FanFic - Other
Part 1
by Carro
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Summary: It's the other way around. Everyone switches lives. Liz and Max switch, Isabel and Alex switch, Maria and Michael switch, and Tess and Kyle switch lives. Their names in this story are: Maria Guerin, Michael Deluca, Max Parker, Liz and Alex Evans, Isabel Whitman, Tess Valenti and Kyle Harding.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
(In the jeep) The jeep sped down the Roswell´s street. "Liz! Why the hell did you do that, now we have to leave Roswell, not a great loss but still." Maria shouted from the backseat.

"Calm down Maria, we are not leaving, I mean we can't, our family is here." Alex said frightened.

"Alex, Maria is right we have to leave, I know you don't want to leave mom and dad but we have to" Liz said looking over at her brother in the passenger-seat.

"Max you ok?" Michael said with worry on his face. "Yeah I'm fine." Max said a little choked.

"Did that just happen?" Max said confused.

"I..., I mean we have to tell Iz this" Michael said a little happy and scared at the same time.

"No, we can't tell her anything, not until we talk to Liz, Maria, and Alex, ok?" Max said as he rose from the floor and went into the break-room.

"Ok, fine but I don't like this" Michael said as he put on his jacket.

"Ok, let's go" Max said and went out the door.

"Liz, Alex! Let´s go Now!!!!" Maria yelled.

"Ok, Jesus hold your horses, I have to pack!" Alex said with tears in his eyes.

"Come on Alex, we have to go before the cops come" Maria said looking out the window.

"Ok, I'm coming " Alex said as he looked one final time at his home, his one and only home. He closed the door and followed Liz and Maria down to the car.


"Max, what are you doing here?" Liz said as she loaded the car.

"What are you doing?" Max said as he looked at the suitcases.

"We are going on holiday, what does it look like?" Maria said sarcastically.

"Liz, you don't have to leave?" Max said a little sad.

"Yes, we do, now come on Liz!" Maria said taking a hold of Liz and dragging her to the car.

"Liz, please stay!" Max said as he followed her to the car. "Max I'm sorry, but..." Liz, said as a single tear ran down her face.

"No, you don't have to leave" Michael said angrily

"No, Michael, stay out of this ok, this has nothing to do with you." Maria said as she walked in front of Michael. "Wrong, this has everything to do with me, I mean you can't leave" Michael said as he stepped closer to Maria. "Why" Maria said with a questioning face. "because..........because, the sheriff will wonder what happened and if you disappear he will know it's you" *Jesus, you couldn't come up with a better one* he thought to him self as he looked back at Maria. God ever since elementary school he had wanted to kiss her, but if she left he wouldn't get that chance. No, he had to convince her to stay.

"Liz, I want to stay" Alex said from the car. He didn't want to leave Roswell, all he knew was in this town.

"No, Alex we have to leave" Maria said as she hopped in the car.

"Come on Maria, we don't have to leave." Alex said avoiding eye contact.

"Alex is right I want to stay" Liz said as she looked at Max.

"Fine, you win. I'm going home. But Max, Michael if you tell anyone I swear I will kill you" Maria said as she looked at Michael dead in the eye.

"But can we just tell Isabel?" Max said almost whispered. "No" Maria yelled.

"Yes you can" Liz said as she looked at Max with a smile. "Liz, NO, they can't tell anyone" Maria said getting in Liz's face.

"Maria calm down ok, they can tell her, I trust her ok?" Liz said looking Maria straight in the eyes.

"I'm out of here" Maria yelled as she walked away. "Maria wait!" Alex yelled and motion to go after her. "Alex, let her go, you know how she is" Liz said taking a hold on Alex arm.

"I'm just scared she will leave without telling us" Alex said as he saw Maria walk away.

"I know" Liz said hugging Alex.

(The next morning)

"Liz!" Max called after her in the school hallway.

"Max, what's wrong?" Liz said as Max walked towards her.

"I think we need to talk, all of us" Max said almost whispering.

"Yeah, you're right, but I don't think Maria is up for it, you know she not exactly "pro" about you knowing about us, but I will see what I can do" Liz said.

"We can all meet at the Crashdown after closing" Max said looking in Liz's eyes.

"Ok, I'll see what I can do" Liz said looking back. "Thanks" Max said with a smile on his face.


"Bye Max" Liz watched as Max left her and once again she was left to worry about Maria.

( The Crashdown)

Max was cleaning up the place and Isabel and Michael were talking by the counter when Alex and Liz came though the door.


"Hey Liz, Alex, this is Isabel, she knows" Max said as he motioned Isabel to sit down at Liz and Alex's table. She looked a little frightened but she had a smile on her face. "Where is Maria?" said Max as he scanned the place for her.

"I don't think she's coming" Liz said looking over at Alex. "Oh" was the only thing Max could get out, he knew that Liz, Alex and Maria were close and he knew it killed Liz when they were fighting.

"It's ok Max, she has always been this way" Liz said when she saw the expression on his face.

"I have not" Maria said as she pulled up a chair at the table.

"Hey Maria" Michael said as he sat down beside Isabel. "So what did I have to come here and listen to?" Maria said with a #I don't care # face.

"I don't know, all that has happened in the last 24 hours maybe?" Michael said as he looked at Maria a little angry that she didn't take this seriously.

"Ok" Maria said eyeing him.

"I think you know, you should explain because I feel that something is wrong and I don't like it" Michael said as he fumbled with his hair.

"Do you ever shut up?" Maria said angrily at him.

"No" Michael said eyeing her back.

"Thought so" Maria said and looked over at Liz who was almost drooling over Max. *Could she get a life* Maria thought to her self as she shook her head.

"So what happens now?" Max said looking over at Liz. "We leave and you go one with your little lives" Maria said as she looking angry at Max.

"Maria we are not leaving" Liz said with a commanding voice.

"So we are going to stay here and wait to one of these guys tells someone and we becomes guinea pigs" Maria said retorted angrily almost yelling.

"Listen Maria, we are not going to tell anything to anybody, ok!" Michael yelled. He was tired of Maria and the way she didn't trust him.

"Fine, can I go now? Maria said as she rose from her seat. "No, we are not finished yet" Liz said as she rose from her seat and challenged Maria.

"Well I am" Maria said as she walked out the door. Alex got up from his seat and was about to go after Maria when Liz grabbed his arm

"Let her go, she has to learn that they are in this too"

"I know" Alex said as looking at Maria as she walked away from the Crashdown.

"That went well, Maxwell, can you close up tonight" Michael said as he rose up from his seat.

"Yeah, Michael you can go home" Max said with a smile on his face.

"Thanks" Michael said as he went to the break-room and got his jacket and walked to his red jetta.

Maria walked down the streets of Roswell in the rain. She didn't care that it was raining *one of the benefits of being an alien* she thought.

"Wait up" Michael said as he drove up next to Maria. "Now what?" Maria said looking at Michael with those

# I don't care eyes #

"Sorry! I just wanted you to know that I am not going to say anything to Valenti or anybody else." Michael said trying to break the ice.

"Whatever" Maria said walking away

"Need a lift or do you prefer walking in the rain?" Michael said as he drove beside Maria. Maria stopped and looked at Michael and hopped in the car. She wasn't about to walk in the rain if she could get a ride.

"So this is were you live" Michael said as he pulled up at the trailer.

"What did you expect, the Evans household maybe?" Maria said sarcastically. Sure she would love to have that. "Hey, I didn't say that" Michael said in defense.

"Fine, whatever" Maria said as she got out of the car. "Bye Maria" Michael said as he watched Maria disappear into the trailer.

"Hank, get the hell out of my room!" Maria screamed as she rose from her so called bed.

"You little hore!" Hank yelled back and slapped Maria in the face.

"Leave me the hell alone?!" Maria yelled challenging Hank.

"I want you to clean the trailer!" Hank said.

"You go to hell Hank!" Maria said as she tried to hold back the tears. She made a promise to her self when she was ten that she wasn't going to cry infront of Hank.

"O really, you first!!" Hank said and as he hit Maria in the stomach. He beat Maria until she couldn't move anymore. She laid on the floor unconscious when Hank left the room.

(The next morning at school)

"Hey" Max said as he, Michael and Isabel walked up to Liz and Alex by Liz's locker.

"Hey" Liz said back looking into Max´s eyes.

"So where is Maria?" Michael said looking around.

"She doesn't go to school in the morning, that is her MO!" Alex said smiling.

"Ok" Michael said and walked to his next class. Alex and Isabel followed.

"So Liz, how are you?" Max said.

"I am fine" said liz avoiding eye contact.

"Really?" Max said and looked at Liz with those

#I understand eyes #.

"yeah, no, I am worried about Maria. What if she leaves us, I can't deal with that" Liz said almost crying.

"I know, I don't think she will do that. Come on let's go to class." Max said as he took her hand and led her to her next class.

Later that day at lunch. Alex and Liz sat at one of the tables.

"So is she here yet?" Michael said as he, Max and Isabel came up to the table and sat down.

"NO, now I am worried, what if she left?" Alex said as he looked at Liz.

"I know, after school we go to Hank's, ok Alex?" Liz said with understanding eyes.

"NO, I want to go now" Alex said angrily. He wasn't going to wait because of school.

"We have to finish school first" Liz said.

"No, I am going now" Alex said as he rose from his seat. "No, and that's final" Liz said angry. He couldn't do that. It would just bring suspicion.

"Whatever" said Alex as he left the table. Isabel rose from her seat and followed him into the school.

( Later after school at the jeep)

"Liz get in and lets go" Alex said angry. He wanted to leave already to go to Maria's place.

"Wait! we want to come" Max said as he ran up to the jeep with Michael and Isabel behind him.

"No, this is between us" Alex said angry.

"Liz, please, don't keep us out of this" Max pleaded.

"Ok, follow us in Michael's car" Liz said and sped away.

"So this is were Maria lives" Isabel said as she got out of Michael's car.

"Yeah, she lives with her foster father Hank." Alex said as he walked up to the trailer.

"Why doesn't she lives with you?" asked Isabel.

"She ran from us, when they found us in the dessert" Liz said.

"Oh, I am so sorry" Isabel said. She didn't mean to hurt anyone.

"It's ok" Liz said looking at Isabel.

Knock, knock!

"That is weird no one is home" Michael said looking through the window.

"Let me" Alex took a hold of the doorknob and suddenly the door opened.

"Maria!" Liz called when they stepped through the door. "How can she live here? " Alex said to Liz.

"I live here just fine" Maria said coming out of her room. Her face was covered with bruises.

"Maria, what happened?" Alex said as he walked over to Maria.

"Nothing!" Maria yelled at Alex when he touched her face.

"Please tell me and we will help" Alex pleaded.

"This is my problem not yours" Maria said walking over to the couch.

"Maria we care, you know" Michael said as he walked into the trailer.

"WHAT! You brought them! Just leave before Hank comes home!" Maria yelled

"No, Maria you are coming with us" Alex said with a commanding voice.

"Alex, I am staying, I know Hank isn't the best foster dad but he is my foster dad so leave" Maria pleaded with him. "What about the next time?" Liz said.

"There is not going to be a next time" Maria said walking over to the kitchen.

"Maria, there is always a next time" Alex said as he followed her.

"Just go" Maria yelled. She didn't want to listen to them. She didn't want their pity.

"No" Liz yelled.

"No, you are going to decide this to like the rest of my life" Maria shot back at Liz.

"Maria we all care about you" Michael said trying to ease the tension.

"Yeah Michael, that is because Liz here couldn't keep her little hands off Max" Maria said angry.

"No, we are you friends and we care, all of us" Isabel said to Maria. All of a sudden a car pulls up beside the trailer. "Hank is home, Go" Maria yelled.

"Let me heal you first" Alex said walking towards Maria. "No, then Hank will suspect something" Maria said to Alex.

"He won't remember anything in the Morning" Alex said as he put his and on her face.

"Go!" Maria yelled and walked away from Alex.

"Fine" Liz said and walked towards the door but was stopped by a smelly, dirty, old man.

"Well hello and who might you be?" Hank said looking Liz and Isabel over.

"Maria´s friends" Liz said back.

"Well baby, want to party?" Hank said to Liz.

"No, she doesn't want to party!" Alex said as he walked over to Liz.

"Well do you? I want an answer" Hank said.

"I don't party with a guy that beats girls" Liz said angry. "I what?!?" Hank yelled.

"Don't touch Maria again or I will kill you!" Alex yelled and attacked Hank. Maria stepped between Hank and the rest of her friends.

"Guys Go NOW!!!" Maria yelled.

"Ok, fine" Liz said and walked out of the trailer with the rest of the group behind her.

"What!, you are going to leave her here" Michael almost yelled outside the trailer.

"What can we do, it's her decision" Liz said angry.

"I don't like this" Alex said as he looked over at Liz.

"I know, but she has powers and she can protect herself" Liz said as she hopped into the jeep.

"Ok, see you in the morning" Max said as he, Isabel and Michael got into the Jetta.

"Bye" Isabel called out.

"Yeah, bye" Liz said as she looked over at Alex how just stood there and looked at the trailer.

"Alex are you coming?" Liz said.

"No I am going to stay here a while." Alex said.

"Come on Alex you can't protect her" Liz said as she got out of the jeep and walked over to Alex.

"But she is my sister Liz, I can't just not protect her" Alex said hugging his sister.

"Come on lets go, we can talk to her tomorrow ok?" Liz said.

"Ok, tomorrow, right?" Alex said as they started walking towards the car.

"Yes, tomorrow" Liz said with a smile.

The end of the next school day. Liz stood by her locker when Alex came up to her.

"Hey, so where is Maria?" Alex asked.

"I don't know I haven't seen her all day" Liz said.

"Let's go find her" Alex said. They walked out of the school and onto the parking lot when they walked into Max, Michael and Isabel.

"Hey" Liz said.

"Hey, what's happening" Max said.

"We are going over to Maria´s" Alex said and walked over to the jeep.

"Ok, we will come" Max said and walked over to Michael´s car.

"Fine" Liz said and got into the jeep.

"Maria!" Liz called though the door.

"Maria, it's us open the door" Alex yelled.

"MARIA, I for one don't want to stand out here" Michael yelled.

"Can't you just open the door" Isabel said.

"Is Hank home?" Alex asked Liz.

"No, I don't see his car" Liz said looking over at the parking space.

"Ok, hold on" Alex said as he used his power and opened the door.

"Jesus, what happened here?" Isabel said looking in. Sure yesterday this place wasn't much but today it was worse, a lot worse.

"Oh god! MARIA!" Alex called out.

"Where is she?" Michael said.

"I will go look in her room, stay here!" Liz said as she walked towards Maria´s so called room.

"No, I will come with you" Michael said following Liz.

knock, knock!

"Maria" Liz said looking around her room. Then Maria jumped out of the closet and ran up to Michael and started hitting him.

"Get away from me, Hank, leave me alone!!!!" Maria yelled as she hit Michael in the chest.

"Maria" Liz yelled.

"Get out of here" Maria yelled as she continued hitting Michael.

"MARIA!!!! It's me Michael" He yelled.

"Oh god" was the only thing she could say. Maria stopped hitting Michael and slumped down on the ground.

"Maria you ok" Michael said as he sat down beside Maria. "How can she be ok, What did Hank do?" Liz said angry almost yelling. No one was alowed to hurt her family. "Leave" Maria said. She was about to cry and she didn´t want them to see it.

"No" Liz said angry. "Leave and take the humans with you, this is my problem" Maria said angry as she looked Liz in the eyes.

"Maria....." Alex said. He and the others had come in when the yelling started.

"LEAVE" Maria roared.

"Maria, I for one will not leave" Michael said angry, why couldn't she allow someone to help her?

"Michael, this has nothing to do with you" Maria said. "Wrong Maria, I am your friend" Michael said looking down at Maria.

"Thanks and goodbye" Maria said sarcastically.

"Maria come with us"

"No, if I leave I leave for good" Maria said.

"Good" Alex said.

"I mean out of Roswell" Maria said angry.

"You can't do that, what about Me and Liz" Alex said scared.

"Just go home ok?" Maria said angry.

"No" Alex yelled.

"Hank, will be home soon and I will get in more trouble if you are here" Maria said as she rose from the floor. "Maria please! you have a chance here to get away from Hank, would it kill you to ask for help?" Alex said getting more angry.

"Yeah, Alex it would, now leave" Maria snapped back. "Fine, you win" Liz said and left the room. The rest of the group followed her. Well out of the trailer Alex said: "What! Your going to leave it at that?"

"Alex trust me, she has to learn this on her on" Liz said looking towards the trailer.

"I am going to go home, I suggest you all do that. Alex, get in now, I can't argue with you too, we will talk about this at home" Liz said angry, this was just too much. "Whatever" Alex said as he got into the jeep.

"Michael are you coming?" Isabel said as she got into the car.

"Yeah" said Michael as he got into the car. They all drove away from the trailer not knowing what was going to happen.

Michael stepped out of the shower and put his sweatpants on and walked out of the bathroom.

"Goodnight mom!" he called out.

"Goodnight honey, sleep tight" she called back. Michael walked in to his room. The sight that meet him was one of his worst nightmares. Maria was by the window all wet and beaten.

"Oh good Maria, what happened?" He said as he walked over to her and started drying her with one of his shirts that he found on the floor.

"it's ok, I don't get sick remember" Maria said sarcastically.

"lets get you out of those clothes anyway, here put this on" Michael pulled out an old sweater and threw it at Maria. Maria raised an eyebrow and said:

"What only this"

"It's as big as a dress for you" Michael said smiling.

"Ok, where is the bathroom?" Maria said walking towards the door.

"Can't go there, my mom will see you" Michael said smiling.

"Then what do you suggest?" Maria wondered with a smile.

"Change here, I will turn around" Michael said. "Promise?" Maria said and looking at Michael in the eyes. "Promise" Michael said and did a crossing motion at the heart.

"Turn around" Maria said.

"See I am turning" Michael said as he turned around. "Hold on....ok, finished" Maria said and Michael turned around to she her there in only his shirt.

"Maria why did you come here?" Michael said trying to change the subject.

"I don't want to talk about it" Maria said as her face turned to anger.

"Why? please tell me did he hurt you again?" Michael said sadly.

"No" Maria said angry.

"Then why are you here?" Michael asked.

"For help" Maria whispered almost that Michael didn't here it.

"What?" Michael said.

"For help, shit. I know it was a mistake to come here" Maria started to cry and walked towards the window. "Maria wait! Come here" Michael said taking Maria in his arms.

"hey, it's ok" he whispered into her ear.

"How is it ok, I had Hank and now I don't even have that, I am alone" Maria said crying.

"Maria you are not alone you have Me, Liz, Alex, Isabel and Max. We all care about you." Michael said.

"And now I fucked that up to" Maria said sarcastically. "No you still have us" Maria started crying even harder. Michael walked Maria to his bed and motion her to lie down. Maria cradled up at Michael's pillow and Michael lied down beside her holding her really hard and comforting her.

"hey, it's going to be ok" he whispered into her ear as he did a stroking pattern on her arm.

"Oh my good" Amy yelled shocked. It wasn't everyday you find you son in bed with a girl.

"Get out of this bed now" She yelled as she dragged Michael out of bed.

"Mom calm down" He said as he ran his fingers though his hair.

"Michael kitchen now and your girlfriend to" She said and walked into the kitchen with Michael and Maria behind her. When she turned around the sight terrified her.

"Oh my God, honey what happened to you?" she said and walked over to Maria.

"Mom this is Maria she had trouble at home so she slept here ok" Michael said taking a hold of Maria´s hand.

"No, not ok, you should have asked me and she could have slept on the couch not in your bed" Amy said angry. "Ok, can she sleep here then on the COUCH?" Michael pleaded to his mom.

"Let's talk to the sheriff first" Amy said and walked to her room and started to change.

"No, Michael not the sheriff please" Maria said as soon as Amy left the room.

"Maria I will be there with you and you have to do this if you are going to leave Hank" Michael said as he hugged Maria.

"I can't" Maria said almost crying.

"Yes you can and you will" Michael said in a commanding voice.

"Fine, but only if you are there" Maria said looking up at Michael.

"I promise" Michael said smiling.

"So Maria you want to leave Hank because he beats you" The sheriff said looking towards the little girl in Michael's arms.

"yeah, I do" She said almost whispering.

"Do you want to press charges?" The sheriff wondered. "No, I just want to leave" She said looking up Michael. "Ok, I will talk to a social-worker and they will find you a new foster home" The sheriff said. Maria stiffened at those words and Michael felt it. He looked down at her and saw the scared little girl in his arms.

"No, new family, that means I have to leave Roswell and I have decided that I want to stay" Maria said trying to be brave, she didn't wa

nt to leave Liz, Alex and the others especially Michael. "But Maria what are you going to do" The sheriff said.

"I want to live on my own" She said looking at the sheriff. "I see what I can do" The sheriff said smiling.

"Thanks" said Michael.

"But you have to live with a family till this is resolved" the sheriff said as he looked over at Amy.

"No, please" Maria said taking a stronger hold of Michael. "Maria it's ok, you can stay with us, right mom?" Michael said looking over at Amy.

"Right, but on the COUCH!" She said looking back.

"Yes mom, can we go now sheriff?" Michael said. He wanted to get Maria out of there as soon as possible. "Yes, but Amy stay here we have to talk and you have to sign some papers" The sheriff said smiling at Amy.

"Bye mom" Michael called out as they walked towards the door.

"Do not go over to Hank's ok" Amy called back.

"Yes mom, we thought that we would go to the Crashdown" Michael said looking at her.

"Have fun and be home at curfew, ok?" she said.

"Yes mom bye, bye sheriff" Michael said as they walked out of the sheriff's office.

"Bye" He called back.

"Hey" Maria called out as she and Michael entered the Crashdown.

"Maria, where were you?" Liz said as she and Alex rose from their booth.

"She was with me" Michael said.

"You! Why?" Alex said almost yelling of surprise.

"I stayed with Michael and that is my new foster-home until I can live on my own." Maria said looking at Michael with a smile.

"oh.......ok she lives with you Michael?" Liz said sad. She wanted to be the person Maria would come to not Michael.

"Liz I am sorry but I couldn't go to you with this" Maria said as she saw the look Liz was giving her.

"I am just glad you went to someone" Liz said as she hugged Maria.

"Me to" Maria said as she sat down. Alex and Liz sat down whit her.

"So what can I get you?" Max said as he walked up to the table.

"Three cherry-cokes" Liz said.

"Coming right up" Max said as he and Michael walked behind the counter.

"So Michael, Maria?" Max said with a grin.

"Not you too, look it is not like that" Michael said giving a # no you don't # face.

"Ok " Max said and walked away.

"Hank stop it" Maria yelled.

"You little hore" Hank yelled as he slapped her across her face.

"Fuck you Hank" Maria snapped back. Hank hit Maria and she fell down unconscious. Maria bolted out of the bed and walked around the Deluca living room like a caged animal. *Calm down Maria it was a dream. He can't hurt you anymore. I need to think. Breath...breath. I have to get out of here* Maria walked out to the front door and took her jacket.

"And where do you think you are going?" a voice from the staircase said. Maria turned around and said: "Michael, go back to bed. I am going for a walk ok?" "No, you are not going anywhere!" Michael said and walked towards her and stood in front of the door so that Maria couldn't walk out.

"Michael I have to think ok" Maria pleaded. She had to get out of there she was about to lose it.

"No, Maria! talk to me, I want to help" Michael yelled to her face.

"You can't" Maria whispered as a single tear strolled down her face.

"Yes I can, you have to trust me" Michael said as he took her hand.

"I have to go" Maria said as she walked towards the door. "No Maria you are staying" Michael said as he stood in front of the door.

"Michael please let me out" Maria said.

"No, you are going to talk to me" Michael said almost yelled.

"Michael I.......oh god" Maria snapped or rather something in her did. She collapsed into Michael's arms and cried.

"hey, it's ok" Michael said as he ran his fingers though her hair.

"No, it's not ok" She said into his chest.

"Ok, lets go to my room and talk" Michael took her hand and led her up the stairs.

"Ok" she said.

"What no arguements?" Michael said as he looked at Maria in a weird way. It was the first time she didn't argue with him.

"No" she said smiling though her tears. Maria held Michael's hand hard when he led her to his bedroom. Amy closed her door with a smile on her face. *Maybe Michael can help her* She was glad that her son could help this girl. Inside in Michael's room Maria was on his bed crying in Michael's arms.

"It's going to be ok" he whispered into Maria´s ear. "Yeah, I hope so" Maria said crying into Michael's chest.

The end or is it ?

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