FanFic - Other
Part 6
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters belong to THE WB.
Summary: Kyle and Teresa make a connection while trying to avoid an enemy alien and end up buying a Shih Tzu.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Sequel to Tess to TESS
"Nice of you guys to join us." The Sheriff and Sondra say at the same time. "Well, the puppy had to, you know," Kyle mutters as he steps into the large open room.

At the mention of the puppy all the girls jump up and run over to meet it and Mirror jumps up into Kyle's arms and starts to bark and hide under Kyle's arm.

"Take it easy ladies, you don't want to scare her now do you?" Kyle puts his hand out to stop their aggression.

"Ladies, meet Mirror - Mirror meet the ladies." Kyle beacons them quietly forward.

"She is so cute, Kyle will she let me hold her?" Isabel reaches out her hand to gently stroke the puppy and two hands as Kyle relinquishes her.

The guys are watching the exchange and trying to figure out how a puppy can change normally intelligent articulate women into babbling baby talking clusters of fluff.

"I've got to get me one of those. They're babe magnets man." Alex sits up and elbows Michael in the ribs to make his point.

The girls are still fussing over the puppy when Teresa whispers something in Kyle's ear and the intimacy is not lost on Michael, Max nor the Sheriff.

Teresa vies for everyone's attention by clapping her hands together. She motions for everyone to sit down and takes her place next to Kyle.

"This does not look good at all," Maria leans in and whispers to Michael.

"By now you have all heard about what happened today in front of the pet store. Teresa lets out an audible sigh. "What Kyle and I didn't mention was that we made a connection when we kissed. I had flashes of his life and he mine." Teresa looks to Kyle for him to pick it up from here.

"Teri was leaning against the store front window when we started to kiss. Moments before the kiss, Mirror (he nods toward the puppy who's ears perked at hearing its new name) had it's paws plastered to the same window. We think that some how the connection Teri and I made includes Mirror."

Maria is raising her hand and dying to say something.

"What?" Kyle is obviously miffed to be interrupted.

"I though that you kissed Teresa, who's this Teri person." She says with a straight face right before the whole room bursts into laughter.

"Very funny DeLuca." Kyle looks around the room silently letting everyone know that this is serious. "May I continue?"

Everyone nods for him to go ahead with what he was saying.

"I guess it'll be easier if we showed you. Teri, maybe you should go sit down. We don't want to confuse her." He nods for Teresa to take the empty stool next to Isabel.

He calls for Mirror to come to him but he doesn't say a word. The puppy then rolls over, plays dead, begs and does a backwards somersault.

The room is dead silent for a long time.

"What are you trying to say son?" The Sheriff's gaze alternates from Kyle to the puppy.

"Teri and I can communicate with Mirror telepathically." He's smiles and opens his arms for Mirror to jump into them.

"That's impossible Kyle." Max stands and walks over to Teresa for confirmation.

"It's true Max, unbelievable but true." She beams, "There's more."

"Right after we kissed and the alien went into the pet store Mirror was barking up a storm, shivering and cowering in the corner of her cage. She was directing all this rage at the alien. I think that she can see the evil within." Teresa nods her head and gestures to Mirror. "She's our own little mirror - thus her name."

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