FanFic - Other
Part 4
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters belong to THE WB.
Summary: Kyle and Teresa make a connection while trying to avoid an enemy alien and end up buying a Shih Tzu.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Sequel to Tess to TESS
The last Crashdown customer leaves at 9:47 and Liz locks the door and turns off the lights. There are still a few things to do but it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes and Michael has already gotten the kitchen squared away.

Just thinking about the story Teresa told about Kyle brings a smile to her face.

"You have been smiling like a Cheshire Cat all evening, does it have anything to do with my sister and Kyle Valenti?" He asks with a scowl on his face.

"Why, would that be a problem?" She tilts her head to the side trying to gage his mood. "She really likes him."

"No, it's just that I've just found her, and was hoping to have more time with her, one-on-one." He shrugs his shoulders and heads back to the kitchen.

Liz follows him sensing that he's feeling left out, "Michael, Teresa adores you. I've seen the way she looks at you: like she's almost afraid to let you out of her sight."

"I know but seeing all you together tonight, laughing and bonding; I guess I was a little jealous." He puts his hands in his pockets, looks down and begins to shuffle his feet.

Liz goes over to him, places her small hand under his chin and lifts it so that their eyes meet, "I know something that will make you feel better."

"Oh no Liz, Max will be here any minute." Michael looks from the clock to the back door and back to Liz who is already taking off her shoes.

Michael gets a wicked smile on his face, "Okay just for a little while."

Liz runs to the radio and finds just the right song as Michael struggles to take off his shoes.

The couple meets in the middle of the kitchen floor and start dancing to an old swing tune of Chet Baker's when suddenly they levitate three feet off the floor and are literally dancing on air.

Liz and Michael are having so much fun they don't hear the back door open or see the scowl on Max's face, as he stands framed in the doorway.

"Michael, what the hell are you doing?" As he steps further into the kitchen and turns the radio off.

Michael and Liz tumble to the floor in a tangled array of arms and legs.

"Ouch" as Liz grimaces and cups her wrist.

Max is immediately by her side as he pushes Michael away and helps Liz to her feet.

Michael is standing a few feet away looking at the couple and is worried that Liz may have hurt herself. "Liz, are you okay?"

Max bites back an oath. "Does she look okay?" He continues to examine her wrist.

"Max, I don't think it's broken." Liz flexes her wrist and wiggles her fingers.

Max makes to charge toward Michael but Liz steps in front of him and stammers an explanation, "It was my idea, we do it all the time when we're here alone."

Max directs a venomous look at Michael. "He should know better than to use his powers on you - he can't control them."

"He was doing a pretty good job of it until you came bursting in here." Liz counters defending Michael.

Michael doesn't say a word as he stoops to put his shoes on, grabs his jacket and walks out of the back door.

"Now, look what you've done." Liz pushes at Max's chest with her good hand. "You know how sensitive he is about his powers. How is he going to learn to control them if he doesn't use them."

Liz pushes pass an opened mouth Max and out the back door in pursuit of Michael.

"Michael, wait up," Liz yells to his retreating back. "I don't have on any shoes and if I cut my foot that's just one more thing for Max to blame you for."

Michael stops in his tracts, turns around and gestures for Liz to stop.

"Stay where you are, I'm coming." As he jogs back to where Liz is brushing sand from her bare feet.

He grabs her by the arm and ushers her toward the backdoor of The Crashdown when he notices that she is still cupping the wrist that she injured when she fell.

"Didn't Max heal that for you?" He nods toward her wrist.

"No, I didn't give him a chance." She stops and turns to face him, "Why don't you do it?"

"Liz, come on. Max has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't want me using my powers on you. What if I screw up and make it worst." He responds sullenly.

"Michael, I know you would never hurt me on purpose. I trust you and so does Max." Liz assures her friend as she lightly pats his arm and offers him her wrist to heal.

"Go ahead Michael," Max steps out of the shadows and walks over to his friend never losing eye contact. "I've always trusted you with my life, I now extend that trust to Liz's life as well."

Michael takes a deep breathe and lightly touches Liz's wrist until the tell tale golden light of healing fades and Liz moves her wrist freely to demonstrate full restoration.

"Ouch," as she steps on something then lifts her foot to check for damage.

Michael scoops her up caveman style over his shoulder and rushes past Max into the restaurant where she retrieves her shoes and they head to the Sondra's.

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