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Part 5
by Karen
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Summary: It's West Roswell High's 15 year reunion; Our favorite sextet has gone its separate ways, but are brought back together and back into each other's lives.
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Rating: PG-13
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No one from the group ever made it to their 15-year high school reunion. Everyone they wanted to see, everyone they cared about had already been contacted. They had caught up and instead of going to the reunion, they found themselves at Michael and Maria's again, this time for a backyard barbecue.

Michael manned the grill, a spatula in one hand and a Tabasco-laced soda in the other.

Max was sitting on the glider with Kelsey, who was showing him a new braiding technique she'd learned with a piece of yarn. He acted interested, and Liz thought he truly was. Kelsey's green eyes settled on Lynn - she stared for a moment, then whispered something in Max's ear.

"Don't tell them, okay?" he said. "I don't think they want to know."

The girl nodded, then went to hold the plate for Michael while he took burgers from the grill.

Liz slid onto the glider by Max. "What did she say?"

Max smiled, put his arm around her shoulders. "Lynn's having a boy."

Liz smiled. "Really?" She glanced at Kelsey, remembering her encounter with her. "She's got strong powers, doesn't she?"

Max nodded. "Yeah. Some of the stuff she can do just floors me." He glanced at Liz, who looked a little apprehensive. "Don't worry - she won't hurt anyone. Under than fierce exterior she's a pussycat."

"She won't hurt anyone but Maria," Liz said sullenly.

Max's expression showed his concern. "What do you mean?"

Liz drew in a breath. They needed to be completely honest with each other if this was ever going to work. "Max, Maria is her mother."

"I know."

"Well, then let Maria be the one to spoil her. Right now all Kelsey sees is that Maria is the one to discipline her."

Max looked hurt. Liz reached over and touched his leg.

"I'm not telling you to not do nice things for her. She wouldn't understand that. But how is she supposed to appreciate her mother when you are the one who gives her everything she wants?"

He considered this, then nodded his agreement. "You're probably right. I'll back off." He glanced at Kelsey, who'd turned to look at him for some reason. He thought he saw hurt in her eyes, then she smiled. Sometimes he forgot she was so tightly connected with him that she could feel what he was feeling. He felt she understood, too.

Liz snuggled up to Max. "Besides, one of these days you may have one of your own to spoil."


Isabel helped Alex, Lynn, Max and Liz take their luggage from the trunk of her car. In the back seat, Hannah babbled and laughed to herself.

"Thanks for the lift," Alex said, placing his bags on the sidewalk in front of the airport.

"Not a problem," Isabel replied, swiping a hand through her long hair.

Alex leaned in for a hug, rubbing her back. "Take care of yourself," he said against her ear.

She smiled at him as they parted, then she received a hug from Lynn.

"It's been a pleasure meeting you," Lynn said, squeezing her hand. "Good luck with Kyle." She winked and Isabel laughed.

Max moved in next, embracing his sister. "We'll be back as soon as we get Liz's stuff packed up." He touched her cheek, met her dark eyes - he saw some life there that had been missing for a while. "Take care."

"I will. And I'll take care of the office while you're out."

"Thanks - I'm sure you'll do a great job."

Liz hugged her next. She looked happy, almost overjoyed. It made Isabel feel hope, that maybe there was someone out there for everyone if they just allowed themselves to love. She squeezed Liz tight to her body, then whispered so no one could hear, "Welcome to the family, Liz. Finally."

Liz laughed lightly and took Max's hand. "Come on, Max," she said. "Don't want to miss our flight."

Isabel watched as the foursome entered the airport. She smiled to herself, then made a goofy face through the window at her daughter. The baby laughed and kicked, delighted at her mother's silly actions. As Isabel climbed behind the wheel, she felt at peace. Alex had moved on with his life, had a wonderful wife, a great career and a baby on the way. He was happy - and that made Isabel happy. Michael and Maria would always be Michael and Maria - bickering, but loving no less. They would get through the rough years with Kelsey; it might not be easy, but they both loved their daughter and that alone would see them through. Max and Liz had mended a badly burnt bridge, and things there were the way they had always been meant to be.

And Isabel...well, Isabel was attracted to a young deputy with the sheriff's department, she had a beautiful baby girl, and the future had never looked brighter.

The End

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