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Part 1
by Ali
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Summary: Alt. Universe. Michael and Maria are forced to live a life of torture without each other.
Category: Other
Rating: R
Authors Note: Like I said above, this is Alt. Universe. it takes place at a Concentration camp like thing for people who support aliens or are aliens. And since this is my first Roswell would be greatly appreciated!!
"This way gentleman" rang a cool, confident voice as a tall man clad in a grey uniform lead his visitors down the hall of cells. "These are the last of them,"

"Fascinating," said one, a taller one, with blond hair and a mustache. He peered into the small window and smiled as he took on the view. A small, petite girl with short, blond hair trembling in the corner. Tears were running down her face, and she clutched her right arm close to her, like it was a teddy bear and she was a child. She was saying something over and over, but through the strong plastic of the window, it couldn't be heard.

"Which ones she?" said the other visitor, with bright, flaming red hair. "Alien or a supporter?"

"A Supporter" answered their guide. "She was extremely fiery when she first entered the Reeducation center, but we soon solved that,"

The blond man smiled and rubbed his mustache. "How do you do it, Polwed? You've practically ensured the safety of our entire planet in less then two years!"

Their guide, Polwed, just smiled. "Believe me," he said. "I've put a lot of overtime into this assignment."

Maria let the tears roll down her face. Liz was gone. Poor Lizzy. Her best friend in the whole world. "At least she's free now," she whispered to herself. She was with Max now. They would at least be together. Whether that be cold in the ground with maggots crawling through their bodies, or in heaven. And they had a quick execution. Lethal Injection-Very painless. They only gave the painful ones to the people who fought back. Of The hundreds and hundreds of people who had fought in the revolution against the alien hunters, only about two dozen were left. Max, Liz, and Alex had all died. Isabel didn't exist anymore. She had gone crazy, and spent her entire day staring at the wall;not eating, not talking, not screaming. Her eyes, once vibrant, and full of life, now glazed over. It was a matter of days now, before she just closed her eyes and never opened them again. She hadn't eaten in days.

What about Michael? Why wouldn't they let her see him? Even when it came time to go to the cafeteria to eat, they kept them separated. They were all in separate desk like tables to eat lunch in. She had only touched him one time since they arrived here. They had been taking him back from the cafeteria, back to his cell. He had looked over at her with his eyes, his wonderful eyes that had once been so full of caution, now full of pain. He had looked over at her;and her world stopped. She felt a pain deeper then no one of their knives or operating tools could inflict. He needed her. She needed him. With that, she stood up from her small table, and ran as fast as she could past the guards, and into his arms. The minimal whispers that the prisoners were allowed to have were completely silenced as he took her into his arms, and just held her tightly, trying to shield her from whatever dangers lied ahead. It was a matter of seconds before she heard him groan, then slump to the floor. Behind him, a guard stood with his club raised again. Michael didn't get back up again.

"Michael!" Maria had screamed. She had tried to get down to him, tried to help him before they hurt him again, but a large, rough hand grabbed her arm. She found herself staring face to face with another guard.

"You bitch" he hissed at her, then hit her clear across the face, using his fist. She crumbled down too, but he still didn't let go of her arm. He jerked her back up, and hit her again.

"Stop it," Michael wailed. Like a lost animal. "God just stop it!! Please. Hit me. I'll pay. Just don't touch her again. Not her,"

"What?" said the guard through clenched teeth. He still had Maria's arm tightly. Maria barely understood what was happening. She felt dizzy. She reached up to her eye. It came away bloody. "What's the matter? You don't want me hitting your little girlfriend?" It was sickening, the way he said it. He pulled Maria into a standing position and shoved her against the wall. She let out a little groan of pain, and started to sink back down, but was held up by two guards.

"DISMISSED" screamed the guard, and prisoners, left and right went flying back to their cells. They all knew what was coming.

"Just leave her- her alone" Michael said now, tears streaming down his face. God, they were killing her. Killing her right in front of his eyes.

The guard just laughed. "Sit him up" he said. Two guards immediately grabbed his arms and pulled him up so he was sitting on his knees. "What's the matter boy?" he said, putting a hand on Maria's face and roughly caressed it, all the while looking at him. Maria tried to pull away, turning her head to one side. Tears streamed down her face. "You don't want me to touch your girlfriend?" He moved his hand down towards Maria's chest.

Michael had never hated anyone so much in his life. "I said don't TOUCH her," he said through clenched teeth. Suddenly, he felt something explode inside of him. His powers. They had given him something that would stop his ability to use them, but they were back. He knocked the two guards who were holding him down, then lunged for the guard who had dared touch Maria. He knocked him down, and just started punching him. It didn't occur to him that he could use his powers to kill the bastard. He just enjoyed hurting him. Inflicting pain. He was so caught up in his revenge that he didn't notice when another guard came up behind him and knocked him out. Maria had tried to warn him, even lunged at the guard who was trying to hurt him. In the process, her right arm had gotten shot, leaving her arm feeling weak all the time. What made it even worst was that she hadn't seen Michael. She didn't even know if he was dead or alive. That's what was killing her. Just the thought of Michael holding her in his arms was what kept her going through the days. The endless torture sessions, the horrible food, watching your friends getting attacked and praying it doesn't happen to you. The only good thing that ever happened to her was when she fell asleep. Then she could at least dream about him, about them, when they were together, and everything was fine. But, there were some nights, when she was walking along this dark path. Michael was right in front of her, and he was crying, and reaching out to her, but lightning kept striking in her path, almost hitting her. The closer and closer she tried to get to him the farther away he went. Then, lighting hit her. She always woke up after that. She didn't know what happened, but it scared her. She would always start to cry after that. Nothing could stop her sobs. Not beating her, not trying to smother her, even threatening to kill her would work. Eventually, she'd go to sleep again, and wake up happy. It was a sad existence, when your life depended on the kind of dream you had, but it made Maria a little bit happy. Sometimes, that's all she needed.

Michael paced around his cell like a mangy tiger trapped in a small cage. Maria's cell was across the hall from his, but she never came to her little window. He needed to see her face. Just to let him know she was okay. Well, as okay as anyone could be in this place. He loved her. He needed to tell her that. He was convinced that if he told her, everything would be all right. He already knew that she knew, and that she loved him back, but somehow, whenever he got to dreaming about what he wanted to happen, everything good started with those three little words. He would convince that those words would bring the spark back into Maria, that they could make a run for it, and escape. They would run away to some far away exotic place, and they would live together, far away from the stupid hunters, the bastards that they were. He would work, and she would stay home like a princess. And everyday, when he came home, she would go outside to meet him, and give him a kiss, and let him hold her, then they'd go inside and have dinner. After dinner, maybe he'd read to her by the fire, or they would watch a little tv or something. It was these dreams that kept him alive.

It was her that kept him alive.

"Lunch time" came a voice at the door. It opened, and he slipped out. Two guard immediately grabbed both his arms and led him to the cafeteria. He noticed that only eleven out of the twelve desks were filled. A red ribbon laid on the twelfth desk. That means they had met their D.O.E. Panic struck him. Where was Maria. It wasn't her was it? It couldn't be her! He scanned the "cafeteria" voraciously. He caught a glimpse of a short, blond hair cut. He looked closer, and sighed with relief. She wasn't dead. This was the first time he'd seen in her in about two months. After his run in with that bastard of a guard, he had been on probation. Total Isolation. It wasn't fun. Michael felt his spirits lift. Maria's face immediately grew a little brighter when she saw him. Michael couldn't help but feel a little concerned. She was growing thinner by the day. He could have wrapped two fingers around arm and still had room. Her face was thinning out, and her hair was thinning, although it was hard to tell with all the matted blood in it. Her entire body was covered in bruises. Reeducation hadn't been good to her. It was enough to freeze the blood in his veins. He did this to her. He was literally loving her to death. He suddenly hated himself, for who he was. If he had never met her, she would be still going to school, dating a normal guy, just being happy. He hated the world right now. He hated about every single thing in his life except her. He wanted to die. He couldn't even stand to look at her anymore. He turned away. Maria's smile faded when she saw the hurt look in his eyes. What was going on in his head? Suddenly, she felt very dizzy. The world slowly faded to black. Michael watched in horror as Maria's thin frame slid down from her chair onto the floor. He held his breathe while one of the guards checked her pulse. "Prisoner 11285 is still alive," he reported. "Too bad" said one of them dryly. Michael could have killed him. "Take her to the infirmary and wait for Captain Polwed's orders. Let's see if he wants this one dead or alive,"

Michael could barely breathe.

* * *

Maria awoke on a comfortable bed with a wet rag on the top of her forehead. She slowly opened her eyes to reveal Captain Polwed, the man who was in charge of this whole situation.

"how are you feeling," he said with concern. Maria couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not.

"Like shit," she said quickly, then cringed, waiting for the hit. Fortunately, Captain Polwed just laughed.

"I can imagine," he said matter of factly. His face grew serious. "Let's be honest here Maria. You are nothing to me. You have no significant purpose whatsoever,"

Maria didn't reply. She didn't like where this conversation was headed. He continued. He stared at her closely, then stood up and begin to walk slowly across the room.

"There is one thing, though," He said. "You have a connection with Prisoner Number 12285. I believe you know him as Michael,"

Michael! He was going to hurt Michael. "I barely know him," Maria said weakly, trying to protect him. Polwed just laughed. "Maria, Maria, Maria," he said sighing. "Lying is so unbecoming,"

"And I suppose torturing human beings is!" she snapped. She was beginning to feel a little bit stronger.

He jerked his head back towards her, then relaxed a little bit. "Your Michael will be destroyed just like the others," he said. "I just need you around a little bit longer. You're his inspiration, his reason for living."

"Then kill me now," she half begged, half snapped. "I refuse to hurt him. I'll die before I let anything happen to him,"

"Oh spare me of the lovey-dovey bull-shit" he snapped. "Here's the facts. I kill you, he might as well be dead. You kill you, the same applies. Ultimately, either way, I win, you two lose. If you don't go along with my plans, Michael will be ripped apart by my crew, and I will make sure your there for every second of it,"

Tears spilled down Maria's cheeks. "And what if I die before this?"

Polwed stepped closer to her, and sat down on her bed. "You must eat, Maria. That's the only way you'll live. How's it going to feel dying knowing that you're going to kill the person you love most? I'll destroy you both eventually,"

She closed her eyes and tried to get a grip on the sobs that were coming out of her throat. "I"ll eat on one condition," She said as calmly as possible. "That Michael and I get to visit each other. For an hour, at least," she looked him square in the eye.

"Done. You two may half an hour together. Today, then you must start eating again. Do we have an agreement?"

Maria nodded her head.

"Good, now get back to your cell."

* * *

Michael awoke with a start when a loud voice boomed through his cell door. "Get up you lazy bastard!" "I'm up," he growled. The doors opened, and two guards grabbed him by the arms. "Where the hell am I going?" He snapped. One of the guards twisted his arms. "Your girlfriends cell," one of them said. Michael felt his heart jump. "Really?" he asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.

"Yes," one of them said abruptly, stopping at Maria's cell, and unlocking it. The door slowly opened, and Michael stepped inside.

Maria slowly turned her head to look. When she saw him, she smiled. "Michael!" she exclaimed. He felt himself grinning like an idiot. He rushed over to her, and grabbed her. She held him back. They sat like that for a few minutes, holding each other, cherishing their moments together. Even when they finally pulled back from their embrace, Michael kept her arms length apart. He caressed her cheek.

"I've missed you," he said softly. She kissed him, then hugged him again.

"Missed you too," she said. He gently stroked her bruised cheek.

"I'm so sorry, Maria," he said, clearly depressed. "This is all my fault. I wish that I had never brought you into this,"

"I'm not," she said softly, smiling. He hugged her again. Then he kissed all the bruises on her head, neck, and arms.

"Maria?" He said softly, taking her up in his arms.

"Mmm?" she said, just as softly, snuggling up against him.

"I love you,"

"and I love you,"

They stayed like that until the guards came back an hour later.

* * *

"Times up," came the voice from the door. It swung open. It was the same guard from the cafeteria incident. He noticed the two of them together, and Michael's reluctance to let go of her. "Get up," he said gruffly. Michael just glared at him.

"I said get up," He snapped, then went over, and jerked Michael to his feet, not worrying that he happened to kick Maria in the process. He pushed Michael outside, then grabbed his arm and walked him across the hall. "Have fun with your little girlfriend?" He smirked. Michael didn't answer him. He knew better. The guard sent him a side look as he took his time with the key to Michael's cell. "Just tell me this," He said again. "Is she as good as she looks?" Michael felt his blood starting to boil, but got it under control again. He didn't want any of this taken out on Maria. "What, asshole, you ain't gonna answer?" The guard was getting angry. The gate to his cell finally flung open. Michael began to walk into it. "Guess I'll just have to go over to her cell and find out for myself," That was the last straw. Michael felt a tremendous burst of energy. He recognized it from the last time. His powers were back. This time, he wasn't going to waste any time on beating the shit out of him.

He abruptly turned around and opened his hand. A flash of light shook the cell area, and the guard fell dead. Michael calmly walked over to the body, and felt for a pulse. "Too bad bastard," he whispered to the corpse, then kicked it. He didn't even notice when they jabbed him with the syringe in the back of the neck. The last thing he remember was seeing Maria's face pressed against the glass of her cell window.

He awoke handcuffed to a strong bar. He was sitting down at a meeting like table, but found he couldn't move his arms or his legs. A light suddenly switched on. It was Polwed.

"Michael." He said. He looked at him pityingly. "I'll have to be honest with you. I don't envy you right now,"

"And why would that be?" Michael asked. He didn't care anymore. He was tired of this. All the pain. He was about ready to quit. Death would be a relief to him.

"Why do you think?" Polwed asked, sitting down in a chair in front of Michael.

Michael sighed. He didn't really want to play these head games. "My guess is your going to kill me,"

"That's interesting. Quite interesting actually,"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Michael snapped at him.

"Go on. This is interesting. Do continue. How would you die?"

"Probably lethal injectionlike all the others. But since you are the tell me. How am I going to die?"

"Your not," he replied simply. "But Maria will die by the electric chair tomorrow,"

Michael's heart stopped beating for a second. "What?" he barely spit out.

"Maria will die by the electric chair tomorrow," Polwed repeated calmly. He was enjoying this. You could tell.

Michael paled. "No. You can't do that. She didn't do anything. you you just can't! Please..No"

Polwed just smiled. "I'll have my guards escort you to her cell. I"ve given you the responsibility of telling her about her D.O.E. I know that must be a wonderful experience," he leaned closer. "Telling the women you love more then life itself that because of you she's going to have to die a painful death." Tears slipped down Michael's cheeks. "At least, that's what I've heard about the electric chair. If it's not done right…. It can be a very painful experience for everyone involved. But everyone does make mistakes sometimes" Michael allowed Polwed's words to soak in. He felt like he was going to throw up. If he hadn't had anything to eat in 24 hours, he probably would have too. He looked into Polwed's eyes, and started to sob. "Please," he begged. "Not her. Anything but her. Take me. Take Isabel. Take any single person in this compound. Just not her," Polwed wasn't paying any attention. He had already called the guards in the room. "Take him to Prisoner number 11285's cell. Give him fifteen minutes, then move her to death row. I want him to watch every single bit of it," Two guards grabbed Michael and roughly yanked him up. Michael didn't even notice. He was numb. He arrived at Maria's cell a few minutes later. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. The guard unlocked her cell, and he was pushed in. The door closed behind him. He turned slowly towards Maria. His heart was full of pain. He felt like it may stop beating any second. She looked at him questioningly. "Maria…" he whispered, then sank down to his knees. "Michael?" she asked, crawling over to him, then hugging him. "Michael…what's the matter. Your so pale! What-" She stopped midsentance when she saw he was crying. "Oh God, Maria!" He spit out in between his sobs. "I'm so sorry. I didn't think that they would ever hurt you. I….I…" He collapsed in sobs again. "Michael? Michael what's wrong?" she raised her voice in worry. This wasn't how Michael normally acted. "I killed someone Maria," he said, looking in her eyes. Forcing him to look in her eyes. She let out a small gasp. "They're not..They didn't set your D.O.E? Did they?" He closed his eyes to keep the tears from spilling out. "No," he whispered. He felt sick.

"Good," she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Maria, they set yours," Michael said as quickly as possible. He tried to bring himself to look in her eyes. 'You put her there you bastard. Look into her eyes. See what you've done,' He slowly lifted his eyes. She was staring at him, her eyes cold. She got up off the floor, and started pacing back and forth. "How?" she asked softly.

"Electric chair," he said, sobbing again. She closed her eyes tight. She couldn't let him see her cry. That would destroy him.

"Michael" she said softly, sitting down again next to him. He didn't answer, but grabbed her and held her as tightly as possible.

"I won't let them take you," he whispered into her ear as he held her tightly. He was breathing heavily. He was convinced that the walls were closing in on him.

"Michael" she said again, backing up from him a little bit so she could look into his eyes. "This is the way I want it," she said finally. "I'm tired of leaving. I'm hurting Michael. On the inside. It feels like my heart is bleeding. It's better this way. It really is. I'd rather leave you now then when I'm sick and dying a slow agonizing death. Don't feel bad. Please don't feel bad. I don't think I could take it,"

Michael just dropped down and sobbed. He sobbed uncontrollably. He sobbed so hard he couldn't sit on his knees. He dropped to the floor, and put his head on Maria's lap. She stroked it gently.

The door opened abruptly. There stood another guard. He didn't ask any questions, just walked in, grabbed, Michael, and tossed him back into his own cell. Michael was too busy sobbing to notice them take Maria out of her cell, and bring her down the hall.

* * *

Michael slipped in and out of consciousness over the next few hours. He was making himself sick. Every time he'd wake up, scream out Maria's name, then try to go to the door, but slip and fall, and start crying again.

Finally, there came a knock at the door. It was a guard. A new guard. He was obviously a guard who was married, who was compassionate, who understood a little bit what he might be going through.

"This is your last opportunity to say goodbye to your girlfriend" he said, trying to maintain a stern voice. Michael just nodded, and stood up to walk out the door. This was the first time that he was there that a guard didn't grab his arm when he went somewhere.

They walked until they entered the rooms marked "Death Row". All the cells were empty except one. One with a petite, blond haired girl in it, sitting on a little stool in the corner. The guard unlocked the door, and Michael walked in. She immediately stood up and hugged him. It took all his strength not to burst out in sobs again. But he couldn't do that. He had to be strong for Maria. She needed him to be strong.

"Maria," he said softly, running his hands through her hair. "I'll never forgive myself as long as I live-"

"Michael," she interrupted. "Let me tell you something," They both sat down on the floor and waited for her to continue.

"All the time that I've been here, I've had only one nightmare. I'm walking down this road, and it's lightning out, and your in front of me, but the faster I go, the farther away you get. It always scared me. But don't you see theres nothing to be scared of! I'm going to be walking through the lightning in less then twenty minutes. I'll leave you, and you'll get far away. I always woke up before the dream ended, but-" "But" he interrupted her. "I'll get far away only for a little while. You'll go to be with Max, and Liz, and Alex, and Issy. Then, one day, I'll be there too," Maria snuggled up closer to him. "And we'll live in an exotic place," "And I'll read to you by the fire," he said, stroking her hair. Footsteps rang down the hall. This was it. He grabbed her, and stared into her eyes. "I'll love you forever," he said, and kissed her. She smiled. "I'll see you soon," she said softly. Polwed got to her cell, and grabbed her arm. Two other guards grabbed Michael's arms as well. They lead them both to the chamber. Michael was handcuffed down to a seat, and was forced to watch. They strapped her into the chair, and connected her to the volts. "Prisoner number 11285, you Have been sentenced to die by way of electrical currents. Electricity will now run through these wires, and into your brain. Do you have any last comments before we complete this action? She turned her attention to Michael, who could no longer hide the tears in his eyes. "I have to go walk through the lightning now," she said, unable to control the shake in her voice. "But I'll see you soon. I love you," The lightning struck.

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