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"Remembering Our Pasts"
Part 2
by Charmed Kitten
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just borrowing them. I make 'em happy for a while then give them back. Just the way I found them, depressed and fighting. Oh, but I own Lady Raine and the other characters that I've added. =)
Summary: This is part two in my yet unnamed series. The first part in Our Real Families, you should read that before this one to understand what is going on. This is a few days after Max and Tess come back from New York. The gang hasn't been able to get together and talk because Max's parents are concerned and won't let him out of their sight except for school.
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Rating: R
Authors Note: I'd love feedback if you don't mind, even criticism. =) I need help with a name for the series. If you have any ideas, please e-mail me with them. Thanks!
Tess was in Kyle's, well, now it was hers, room with the blinds down and buried beneath the covers of the bed. She knew that she was acting like a child but she didn't care. She couldn't understand everything that was happening. Hell, she didn't really want to. She wanted to still be living the fairy tale that their protector had weaved for her, even though she now knew it was a lie.

It was just too confusing to comprehend. She had married Max in their past lives but their marriage had not been blessed by Lady Raine who was a seer that represented The Source and blessed as it told her to. So she was not Queen, could not be Queen unless Lady Raine blessed their next marriage. And Tess had a feeling that she wouldn't this time either. And their marriage had been arranged.

Tess felt more tears fall out of her eyes as she remembered that bit of information. Max hadn't loved her in their last lives. He may have cared for her, but he didn't love her. And now Ava had some memories of their past life that she needed to get as she died so that she would remember.

And the man or shapeshifter that she had been raised by was her father's trusted servant Vishnu, and wasn't Nescedo as they all had thought. Nescedo was still out there, in Roswell and no one knew who he was. But he was good and protecting them, so she didn't feel too bad. Except for the fact that anyone who now being kind to her, she wondered if it was him.

But she wasn't heartless. She knew that everyone was trying to help her feel better even though they didn't know the reasons why. And she always felt a pang of regret when she pushed them away, but it was always more intense when she hurt Liz.

She never meant for Liz to get hurt, but Nescedo, no, Vishnu, told her that it was better to do it now, then later. That by doing it this way, Liz would be hurt less in the end. Now Tess wasn't sure what to think. Lady Raine didn't seem to happy about Vishnu, she seemed to say his name with distaste, as if he had done something wrong. But who the hell were the other leaders that she had been talking about?

Just then the door opened and revealed Kyle. Tess' heart tightened a bit at the sight of him. He looked so adorable with his hair hanging in his bright blue eyes and a cautious look on his face, but she pushed those feelings aside. It wasn't possible.

"Um, Tess?" Kyle asked. "Can you get ready? Max's parents are letting him out of the house and they want to meet and compare notes."

Tess didn't want to go. She didn't want to tell them what had been said about her and Max's marriage, but she knew that she had to, if she wanted to have any type of family, she had to tell them the truth. They were all that she had. "Okay, Kyle. How long until we meet?"

"We're suppose to meet at the quarry in a half an hour. I've already showered so you can go ahead without worrying about me getting ready too," Kyle said gently. His heart hurt for this girl, alien, person. He knew something major had happened to her in New York. Max hadn't said it was anything physical, just that one of her dreams had been shattered. He had a feeling that it had to do with Max and their past selves being married. He left the doorway as Tess got up and started gathering her things for her shower. He knew that he would find out once they all got out to the quarry and finally talked.

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