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Part 6
by Gwen
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, I wish I did, but I don't, everything belongs to the WB.
Summary: A follow up to my story The Light. Takes place 10 years from the end of their senior year. Maria remembers everything that happened in their senior year and reflects on it.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: There are some holes in the story, I know, but all my stories interconnect, so don't worry about that. Please respond to my story, its kind of annoying when you write something, and no one writes anything back about it. Enjoy!
Many years ago...

It was a party. It was a gigantic room with lights hanging from the ceiling that flashed red and blue. There were long, streamers that glanced around the room, and a huge poster strung atop the ceiling that said: Happy Wedding Day. There was odd music flowing from the room and people were dancing up and down the room. Maria looked around and found herself standing on the side, with her crutches and her skinny tank top and pajama pants with clouds all over them. She looked to her left and Michael was there in a gray t-shirt and jeans, and Tess on her right with her hair up in a bun and her blue silk pajamas.

"Looks like we are underdressed," Michael said looking around, commenting on the fancy clothes everyone else had on.

"Yeah what's going on, where are we, and why does no one else notice us?" Tess asked.

"It's a wedding," Maria said pointing to the banner. "Who's?"

"Whom's," Michael said.

"That's not a word Michael," Maria said rolling her eyes. "It's like a castle," Maria said. There were giant beams in the top of the ceiling and the entire room looked as if it was metal painted white.

"It's like we're dream walking," Michael said. "Is this home?"

"I think, in Maria's dream," Tess said.

"How does she know anything about where we come from?" Michael demanded.

"Tess, I think a better question, is when are we?" Maria asked.

"Who's wedding is this?" Michael asked.

"That's you, Maria!" Tess yelled pointing to the singer on the stage.

"Oh my god, it is," Maria said. "What the hell am I doing, singing in the past, as a singer at someone's wedding?"

"Not someone's, Tess and Max," Michael said pointing to two people who looked like Tess and Max.

"Ava and Zan," Tess corrected. "This doesn't make any sense," she said.

"Can anybody see us? Maybe we could go up to them, and see what they are saying?" Maria offered.

Michael picked up a small wooden stick from the floor and prepared to throw it at someone.

"Michael don't! You could change the whole future," Tess said quickly.

"No, we can't this is all a dream, a dream of what everything used to be," Maria said. "Go ahead and throw it. Damn, I look bad in red," Maria said.

"No you don't," Tess said. "I look really bad in white," she said.

Michael ignored the two and threw the stick. It landed in someone's glass and something red flew all over them. They spun around and looked in Michael's direction that was sticking his tong at them. "I did it, it was me!" he yelled.

"What was that?" a woman asked them.

"I don't know, it came from over there," the person said.

"Guess not," Maria said. "This is all very confusing."

"Yeah," Tess said nodding. "Since no one can see us, maybe we should go listen to Ava and Zan talk," she offered and the three rushed over towards the two.

"So, how does it feel," Zan questioned.

"I guess, I like you," she said shrugging. "You're nice, and your in charge of everything, but it's a merger," Ava said shrugging.

"Yes, arranged marriages aren't as fun as the pictures make them out to be."

"It's a golden age," Ava said. "Everything will be fine. Everything is perfect," she said and kissed him.

"Get a room!" Michael yelled. Maria and Tess giggled.

"Do you think Liz would have a heart attack, if she saw this?" Maria asked.

"Liz, what about Kyle?" Michael cried.

Tess smacked him on the back of the head, "At least they liked each other, sort of," she added.

"Is that how you feel about Max?" Michael asked.

"Yes," Tess said. "He's a good husband."

"Let's go find me," Michael said.

"And find out, why am I here," Maria added. "So much to see," she added and began to walk over towards the stage, Michael and Tess quickly followed. The other Maria was walking off the stage and towards a man who was turned around not paying attention to anything.

"Weird," Tess said.

"A-hem!" the other Maria said clearing her throat the man spun around.

"It's me, I mean Rath!" Michael yelled. "This is all getting very strange."

"Weird," Tess repeated.

"I think it just officially got totally strange," Maria said.

"Why?" Michael asked.

"Well that's Kyle, dancing with Vilandra/Isabel and that would be Liz and Alex over there talking," Maria said grinning.

"Must you always let yourself get roped into singing?" Rath questioned.

"Yes," the other Maria said rolling her eyes. "You know, if you want to leave," she said pausing waiting for him to finish.

"I can't, he's my best friend, and my boss, if I leave early, I'm never going to hear the end of it," Rath snapped.

"Make up an excuse, say you're sick," Maria said rolling her eyes.

"Liz keeps winking at Max," Tess said trying to keep it together.

"And you keep winking at Alex," Maria pointed out. Then the room became full of dots and in an instant they were standing some place else.

Isabel, Vilandra was sitting on a desk, filling her nails with something sharp.

"Go figure," Michael said.

"Don't you have something to do?" Zan/Max demanded walked up to her.

"I am doing something," Isabel/Lonnie snapped. "Don't you have wars to start, people to kill?" she mocked.

"I have a job, unlike some people," Zan/Max snapped.

"Hey, I have a job, see, I'm doing something right now!" Isabel/Lonnie yelled at him as he slammed a door. "Moron," she muttered.

"That's Isabel," Michael agreed.

"Ohh, Rath, you're late, he's gonna kill you," Isabel teased looking at Michael.

"What?" Michael demanded.

"She thinks you're Rath, "Tess whispered into his ear.

"How come she can see me now?" Michael demanded.

"You'd better haul your ass into that room, or Zan'll kill you," she said laughing. "You too," Isabel/Lonnie said pointing to Maria.

"This isn't fair," Michael muttered as the three of them wandered into the room Max had gone into a moment ago.

"Why can't they see me yet?" Tess asked.

"Maybe cause you haven't entered into the story yet," Maria offered.

"Good point," Michael said and looked down. He was wearing what looked like a suit. He had a blue coaler shirt on with a white t-shirt on underneath. Maria had on a long blue dress and was holding a pen and pencil.

"Okay, now this is becoming pointless," Tess said.

"Nice of you two to join us," Max/Zan snapped.

"Nice to see you too Max," Maria muttered.


"Whom?" Maria corrected.

Max/Zan glared at her for a moment and then pointed to a chair. Maria giggled. "A-hem!" he snapped.

"Sorry, your majesty," she said trying not to laugh. However Michael was snickering loudly.

"And Rath, it was wonderful of you to remember, we had a meeting with Kivar today, remember him, and our war by chance?" Max/Zan snapped.

"What's your problem?" Maria demanded looking rather annoyed with him.

"We're in a war, I don't exactly have time to be nice," Max/Zan said not turning to face her.

"Well it takes five muscles to smile, and sixteen to frown," Maria pointed out quietly.

"What?" Max/Zan yelled.

"Shut up!" Tess hissed in her ear.

"Right," Maria said nodding.

"Uh," Michael said.

"Speechless?" Max/Zan demanded.

"No, I just don't have a clue of what is going on," Michael said grinning.

"Smooth," Maria, said laughing.

"Gabriella!" Zan/Max snapped.

"So you've got a name," Tess said smiling.

"Always good to know," Maria agreed. "Shouldn't we be like meeting?"

"Yes, but uh, my very, very smart inferior, we are having a small problem, Kivar hasn't shown up yet!" Max/Zan yelled.

"Right, I'll be right back," Tess said quickly running out of the room.

"Right," Maria said.

Tess scanned the room where Isabel/Vilandra had been filling her nails a moment ago. Isabel/Vilandra was still sitting atop the desk, but she wasn't filling her nails. She was kissing a man, with spiky blond hair and green eyes. "Kyle!" she screeched.

"Kyle!" Maria and Michael's heads whipped around and they saw the doors swing open and Tess rush in.

"What was that?" Max/Zan asked.

"Isabel, Vilandra, whatever! Is out there necking with Kyle!" she screamed.

"What!" Maria yelled.

"I would also like to know what it is," Zan/Max said. "Rath, go check." But before Michael could move, Kyle came strutting in.

"No lipstick, he's good," Maria muttered.

"Excuse me?" Kyle questioned.

"Nothing," Maria said smiling.

"Kivar, we've been waiting," Max/Zan said. "Kivar!" Maria yelled.

"Are you drunk?" Max/Zan hissed.

"Maybe," Maria said. "Kivar," she cried to Tess.

"You know, it would explain his weird behavior," Tess said. "Kyle, that is."

"You're right," Michael said. "Yes, she is, this is Kivar, very good everyone, have a seat please, and we can begin negotiations," Max/Zan said.

Maria tugged on Michael's shoulder and then said, "Maybe when we talk to Tess, we should make it not look like we are talking to the wall?" Maria offered.

"She has a very good point," Tess agreed.

"Right, that's a good, idea, M-, Gabriella." Michael said.

"Are you two quiet finished?" Max/Zan demanded. Maria and Michael nodded. "Lonnie, get in here!" he yelled.

Maria looked at the note pad on her hands, and began to scribble a note out to Tess, it read: Maybe we are over reacting, I mean look; Alex and Liz were here too. They have no connection neither does Kyle. Maybe our imaginations are just picking them out and placing them in rolls? ~Maria~ "Yeah," Tess said, nodding after a moment. "You're right," she said. "We can fill Michael in later."

Maria ripped the note off of the pad and shoved it into Tess's hand. Who crammed it into her pocket. Isabel/Vilandra came in.

"Nice of you two join us," Max/Zan snapped.

"I don't see you calling your wife in here!" Isabel/Vilandra hissed.

"Well, you're about to be wed to Rath, so don't even begin this with me," Max/Zan yelled at her.

"Arranged," Isabel/Vilandra pointed out. "I have no feelings for Rath what so ever."

"Good to know," Michael said breaking up the fight.

"Right, is this beautiful lady, going to be yelled at all day, or can we negotiate?" Kyle/Kivar demanded.

Isabel/Vilandra grinned, "Of course."

"Okay, okay, okay," Michael said. "Let's stop the fighting, so we can all get back to normal."

"I'm afraid, it's not that easy, now I see why Max won the election, and you didn't," Kyle/Kivar snapped.

"Shower, rinse, repeat, you ever heard of that?" Maria demanded. " You have serious," Maria said but caught Tess glaring at her. Then the room became full of dots again and images flashed along with sounds. The crackle of a gun, the blare of an engine, a scream, someone lying dead, a casket closing, and then they were brought to a room, where the royal four stood and Maria was on the side watching everything.

"She's dead," Michael whispered. "She's dead, because of you," he said staring into Kyle/Kivar's eyes, and Nicholas was there too. "She's gone! You've killed so many innocent people, how many are left to die. You killed Libby, Zan's mistress; you killed Alex, Ava's boyfriend. And Gabriella lays dead in the ground. How may left Kivar?"

"What?" Maria demanded.

"Mistress!" Tess yelled. She sounded more amused than shocked, Michael however was swept away the moment.

"Silence!" Nicholas snapped from behind them.

"No, never, I'm done being quiet," Michael yelled.

"No," Nicholas replied holding up his hand, "I don't think you are." A blast of light flew from it, and in a moment, before he could react, Michael was dead.

Tess gasped, while Maria was frozen in her tracks.

"And now for our enemy," Nicholas said and in a moment Tess fell.

"Stop!" Max/Zan yelled. "Is it the granolith you want, cause I can give it to you," he offered.

"No, silly," Isabel/Vilandra said walking over towards Kivar. "We already have the granolith, all we need is you dead," she said smiling.

"DeLuca!" a voice called. "DeLuca!" it cried again getting louder.

Maria's head snapped up. "Maria? Get up, it's time for school," Kyle said peaking into her room.

"Thanks," Maria said nodding. She looked around the room. Tess and Michael were asleep on the floor. "I'll be up in about 10 minutes," she said grinning.

"No problem," Kyle said shrugging. He closed the door behind him.

"Was it all just a dream?" Maria asked herself aloud. She looked down and then whispered into Tess's ear, "Hello?"

"I don't want to be dead, ugh, Maria!" Tess cried.

"Guess it wasn't just a dream," Maria said. "What do you think we should do with Michael?"

"I think that we should wake him up, and drag him to school," Tess the said. "The ultimate torture."

Maria laughed. "What do we do about everything else?" she asked stepping off of the bed. She let a small gasp escape from her mouth.

"Nice Maria, did you forget that your ankle was broken?" Tess asked.

"It's not, it's fine," she said shocked.

"I'm up!" Michael yelled quickly.

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