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"Stars 3: Tess Harding"
Part 3
by Lioness
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My life. I never had a life. No, I did, I had a life. But it wasn't my life for sixteen years I lived the life of someone I didn't know. For sixteen years Tess Harding was not a person. She was this thing that didn't mean anything to anyone.

Then we moved to Roswell, New Mexico. I don't know if Nasedo assumed that they would have never just stayed in Roswell or what. When we came out of the pods we were only children. Even he knew that. But still, we moved from place to place until we came to Roswell.

Where I met Max Evans for the first time. I knew him in my mind, in the bits and pieces of memories that Nasedo gave me, but he wasn't what I thought he was. I thought he was in love with me.

But still, things went on, and I learned to accept this. Until one night. He kissed me in the park. He told me that things were over with he and Liz. When he said that he wanted for us to be together, I thought I was the rebound girl. And maybe for a while I was the rebound girl, but after a couple of months Max actually began to enjoy my company.

Then one day he fell in love with me.

But that was not all I could think about. Nasedo died, and then soon after, the Skins began to take the lives of innocent humans.

Then things got very hard. The government took Michael. We had to go in after him. Only Michael knew how to get past the system, and, well he wasn't much help. So, we used my power to make things look as if nothing was happening and had a nice guard let Max in. Michael was in a white room. Max couldn't handle that with his experiences there. He was absolutely no help. So Isabel and I went in. We got him out of there.

Michael spent three months in that place. He never talks about it. He never brings it up. I think he told Isabel, but I don't know. Isabel knew she loved him while he was gone...soon after he realized his destiny was with her.

Then hell came to Earth. The Skins became the enemy of human and alien alike. Max, Michael, Isabel, and I went to war.

Isabel died. Only the four of us knew. But she died on the battle field. Michael brought her back. He discovered that he had the power to kill, but the power to life was in his hands as well.

We realized then that we needed help. And then, as if on cue, four angels came to our rescue. David, Paul, Serena, and Kendra.

David was strange, with a strange way about him. He always knew what to say when, though. I never knew how he did that.

Paul was the exact opposite of David. He was reckless and temperamental.

Serena was a beautiful spirit who didn't deserve to be on the battle field. She was quiet, and held great powers, more powerful then anyone else.

Kendra was bubbly. That's the only way I can describe her. She was the eternal optimist. She was so in love with David. The two of them, seemed to different on the outside, but they were so in love. Even Max and I didn't have that. Max and I would never have that.

After a long while we got a break in the war. It was like a resting period. And it was a good thing since Isabel had her first and only child, Thommy.

Then on the same day, Isabel, Michael, Max, and I had a double wedding. I can remember the look on Max's mother's face when she saw me in the second-hand wedding dress I had gotten. It was this mixture of sadness and absolute horror. I don't know what she expected, but I knew that she never expected me to marry her son. Even if her son was an alien. Even if I was an alien.

She was so proud of Isabel. Like everyday for the first sixteen years of my life, I felt like the extra that was just there because I "was part of it". I'd fought in battle. I watched her daughter die and then be brought back to life. It wasn't fair. And I never expected it to be. I knew that life wasn't fair.

About a year after the wedding Sheriff Valenti died in the war. We told him, pleaded with him, not to fight in the war, but he insisted. He told us that it was his duty and no one was going to stop him. Well, a Skin stopped him. I will respect that man until I die.

Not long after Valenti died I became pregnant. I was twenty-one years old. I hadn't been married for four months and I was going to have a baby. But still, I went into battle. Isabel had, and so would I. I never realized until then that Isabel was so much stronger than I was. I was struck by a Skin. It wasn't enough to kill me, obviously, but it hurt me, and the baby I was carrying.

I went back to Roswell and stayed until my baby was born. I named her Elizabeth. I figured that someone deserved the name Liz Evans. I stole that right from someone who would probably treat the honor with more love than I could ever supply.

Lizzy, Thommy, Alex, Maria, and Liz lived in the apartment above the old Crashdown. They were the only ones I trusted with my child outside of myself and Max. And we went back to battle.

This was the hardest part of the war. Not only were we in the most intense part of the war we ever fought, but I spent my time thinking about my daughter in Roswell. We were in Colorado during this part of the war.

We came back and spent a week in Roswell. Max and I spent time with Lizzy. I doubt she remembers that time, but I'll never forget it. Max told me that he loved me. I knew he did, but the look on his face when he said was like for the moment I was the one person in his life and there was no one else, and there never would be anyone else. By the next day that changed back to the way things were, but that will be one time I will never forget.

Isabel became pregnant again, but her child died. I wasn't there for it, and I'm glad. I don't think I could have ever dealt with that.

One night between battles, a Skin came to us. She had golden locks, the were dirty and looked to have sheared off. It was Courtney. She was dying. We had struck her and she was dying. It wasn't as if we hadn't killed Skins before, but we killed Courtney. Someone we knew. It wasn't a trap or a trick. She died at our camp. We buried her outside the battlegrounds. It was the least we could do.

Finally the war ended. We won. With much amazement, we won the war. We went back to Roswell, victorious.

About two months after the war, Max, Lizzy, and I moved to Texas. It was Max's idea. I think he realized that he needed to be away from Liz, without forgetting about her. I had another baby, and I named him Alexander Parker. Alex deserved it, considering he was the second father to Lizzy. And Liz Parker deserved everything from me.

Michael and Isabel stayed in Roswell. They lived there with Thommy and their adopted son Caleb. We visited them often.

One night Max awoke with a dream. He knew that they were coming. He woke me up and told me to pack. We were going to Roswell for one last time. To see Liz.

We drove all day to Roswell, and then that night Michael, Isabel, Liz, Max and I cried. Isabel felt pain; she had to part with Caleb. Liz, and her by that point husband Kyle Valenti, adopted him. I knew that had to ease her pain. At least some.

And the next day, we left. Now we live where we belong. It wasn't an easy adjustment, but we still live. And we still love. And even when Max still loves Liz, from millions of light years away, I know he loves me. And that's something I can live with.

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