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Part 3a
by Karen
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Summary: It's West Roswell High's 15 year reunion; Our favorite sextet has gone its separate ways, but are brought back together and back into each other's lives.
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Rating: PG-13
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Alex was amazed at how little the UFO museum had changed. In fact, he was willing to bet it hadn't changed. He led Lynn through the various displays. She seemed to get a kick out of the exhibits, and an even bigger amusement out of some of the patrons.

"Was it always like this?" she asked him, squeezing his hand.

"Yeah. Freak show any day of the week. You just get used to it after a while."

They rounded a corner and Alex looked up the stairs that led to the office. "Let's go up here."

Lynn looked up. "It says 'UFOlogist Only,' whatever that is."

"I think I know the owner. Come on."

The ascended the stairs slowly to allow Lynn to take it easy, then Alex rapped on the door with his knuckles.

"It's open," returned a familiar voice.

Alex smiled and pushed the door open. Michael was seated at the computer, obviously lost in thought. He hadn't changed much - his hair was still spiky and he was still dressing in his usual funeral-garb black.

"Michael Guerin?" Alex asked.

"Yeah," Michael replied, not looking up.

"I think I saw an alien outside."

"Good - it is a UFO museum."

"This one was drinking Tabasco sauce - a lot of it."

Michael's head jerked up, then he broke into a wide smile. He jumped up from his chair and took Alex's hand. "Whitman - look at you!" He glanced at the woman with him. "Better yet, look at you!"

Alex punched him lightly on the arm. "This is my wife - Lynn. Lynn's a non-believer."

Michael nodded, knowing that Alex's wife wasn't in on the secret. "Sorry to hear that. Most people think at least Elvis was an alien."

Lynn laughed lightly as she took Michael's hand. "It's good to meet you, Michael. I haven't met many of Alex's friends."

"Well, that's because he didn't have any," Michael joked. He cleared a seat for them. "Congratulations on the baby," he said, gesturing toward Lynn's stomach.

"Oh, thanks," Alex beamed. "You've got one, too, right?"

"Yeah. She's 12."


Michael shrugged. "Didn't waste much time - haven't had any others, thank God. She's a bit much - gives her mom a hard time."

"How is Maria?"

"Okay. She works here on the weekends. Aside from that, she spends most of her time fighting with Kelsey. Hey, you going to the reunion?"

Alex waved a hand in the air. "That's why we're here. The wife wanted to come. Thought she'd meet an alien or two."

"Or three," Michael joked. "Maybe she'll get lucky."

"Maybe she already has and doesn't know it."

Lynn slapped Alex playfully on the arm. "Okay, stop it. You're such a kidder."

Michael laughed in spite of himself. "I have to get back to my research. But why don't you guys stop by later?" He scribbled his address on a piece of paper and handed it to Alex. "I think Liz was coming in today, and she's staying with us, so it would be kind of fun to get everyone together."

"Everyone?" Alex hoped his voice didn't crack when he spoke.

Michael gave him a knowing look. "Yeah, everyone. You should try to see everyone, Alex."

Alex studied Michael's face. He wasn't the only one who could send messages with double meanings.


Maria slung back the remainder of her cocktail. Some times she was glad that Michael couldn't drink - it meant she could tie one on and there was still someone in control. She wanted to shoot him for planning this party without consulting her. Was he insane? Geez, let's put Liz and Max and Alex and Isabel in the same room together. What a glutton for punishment!

Maria jerked open the freezer door and dropped some ice into her glass. Time for a refill.

Liz was standing at the counter chopping vegetables. She seemed calm, which only made Maria more nervous. Maybe Liz had turned into Mount St Helens over the past years. Maybe she was going to keep everything inside, then just explode at the worst moment. How could she not be freaking about this?

"You'd better slow down," Liz said without looking up.

"I hate Michael some times." Maria spat.

"What else is new?" Liz picked up the carrots she'd chopped and arranged them on the tray. She took the tray into the living room, where Isabel was sitting on the couch. She had the baby resting on her chest, its head close to her heart. When Hannah was restless, sometimes only the steady beat of her mother's heart would calm her. Isabel had formed the habit of automatically putting her there, regardless if she was being fussy.

Liz smiled at Isabel and stroked the baby's head. "She's beautiful, Isabel."

Isabel smiled, but it was empty. "Thank you."

"Do you think I could hold her?"

Liz thought she saw apprehension in Isabel's expression, but it passed. She handed her the baby.

Liz sat down with the baby cradled against her own chest. "Look at you," she baby-talked. "What a pretty little girl you are. Such big brown eyes. You look like your mommy."

Isabel's smile was a little warmer this time. "Does Maria need help in the kitchen?"

"Only if you think she needs help getting drunk."

Isabel gave a little laugh. Maria at one point had turned into quite the party girl, much to Michael's dismay. She'd outgrown it, but every now and then she slipped back into her old ways. Obviously the stress of this evening was too much for her.

Isabel bit her lip as she watched Liz play with her daughter. "Have you, uh, have you seen Max?"

Liz looked up. "Yeah, here. By accident."

"Have you talked to him?"

Liz shook her head. "Not really."

"I think he's pretty happy to see you."

She sighed. "Why would that be, Isabel?"

Isabel marked her words carefully, but couldn't find any other way to say it. "Because I think he still loves you, Liz."

Liz's mouth dropped open. "I don't think so. It's been so long…"

"He doesn't even date. Well, once in awhile, but…"


"I think he ditches them because they aren't you."

Liz was about to reply when Kelsey bounced into the living room. "Aunt Liz, come look at the new dress Uncle Max bought me!" she said excitedly.

"Aunt Liz?" Isabel asked, taking the baby from Liz. "That was fast."

Liz let Kelsey lead her back to her bedroom.

Isabel sat her daughter up on her knee, bouncing her, making her laugh. Hannah was the only person in the world that could make Isabel smile sincerely these days.

The doorbell rang and Maria moved to get it, mumbling to herself. "At least he could get his ass up here to answer the door…"

She swung open the door and screeched in delight. "Alex! Oh, my God what a handsome stud you are!!"

Isabel stopped bouncing the baby and looked toward the door. She couldn't see Alex, but she could hear his reply, "Hitting the sauce a little early, Maria?"

"Not early enough. Come in. You must be Lynn. Nice to meet you."

Isabel felt cornered, but determined to not let them unnerve her. She stood, holding Hannah so she straddled her hip. She caught Alex's eye when he stepped through the door, then her gaze went to Lynn. She was gorgeous - and pregnant.

Alex approached her, taking her by the elbows and kissing her on the cheek. "Isabel," he said close to her ear and she felt a familiar twinge in her body.

"Hello, Alex."

He backed away and touched the baby's head. "Who's this?"

"Hannah Elizabeth."

"She's adorable." He removed his hand, then reached behind him for his wife. "This is Lynn, my wife. Lynn, this is Isabel. We're…old friends."

Lynn took Isabel's hand, and Isabel was startled that they were nearly the same height. Evidently Alex Whitman liked his women tall.

"It's nice to meet you," Lynn said graciously. Isabel could tell by her eyes that she knew there was something more than friendship between Isabel and Alex, and she showed no discomfort by it. This was a confident woman.

"As it is you," Isabel replied. "When's the baby due?"

"Four more months. May I?" Lynn held out her hands for Hannah and Isabel handed her over without a second thought.

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