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"Secrets "
Part 1
by Jamie Phelps
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Never have, never will but would like too.
Summary: Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabel all have to deal with the news of the pre-arranged destinies. They have been doing good, staying away from each other, until Isabel and Max began to feel a strange sense of power being used. The six friends must come together, along with Tess and Kyle to uncover the source of the power. They get a surprise of their life though, when they find out the power is from a fifth alien. An alien who is closer than anyone realizes.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first fiction I ever wrote. I wrote a sequel too it too called "The Journey". Please email and let me know your thoughts on this fiction. If you want me to submit the sequel (which continues the story), let me know that too. Thanks for reading my story if this makes it to the Crashdown site.
"Liz, I have waited for this moment my whole life." Max looked deep into Liz's eyes! There was no denying the feelings that they had for each other. "I knew you would see that we belong together. My destiny is YOU Liz, no one else, It's You."

Liz began to cry. Max reached a hand up to her face and slowly wiped away her tears. They embraced and both of them knew everything was going to be all right. Max brought his lips closer to hers. They were together finally. Nothing could stand in their way now. He leaned in and placed his lips on hers.

"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP." The alarm clock by Max's bed rang. Max set up. Where was Liz? Had he been dreaming? Everything had felt so real. He looked around his bedroom and remembered what was happening. The same dream seemed to haunt Max night after night since he and Liz broke up. That was 3 months ago; how come he was still dreaming that same dream? He swung his feet over the side of the bed and stood up. He stretched and walked into the bathroom.

"Look at you," he ordered as he looked in the mirror. "You need to get a hold of yourself!"

Max knew it was hopeless. The more he thought about Liz, the more he wanted her. The more he wanted her, the more depressed he became. Where had he failed? It had all started when Tess came to Roswell. Who did she think she was anyway coming into their lives talking about their destiny? Max thought a moment. Who was he kidding? The arrival of Tess had been a miracle to him. She had brought the knowledge of who they were, where they were from, and most importantly what their intended destiny was. Destiny, ha! Max thought. That was how they lived their previous lives. Max was determined he would not live that life over again. He loved Liz. Tess, who was his destiny, meant nothing to him. She had been trying to come between Liz and Max since her arrival, and it finally worked.

He finished brushing his teeth and walked back into his room. He walked over to the dresser, pulled out a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and got dressed. He had to find a way to get Liz back. His life was just unbearable without her. He heard a knock at his door.

"Max?" A small voiced called through the closed door. "Are you awake?"

He knew that voice. It was a voice that he wished would go away, but he knew that he could never turn it away.

"Yes, I'm up." Max said as he opened the door.

There in the hall stood Tess. She was wearing a baby blue jumper and had her hair all pulled up. There was no mistaking it. Tess was beautiful. If Max hadn't been so in love with Liz, he would have been happy to have Tess show up and say they were meant to be together.

"How are you doing today?" she asked. She knew the answer before he even said it. She always knew what his answers were before he said them.

"I'm doing better, but I miss Liz." He knew this hurt her. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Tess, too! If he continued hurting people there would be no one left to love him.

"I'm sorry, Tess." He said. "I just have my good and bad days, and today has not started off too good."

He invited her in and pulled out his computer chair for her to sit in. "It' s ok, Max. I know how you feel about Liz and I respect that. But listen, Liz is not part of your destiny. I am your destiny. Michael, Isabel, you and me all have a destiny we have to follow. Liz will just get in the way. We are supposed to save our planet. We don't have time for humans."

Max thought about what she had just said to him. Was it his destiny to be with her? She was cute and he was supposed to save his planet. But why did it hurt so much that Liz was out of his life?

"I." Max began.

Before he could say anything, Tess crawled out of her chair and over to his bed and leaned on the edge next to him. He could smell the perfume she was wearing. It was his favorite. Man, she knew how to push all the right buttons. She looked up into his face and put one hand on his cheek.

"Maxwell, I have loved you in the past, and I love you now." Tears began to form in her eyes. "I know you aren't ready for me yet, but I want you to know that I will wait on you. I know you've just hit a crossroad in the attempt to find your destiny, but in the end, you will see we are meant for each other."

Why did she have to cry? She looked so beautiful when she cried. He could feel her breathing on his skin. His head began to spin as her hand began moving up and down his cheek. He slowly raised his hand to her eye and wiped away a tear. Tess sat up on her knees. She was eye-level with Max. Slowly, she leaned in, placing her lips against his. Max kissed her back. What was he doing? This was Tess, not Liz. He loved Liz! But he realized that he wasn't pulling back from her. Tess pulled away first and looked deep into Max's eyes. She could tell that he had enjoyed the kiss. Maybe all the months of scheming and persistence had paid off. Her mouth ached to feel his lips on hers again, but she wasn't ready to push it.

"Um, Max, I'm sorry." Tess said meaningfully. "I just got carried up in the moment. When you touched my face."

Max cut her off. "There is no need to apologize. If anything it's my fault. You have been here for me throughout this whole breakup ordeal and now I'm trying to take advantage of you."

"No, Max. You're not!" Tess moved back over to the chair. "I wanted you to kiss me. I didn't intend for it to happen today, but I wanted it to happen."

Max looked at Tess. He knew exactly what she was trying to do. She was making it look as if the kiss had been all his idea. She was beginning to believe Max was falling for her. He knew he had to set her straight.

"Tess, look. I know you believe in all this destiny stuff, but I don't love you, nor do I want to be with you. Please, please don't make this any harder on us than it already is. I want us to be friends. I mean, come on, we're from the same planet and we're all we've got. I don't think it's such a good idea that we follow our destinies. What I need right now, Tess, is a friend." Max looked down. That is what he wanted, and would always want from Tess. He knew he could never feel anything more than friendship for her.

Tess's mind began to spin. Wasn't he the one who had just kissed her? Didn 't she have to pull away from him? Maybe she was kidding herself. Max did seem to be in love with Liz. They weren't raised knowing they had a destiny and had all met humans that they cared for. But what about her? She didn't have anyone if she didn't have Max.

"What if I agreed to be friends with you and see where things lead?" She asked, questioningly. "I mean, I want us to always be friends and if I keep wanting more than that, I know I will ultimately cause you to hate me. Could we be friends with that assumption?"

Max thought a moment. "I don't see why not, but please don't expect more than friendship. I don't want you to be disappointed."

But Tess was already disappointed. "I understand. We're friends. We won't discuss this destiny thing anymore, unless YOU want to."

Max knew he would have to watch himself with Tess. She could be very manipulative. He walked over to her and gave her a hug. "Thanks, Tess! I know you won't regret ever agreeing to this. Come on, let's go get Isabel up."

As Max and Tess headed for the door, Max felt a surge of power being used. He looked at Tess. "Did you feel that?"

"Feel what?"

"I could have sworn someone just used their powers. It wasn't you, or me, and I know it wasn't Michael or Isabel because I would have known it. It was a surge I've never felt before." Max looked at the floor, and then out the window, and back over to Tess. "You don't suppose there could be another one of us do you?"

"I don't know, Max, but I think it's time we get Isabel up and figure something out." Slowly Tess began shaking. "What if some evil aliens have came to Earth? We are going to need all the help we can get! Let's talk to Iz and then get the group together to discuss what happened."

The group. The group hadn't been a group since the day their true destiny had been revealed. Max wasn't sure if he was ready to be in the same room with Liz. He knew all his feelings would rush forward, but he knew Tess was right. They had to discuss what Max had felt. All of their lives could be in danger.

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