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"Somewhere Between Human and Alien"
"A Lost Scene From "Disturbing Behavior""
Part 3
by Vlada
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of "Roswell."
Summary: Kyle and Tess adjust to their new lives.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Before the scene in which Kyle and Tess walk in on Valenti building
I decided I need a change. If I can't have peace of mind, then I shall have this. A new look. A new me. Maybe this is what it will take for him to notice me. It's a crazy thought. I know this as I raised my hand to my hair and begin to try different styles. It's all so YM magazine like. There's no way I'd be caught taking a quiz called "Does he really like you or just like you?" though.

I'm trembling. I breathe in and exhale repeatedly, trying to calm my nerves. This is all so silly. I've gone mad. Imagine, getting nervous about a new hairstyle. It's a major decision though. It sounds ridiculous, and it is, but it's something I've never done to myself. I had never changed myself for a guy, never put the restraints or expectations of pleasing a guy on myself. I've never cared about such stuff, let alone someone. I wasn't brought up this way, to be vulnerable and self-conscious. I'd never done anything for a guy before, except for Max, but he's different. He was my husband, I know that, but I don't remember loving him. And I certainly don't remember him being "someone." But now I do care about someone and it makes me want to do this.

Kyle is special. No one has ever made me feel this way. Not Max. No one. No one's ever made me want to change my hairstyle, let alone given me butterflies, which feel like the stomach flu. When he looks at me, I feel warm inside and my body floats like snow. When he touches me, I feel safe like no alien or human could ever hurt me. I survey my work in the bathroom mirror. I have to wipe away the fog from my hot shower first. I am most definitely the person in this family to hold the longest bath time record. That feels so amazing to say. This family... I smile to myself as I look in the mirror.

I don't recognize myself, and not because of the new hair due. Who is this person? Who is this straight-haired, lovesick gal? I'm no longer Tess Harding, the fourth alien and bringer of doom. I'm Tess, with a soft sound on the end. I'm Tess, part of a family with friends and a brother. I'm Tess, the sister. And yes, of course there's Tess the maid, cook, and housekeeper. Men.

I sigh. This will never work, I think, combing my hair. How could I be so stupid andgirly? A new look, no matter how hormonally driven Kyle is, won't make him forget what I am. I'm a freaky alien from another planet. He'll never let that live down. He'll never stop being afraid of me in some strange you're-out-of-this-world way.

There's a knock at the door followed by loud yelling. "Tess, I gotta pee. Get out!"

"You're such a romantic, Kyle," I reply sarcastically.

"Oh, look, it is the east and Tess is the bathroom hogger," he mutters, pounding on the door.

"Nice, but you got it wrong."

"Get out!"

"Hold your horses." I take one last look at myself in the mirror.

"My horses are about to blow. God damn--," his words are cutoff as I swing open the door. "You did something to your hair."


"Wow." He reaches out and brushes his fingers through some strands. God, please don't stop, I beg. The look on his face is amazing. He's memorized. I'm memorized. We're both memorized.

" or wow, what the hell did you do?" I ask worriedly.

"," he answers smiling. "So how did you do it? Freaky alien power?"

This is exactly what's keeping us apart. This constant referring to aliens. I'm so much more than just an alien who has the ability to severely hurt him in his sleep. I wish he'd realize that. I part human just like he is. I could be his favorite sister, granted I'm the only one. I could be so much more too.

"No, it's called a straightner," I say holding up the piece of metal.

"Whoa, what the hell kinda of a contraption is that?" he asks in all seriousness, which scares me.

"You know, sometimes I think you're the alien. Do you not get out?" I ask incredulously.

"Not to the hair section of the supermarket, no, I don't."

"Here, I'll show you." I pick up the straightner, approaching his hair.

"Get away from me with that thing. No using weird powers. House rule number one," he says, backing away.

"Your hair is already straight. I just want to show you how it works. By the way, house rule number one is don't leave the toilet seat up."

"No thanks. Like you said, my hair is already straight."

"Baby." God, I love this.


"Half freak," I correct him, "and so are you."

He grimaces and I can't help smiling. He's so uncomfortable by the whole half-alien, half-human thing that his squirminess makes me pleased.

"Bathroom hogger," he says, pronouncing each syllable distinctly as if it's a crime. "And by the way, I have made a point of not leaving the toilet seat up."

"Only after I had to remind you a thousand times. Do you hear that?" It sounds like a sawing sound. For a minute, I get scared, but then I remember I'm in the Valenti house. Nothing bad could happen to me here, especially with Kyle. He wouldn't allow it and I am surely positive of it as he says, "Stay here."

He looks around the hallway before going out the front door. I follow him. Over protective brother or not, I do as I want.

"What is it?" I ask, standing besides him.

"I think it's coming from the garage," he replies, pointing to the door. He opens the garage door slightly and we both peek through the slip. Valenti is sawing away at some piece of wood. Inside, I surprise myself, feeling awful for what we've done to this family. "What is he doing? He looks strangely like an alien with that mask."

"Funny, you look strangely like an alien too," I say smiling sweetly. I get a glare in return as we go inside the garage.

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