Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
Part 1
by Roswelissa
Disclaimer: Unfortunately none of the Roswell Characters belong to me except the children and the inhabitants of Antar.
Summary: Max returns home and is forced to marry Tess and have two children.
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Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This is my first fanfic so please be kind and send me feedback so I know how I did. (nice critisism please)
Quietly slipping out of bed trying desperately not to wake Tess, Max slips out of bed. "I hate sharing beds with her" Max thinks.

He walks out of the room and enters their son's, Matthew high prince of Antar's, room. He loved to just watch his children sleep. It relaxed him. He was told that when he left earth that he wouldn't remember anything from earth. They were wrong. Images of Liz flooded his mind everyday. He hurt. Every time he rolled over in bed and saw Tess lying next to him and not Liz, he hurt. Having Michael and Isabel was comforting. But they were hurting themselves. They left unexpectedly one night and had hardly enough time to say good-bye to everybody. He would never forget the look on Liz's face as he explained to her that Tess was pregnant, with his child, that he would have to live with Tess, and not her, for the rest of their lives. He went to little Terona's (Tabitha is her human name which Max insisted on giving to them as well as Antarian. Matthew's was Meron) room, their one year old daughter. He went by her crib and watched her sleep. He ordered her nanny to leave and took the bed she had been occupying. Max fell asleep and woke and hour later to a soft rustling of the crib. The nanny was changing her diaper. So Max reluctantly moved back to his own bed with Tess beside him and fell into a fitful sleep.

Tess immediately felt his absence but decided to let him go she'd go after him later. She rolled over in bed. Why didn't she remember life on earth? It would make things so much easier on everyone. It had been four years since they left earth. She didn't know for sure how long it had been. Tess was relieved when she felt him slip back into bed. She didn't bother to turn and face him he would just push her away. So she went on pretending like she was asleep.

The next morning at breakfast Max was in a daze from lack of sleep. He had a big open room conference today. (Which is when anyone who wishes to have a meeting with the King and Queen they may.) He hated those. In two weeks there would be a big ceremony because Tabitha (he insisted on calling them by their human names Tess agreed for some strange reason) would be able to join them since she was turning two. He still couldn't figure out why it was such a big deal.

" Max, what do you think about a pale blue dress to present her in?" Tess asked. (They still used their earth names at private meals and private activities.)

" I don't know Tess, she looks more like a pink or purple" responded Isabel noticing her brother's dazed look.

"You really think so Iz?" Tess asked again.

"All the other princesses of the other planets wore pale blue. She is the Princess of Antar she needs to make a statement." Isabel said smiling.

"All right, if you think so" Tess wrote it down and summoned the servant to take it to the seamstress.

" King Zan" Max's thoughts were interrupted.

"Yes" Max responded still not sure what was going on.

" It's time to get ready for Main Conference " said the servant quickly.

" Postpone it for an hour I think I feel like taking the prince and princess horseback riding on the grounds" said Max smiling " it's been a while since they last had."

Of course Max knew that this would entail Tess coming along too but he might as well get used to this. Tabby was still not allowed to ride on her own and since Matthew would be with him on his horse, Tess would need to take her. The kids were quickly readied and out they went on their horses. Of course accompanied with Isabel, Michael and the prince, Marc, and princess, Emily.

**** "Liz" "Liz, wake up." Liz woke up her eyes were wet again. She had been dreaming about Max again. When would these dreams stop? It was Maria trying to wake her.

"Alex has found something" Maria said in a hurried voice "quick get up and get downstairs." What had her insane friends gotten into today? They were always doing something funky. Liz hurried and went downstairs. And was whisked out the front door and into Maria's Jetta. They then sped off towards the desert. "Why are you guys kidnapping me this fine 7:00a.m on a Saturday morning?"

Alex pulled to the side of the road and smiled, "Alien stuff" and continued driving. Liz's heart skipped a beat. Had she heard right yes she had. She sat back in her seat and told herself to breath normally. They pulled to the side of the road. Alex got out of the car and walked down five paces, turned right four paces; turned left two paces and stomped.

"Alex what are you doing" Liz asked annoyed. Just then a small hatchdoor opened and the three climbed down in. This is so strange doing this without Max he had always been there to help him before. They walked into a big underground room. There was a huge circle in the middle. The three joined hands and stepped inside.


As Max walked the horses back into the stables he pulled Matthew of and held him tightly since he was asleep. Tess did the same with Tabby. They had to hurry they only had an hour till conference time. They bathed everybody and went to the conference room. Abby was in the nursery with "Nana" as she called her Nanny. Matthew was standing tall at his right and Tess to his left. Here goes another boring day as king. Thought Max. Immediately three people burst into the room at the hands of the guards. Max rolled his eyes in annoyance.

" Bring them forward." He heard himself say automatically. Soon as the people were within easy sighting distance Max's heart skipped a beat. It couldn't be her. Wait but it was no one on Antar had those eyes. Max stood up and walked down from the throne. And up to the three people.

" Is that you?" Max whispered.

"Yes" came the urgent plea " please help us." Prince Matthew you may go join the princess in the nursery. Queen Ava please excuse us Max said looking at his wife.

"B-" She started to protest.

"Just go now," said Max sternly. Tess got up and stocked gracefully as possible from the room.

"You may leave guards" Max said looking around they eyed him suspiciously.

"Just go and do as I say" They quickly left the room. All this was said in Antarian. There were few people on the planet that could speak English and those people were, Max, Tess (though she chose not to), Isabel, and Michael. Max didn't find it necessary to teach it to the kids just yet. Max embraced Liz so tight he thought he would squeeze the breath out of her.

" How did you" Max started to question.

" I just did thanks to Alex." Was Liz's response. Looking over her shoulder he saw Maria and Alex standing there. " How did you guys get here?" Max wanted to know.

" Oh well be can talk about it later. Do you want me to call for Isabel and Michael?"

" Could you" Maria asked eyes full of hope. "Of course" replied Max

"Just as I can call off all conferences today and have a private dinner tonight, do not forget you are the friend of the King's" Max said with a small smile.

Within seconds Isabel was in Alex's arms and Maria in Michael's. They would have stayed this way forever, if the lunch bell hadn't rung. Tess popped in and told Max lunch was served she still didn't recognize any of them. In a different language that they could not understand he explained that he would take his meal to go today. She looked at him in a funny way and walked out of the room. They spent the day touring the grounds of the palace.

"How did you guys manage to get here?" Max asked carefully.

" Well we've been looking forever to try to find some way just to connect with you and know that you're ok" Alex told him. "We found the necklaces that you gave to Liz and studied them very carefully. If magnified 10 times you can see that it held a small map." Liz held the photocopy of the map that Alex had brought with her.

"In the middle of the desert there is a secret chamber where you can get to and from earth without anybody knowing." " I wanted to see what would happen and now here we are."

Resisting the urge to pull Liz into his arms Max replied " and we are glad you are."

"Well, Max," Liz said " how's your life as a king going?"

"It's not as great as some people make it out to be." Max answered dryly.

"Normally we have free time on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Wednesday is Main Conference and The rest of the days we hold private meetings between the different cabinets. It's the same week after week." He concluded. " The only way I get through it is knowing that I can go hang out with my children after each conference."

"How many do you have now?" Liz asked shyly.

"Two." Said Max looking at her. " When we arrived Tess and I were forced to marry each other, if not they would kill Tess and the baby since we don't believe in sex before marriage." "Then Tess began getting signals that we needed to have another baby. Each king has two kids. The high prince to rule the country, and the high princess to be used as a pawn in marriage and complete the royal four." "We knew we would have a daughter."

" Will we get to meet them" Maria asked wide-eyed

" Of course" said Isabel and Michael simultaneously "and ours."

Maria, Liz and Alex looked up quickly.

"When?" They questioned like impatient children.

"Do you think that we could request a private dinner with just us Max?" Isabel inquired.

"Yes already done but" Max looked at the five " Tess will have to attend. It's custom that King and Queen always dine together. That is why she was there at lunch."

"Max you don't have to explain everything to us. We understand perfectly well that you have to go on living the lives you had before we showed up." Liz gave him a knowing look.

" Iz, where will everyone sleep?" Michael asked.

" We can have the guest room set up immediately." She said looking at him. Then turning around and facing Liz, Maria, and Alex, "Do you want to share or have separate rooms?"

"Whichever is easier for you guys" Liz said " we don't want to cause too much of a hassle."

" It doesn't matter we will have to make up the same number of beds either way."

" Fine" said Liz " Maria and I will share and Alex can have his own." Liz looked at them to see if it was ok. They nodded.

Max glanced at the big round clock that was on the palace tower.

"I'm sorry will you excuse me for my meeting. I can't get out of this one it's discussing relations with other planets and the peace treaties that are being drawn up. Tess must be in a frenzy 'cause I'm not there yet." He said shaking his head. " See you at dinner" and he was off across the lawn.


" Tess I'm sorry that I'm late but please don't be angry with me." said Max panting and speaking fast in Antarian.

"All you have to tell me is who they are and why you called off Main Conference" she retorted in Antarian, she didn't know how she knew English and it bugged her so she didn't use it.

"Do you remember anything from the past" Max asked her in a soothing voice.

" No, no I don't. You know that Max." Said Tess grimly.

" Why do you call me this…Max?" He asked her.

"I don't know why I do, I think it just happened it feels more comfortable than Zan. Why do you call me Tess." She asked puzzled.

"Same reason." He said.

"Can I tell you later please?" He asked her.

"Yes. You'll be late." She said holding up his conference robe for him to take.

"Thanks. I'll talk to you later. I arranged a private dinner with our guests. Please let the kids join us." He looked at her pleading.

" But Max, Tabby hasn't been presented yet." She looked concerned. Antarian Princesses were not allowed to be seen by the public until they were presented at the age of two.

" Don't worry she will be fine. They won't tell that they've seen her." With that Max gave her a peck on her cheek and forehead and was gone.


"So how did the meetings go Max?" Michael questioned when he walked in and took his rightful seat.

" Can't talk about it till I discuss it with Tess first." Reported Max. Turning to the perplexed looking earthlings.

"We discuss everything with our spouses before we tell others."

"Sounds reasonable" supported Maria.

Max looked up and a huge smile spread across his face. The others turned around and followed his gaze. There stood in the doorway was Tess with Abby in one arm and Matthew holding tightly to her hand. Tess stood Abby up. She ran to her father screaming "Papa!!!!!!

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