley that’s in the middle of the block. Michael looks around like he’s feeling something – looking confused and worried he looks back at Maria’s car but it’s gone.)

(Scene: Outside of a Mexican Restaurant. Max and Tess pull up and get out and go in. Maria and Alex pull up a block or so away)

Alex: Maybe her parents own the restaurant and they live…uh…in the basement. (Maria looks over at Alex annoyed)

Maria: Fine…but she’s gotta go home after this.

Alex: Does she? Yea, just like she’s gotta show off Max to mom and dad?

Maria: Wouldn’t you? (Alex gives her a sideways glance) Oh, you’re telling me you’d pass up the first chance you get to bring Isabel home to your dad?

Alex: Yea well I’m not gonna get a chance am I? Which brings me back to the original question – why are we doing this?

Maria: Look, just because I want to kick 2 out of 3 alien asses doesn’t mean I want anyone else to…I certainly don’t want them handed over to the government for serious exploratory experiments. They’re too busy looking for what’s-his-name to see what’s going on…

Alex: Which is?

Maria: I’m telling you Alex. The girl is sending out vibes and I’m not talking about the warm fuzzy ones. She’s new to school… she’s ends up having five classes with Max …she singles him out to be her best friend…and I’m telling you she’s hiding something.

Alex (shaking his head): Okay…I think I just had a lapse in brain function cause that almost made sense.

Maria: You’ll see.

Alex: So what? We just wait here for her to leave?

Maria (looking around the street and pointing to a grocery story): Yea, hungry?

Alex: Oh, this is gonna be a very long night.

(Scene: Fast forward a couple of hours. Maria and Alex are still sitting in the car. Maria is watching the door to the restaurant like a hawk and Alex is leaning back in his seat snoozing. Max and Tess walk out, say goodbye and Max gets in the jeep and drives off. Tess starts walking home)

Maria (hitting Alex on the chest): Here we go.

Alex (startled looks around and sees Tess): She’s walking home?

Maria: What’d I tell you, definitely hiding something, she doesn’t even want Max to give her a ride….

(Tess walks around the corner, crosses the city park and then goes into a small duplex unit. Maria turns the corner just as she’s approaching the duplex.)

Alex (looking annoyed at Maria): Maybe because she doesn’t need one. (Maria parks the car along the park) So we just sat there for 2 hours when we could have…

Maria (interrupting him as she opens the car door): Are you gonna sit there and complain or are you coming?

Alex: Where?

Maria: To see what she’s doing.

Alex (looking around): You’re joking, right?

Maria (shaking the binoculars): Does it look like it?

(Alex lets out a sigh and gets out of the car. They walk over to some trees and shrubs that are in direct view of Tess’s front window. Maria gets out the binoculars and Alex stands guard with his back to Maria.)

Alex: What do you see?

Maria: Nothing – she’s talking on the phone.

Alex: Any sign of parental units?

Maria: No, pretty nice place though…for just moving here a month ago.

Alex: What’s she doing now?

Maria: Typing on her laptop…o, she has a cat…damn she’s shutting the curtains.

Alex (exasperated): Okay (he turns around and grabs the binoculars) We’ve tried it your way…now we do it my way.

Maria: What are you talking about?

Alex: What time are you off tomorrow night?

Maria: 9 – Liz is closing.

Alex: Alright, tomorrow night 9:30, my house…I’ll show you how this is done.

(Scene: Crashdown, next evening, early. Michael, Isabel, and Max come in and sit down in their usual booth. Max and Isabel sit on the isle. Maria comes in from the back tying her apron on and sees them out of the corner of her eye. Liz has her back to the door so she doesn’t know they’re there) Music: Dido – Don’t Think Of Me

Isabel: Okay what are we doing here?

Michael: Look just because we’re not talking to them doesn’t mean we don’t need to check on them…(mocking Isabel) don’t our lives still technically depend on them?

Isabel: Right.

(Max just looks at the back of Liz and Michael looks around the café and steals glances at Maria when ever she’s not looking)

Maria: So how’s it going?

Liz (sounding tired): Well…I’ve spilt coffee on one customer, backed into Betty dropping both our trays and breaking 4 dishes, and was apparently so rude to another customer that he left me a penny tip.

Maria (holding back a smile and glancing over at the table): Well target practice is over babe…now it’s time (she grabs her on the shoulders and turns her around to face the table) for the real thing.

Liz (looking over at Maria): What the hell are they doing here?

Maria: Okay, just stay in that happy place and go take their order.

Liz (giving Maria a mischievous smile): Right – happy place. (She walks over to the table and in a very cold tone with some attitude) Welcome to the Crashdown Café, my name’s Liz and I’ll be your waitress this evening. Can I start you with something to drink? (The three of them just sit there for a second)

Isabel: I’ll have a Diet Coke.

Michael: Mountain Dew for me.

Max (not looking at her): Cherry Coke.

Liz: Are you ready to order?

Isabel: I’ll have the Sigorney Weaver.

Michael: Give me the Martian Mushroom Burger

Max (still not looking at her): The Lunar Landing

Liz: Alright we have a Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, Cherry Coke, one Lunar Landing, one Sigorney Weaver, and one Martian Burger. Coming right up. (She turns and leaves and the 3 of them just sort of sit there)

Michael: Okay, maybe next time we should check on them from a distance. (Liz comes back over to the table with their drinks)

Liz: Here we go. (She just sort of plops the drinks down – some slushing occurs – she turns and leaves)

----about 15 minutes later----

Liz: Here we go. (She sets down their dinner plates the same way she did the drinks and turns to leave but Michael lifts up an empty bottle of Tabasco sauce)

Michael: Any way to get some more.

Liz (just looking at him with attitude): Sorry, we’re all out.

Isabel (under her breath): Rrrrer. (Michael and Max just look at Isabel in total disbelief that she just did that and Liz turns her head and looks straight at Isabel)

Liz: Excuse me?

Isabel (looking up at her – and startled that she heard her): Sorry, I was just…well, look with that attitude you’re not going to get many tips. (Michael and Max are horrified and Liz sets her tray on top of the table and leans over Isabel)

Liz (just loud enough for them to hear and with a whole lotta attitude): Attitude? Yea, well with that attitude you almost make me want to share your secret with the world…how’s that? (She stands up grabs her tray looks around the table)…Enjoy you’re meal and (looking right at Max) don’t come back. (Liz leaves and the table is silent. Max just looks at Isabel and both Michael and Isabel look at Max)

(Scene: Crashdown, later that evening after closing. Liz has finished cleaning up and is sitting in one of the stools writing in her journal. Max hesitates but pushes the door open and comes inside.)

Liz: We’re (looking up from her journal) closed. (Under her breath – to herself) I gotta remember to lock that door…

Max (taking a couple of steps into the café): Liz I need to talk to you.

Liz (exasperated): What could you possibly want to talk to me about Max?

Max (hesitant): Liz…(pauses) it’s not what you’re thinking.

Liz: What am I thinking Max? Am I thinking how convenient it is for you that it’s too dangerous to be with me…but it’s not too dangerous for you to be with someone else?

Max: It’s not like that Liz…

Liz: Then what is it?

Max (deeply frustrated): It isn’t what you think…but…I can’t really explain what it is…

Liz (staring at him in disbelief for a moment): You know what Max, that does nothing for me…I take it back…what that does is acknowledge that there is something between you…you might not know what it is – but you know it’s there.

Max (pleadingly) Liz…

Liz (getting up from the stool): I’m done Max. You don’t owe me any explanations remember…we aren’t anything, you can’t be near me, and I clearly (looks up at him) don’t know you. (She turns to leave and Max just stands there. She stops before the double doors and turns back around) Oh. And I’m sure the real reason you’re here is Isabel. You can reassure your sister that I would never tell anyone – that I will never tell anyone. I guess that’s something of you I’ll always have (meeting his gaze)…your secret. (She turns to go)

Max (very softly – like he didn’t mean to say it out loud – but loud enough for her to hear): You hate me.

Liz (stopping with the door open): It’s easier that way (Max looks up realizing he must have said it out loud. Liz turns her head to the side to look at him) If I don’t it hurts too much (and with that she leaves).

(Scene: Various ones of the same night. Liz lying on top of her bed staring blankly at the ceiling. She has that stucco-glitter stuff for a ceiling so it’s like she is looking up at the stars and her gaze falls on a bunch of glitter patters that look like the V constellation. Author side note: I had this ceiling growing up and when taking high school geometry it was the most annoying thing because all I could see when I looked up at the ceiling was geometric shapes…so it’s completely feasible that all she would see when looking at the ceiling is that damn constellation…anyway…Another scene of Max walking home looking miserable. And one of Michael sitting under a tree across the way from Alex’s House. Maria’s car is parked outside) Music: Matchbox 20 – Back 2 Good

(Scene: Max’s Bedroom, same night. He comes in and sits down on his bed and rests his head in his hands. Isabel comes in and sits next to him.)

Isabel (worried): Max…

Max: Isabel – she isn’t going to tell anyone…no matter how much she hates me.

Isabel: Look Max…what’s going on?

Max: What?

Isabel: You know what I’m talking about.

Max: Isabel, I’m just helping Tess out with school…

Isabel: Max…

Max: It’s not like that…you know that.

Isabel: I know you Max, and if someone asked you for help you’d give it to them. But I know women too and what she’s wanting from you is more than your history notes. (Max looks over at her) And I think you know that too.

Max (after a long pause): Touch her tomorrow.

Isabel (confused): What?

Max: The first time she touched me…there was almost a…a connection.

Isabel: What are you saying Max?

Max: There’s something about her Isabel…something familiar. I thought if I could spend some time with her I might be able to tell if…if she feels it too.

Isabel: And…

Max: I think she does…(He pauses) What if she’s…

Isabel (cautious): Max.

Max (looking at her pleadingly): Just touch her tomorrow Isabel.

(Scene: Alex’s Bedroom. Every possible computer accessory is in this room. Fancy computer and printer, scanner, digital camera, CD writer – you name it he’s got it. Maria and Alex are sitting in front of the computer.)

Maria: This is so illegal.

Alex: You wanna know who Tess is? (Maria just looks at him) Then this is how we do it. (He starts fiddling with the computer and Maria puts her hand over his on the keyboard)

Maria (panicked): What if they catch us?

Alex (reassuring her): I doubt West Roswell High has a Hacker Tracker. If there’s any problems I’ll get out before they can trace us.

Maria: Okay. (She takes her hand off of Alex’s and just watches as he does whatever it is he does) So what are we looking for?

Alex (while concentrating on the computer): All you need to find out anything about anyone is their social security number. So we get into her school record, print it out and go from there…Bingo! (He double clicks the mouse and the printer starts – making Maria jump. He looks over at her) Hard part’s over.

Maria (letting out a sigh): Now what?

Alex (grabbing the printed sheet and typing something on the computer): Now we find out who Tess Russell really is. (He looks down at the sheet of paper and types her SS# into a search field and hits return. The computer takes a second and an error message pops up saying that no matches are found. Alex furrowing his brow looks at the paper again) Maybe I typed it in wrong. (He retypes it double checking to make sure it’s correct. He hits return and the same screen comes up)

Maria (looking from the computer to Alex): I was right?

Alex (looking at Maria): Okay…if she’s not who she says she is…

Maria (looking at Alex): Then who is she?

(They just sit there looking at each other. Neither of them notices a shadow of a figure pass by Alex’s window. Suddenly Michael stands up where he is – feeling the same thing he did the other day near Maria’s car. He looks around and over at Alex’s house with a worried look on his face.)

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