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Part 1
by Gwen
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, I wish I did, but I don't, everything belongs to the WB.
Summary: A follow up to my story The Light. Takes place 10 years from the end of their senior year. Maria remembers everything that happened in their senior year and reflects on it.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: There are some holes in the story, I know, but all my stories interconnect, so don't worry about that. Please respond to my story, its kind of annoying when you write something, and no one writes anything back about it. Enjoy!
t had been 10 years. 10 years. 10 years had been a lifetime. A lot had happened in 10 years. All they had left of Roswell was memories. 10 years didn't sound like a lot to most people. But 10 years had been enough to forget how to move around Roswell, and yet in 10 years Maria could still remember every second of the final two months she had lived there.

Her heart was beating fast her husband pulled into a parking space across from the Crashdown. She looked in the back where all six of her children were still sleeping silently.

She almost banged her head against the seat when she looked in. They weren't expecting her they weren't expecting anyone. Why would they? Maria and Michael had left with out warning. Maria could barely remember anything about Roswell, how was it that she had lived there most of her life? Of course she could remember where the Crashdown was, she had almost lived there during her time in Roswell, and of course now, she was back. She didn't know why, just a thought of, maybe, to see what it was like.

"I'm sure they'll be happy to see us," Michael said turning to look at her. Maria smiled warmly; he always knew what she was thinking, always. "But they can't be happy to see us, unless we get out of the car," he said grinning.

"Right, what about them?" she asked pointing to the kids in the back seat.

Michael pulled a small black remote out of his hand, he pulled himself out of the car, and Maria followed, the two slammed their doors shut and Michael pressed a bright blue button and the car locked itself and the alarm system activated. "They'll be fine."

"Right, but what if," Maria began but Michael grabbed her hand and yanked her inside to the café.

As the bells on the door jingled Liz Parker and Max Evans swung their head around.

"Customers!" Max cried excitedly, as if he'd never seen one. "It's been a slow day."

"I noticed, but it's been nice, eating in piece," Alex said grinning. "Put lunch on my tab."

"Oh no you don't," Liz warned, "Isabel do something!"

"Swing your hair back it's all messed up," a male voice said. "What, don't look at me like that!"

The woman laughed, "I don't see anyone, lets go," she said spinning around.

"Can I help you?" Liz asked coming up to them. Michael smirked with pride, "Yes, I'm looking for Liz and Max Evans."

Everyone except Michael and Maria giggled. "I'd be Mr. Evans, wife, but its still Liz Parker," Liz said smiling. Maria giggled.

"You knew!" Michael yelled turning around. "No, of course not," Maria said giggling.

"Excuse me," Kyle said walking by, a cowboy hat on his head and high cowboy boots on his feet. "Can I get some lunch around here?"

"God your bossy," Tess snapped.

"Yes," Max said rolling his eyes, "you can have some lunch."

"And, uh, just put this on our tab," Isabel said pointing to two plates.

"I don't think so!" Max snapped grabbing her arm. "You're paying."

"Maria! Stop laughing at me!" Michael yelled.

"I'm laughing with you," Maria said still giggling very hard.

"Don't start this crap with me," he warned.

"Uh, excuse me," Isabel said standing up. "What did you say her name was?"

"Maria," Michael said shrugging. "Why?"

Maria tugged on Michael's shoulder like a little kid, and whispered into his ear, "That's Isabel."

"Oh hi!" Michael cried. "Izzy how are you?"

"And you are?" Isabel questioned staring at him.

"Oh, I guess not, they don't know us, so lets go," Maria said spinning around again.

"Oh no you don't," Michael warned, he grabbed the back of Maria's long leather coat. "We're staying here, until we find Mr. Evans, and Mrs. Parker." "Uh, I know we aren't the usual owners, but my parents are out and they'll be back soon," Liz said shrugging. Maria turned around and looked at Liz, she wasn't taller, her hair was short, and it swirled around her head, like cotton candy. Her face looked the same, only mature, very mature, and she had bright red lipstick on.

"Uh, who is this?" Liz finally questioned after a moment.

"We're the Guerins," Michael said grinning like a little kid.

"Making you?" Tess said still clueless to everything.

"Maria," Michael said pointing to her, "and Michael," he said pointing to him self. "Good, now it's 12:23, where are your children?" Maria questioned.

"Shut up," Michael snapped.

"Maria, and Michael!" Liz screamed. "What are you doing here?"

"Nice to see you too," Michael said rolling his eyes.

Liz ignored him. Her eyes focused on Maria who was avoiding her gaze. She wouldn't of recognized Maria if it hadn't been for Michael. Her hair was long, tied up tight in a bun, her face looked similar to Maria, but like a distant cousin, she had brilliant blue eyes, that had a twinkle in them, and she had gloss on her lips and a look to her face like she was thinking. She was taller and had a long leather coat on and a tank top on under it, and a small bright red skirt. "You always were daring with your clothes."

"Oh, you're a fine one to talk with bright red lipstick. What happened, Max didn't change you that much, is it that bad, you have to resort to a bad make-up job?" Maria snapped, but Liz could hear in her voice she wasn't serious.

"Hey, you know I'm sitting right here!" Max yelled. Liz and Maria ignored him.

Liz rushed over to Maria and hugged her. Maria laughed and wrapped her arms around Liz.

"This is so corny," they said at the same time.

"You and I are going shopping later," Liz said.

"And I'm buying you new make-up, and a new hair style, hello? 9-1-1, the 90's are long over," Maria teased.

"Deal," Liz whispered. "I missed," she began.

"Don't start with this boo-hoo, crap, I'm not into it," Maria said and she and Liz pulled apart. Maria wiped her eyes. "Okay, so how's everyone else?"

"Liz I've been telling you for years, it looks bad, and now you listen to Maria? Nice," Tess said sarcastically. Maria laughed and smiled. She looked at the Crashdown and everything else. She smiled and began to remember.

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