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"We Have a Problem!"
Part 1
by Jennifer007
Disclaimer: Please if I owned Roswell, I would be so happy, but I don't so I'm only partially happy.
Summary: This story takes place a couple weeks after my Time Flies When Your Having Fun story, so if you haven't read that do so or you won't get this one.
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Rating: R
Authors Note: Spoilers: None that I know, I try to be original, if I took an idea from a future episode I did it without knowledge. But if did then I have to be punished I accept it, so you can lock me in a room with Jason Behr, strip my clothes from me, and let him have his way with me. I won't even cry about it, I'll just accept my punishment and that's it. Distribution: If you think it's that good that you want it, then who am I to deny you? Dedication: To my Mom for giving me this idea as well. To Linda for inspiring me to write great stories, and keeping me company when were both up late at night, Hey you Night Owl!!! And to Isis, for being my best Roswell Internet Friend Hey Girl!!! And please tell me what you think, I live for feedback!!!!
Michael is spending yet another night in Max's room. Now that it's summer he stays over there a lot more regularly. Max is talking to Liz on the phone, he just dropped her off an hour earlier, but it seems like days since they've seen each other.

Michael is laying on his back looking at the time travel unit again. They all agreed to not push any of the buttons or play with it, but Michael can't seem to keep from bringing it out and looking at it. Max and the gang loosened a floor board in Max's room, and put the unit there so no one could find it.

"Well what time are your parents leaving?" Max asks Liz. Max kind of nods his head and then he whispers something into the phone that Michael can't quite hear but he can hear Liz giggling from her end. He rolls his eyes.

Isabel walks in to say goodnight to Max.

"Hold on a sec Liz." Max covers the phone with his hand.

"How was your date Iz?"

Isabel smiles, ever since her and Alex started dating, she has been much nicer. "It was good" she looks at Michael and sees that he's holding the unit. She watches him for a minute. "Michael what are you doing?"

Max looks at Michael. And Michael looks at both of them. "Don't worry, I won't push any buttons, I'm just looking at it." He's running his hands along the sides of it, just touching it. Isabel is talking to Max and Michael is looking at them. None of them notice that while Michael is touching the device, a mist has poofed out of the unit. Isabel stays for a while, and then goes to her room. Max eventually gets off the phone, and Michael and him fall asleep.


The next morning Max's parents are off to work early before the kids get up. Max's Mom knocks on Isabel and Max's doors as she heads out telling them they're leaving and that she loves them.

Max half wakes up when his Mom says this. He lays there trying to go back to sleep, but he has this feeling in his stomach, like how he used to get nervous around Liz. Max lays there and stares at the ceiling. He then hears a noise coming from his and Isabel's bathroom. He listens and realizes it's the noise his parents make when they're sick.

Max goes to the bathroom, hoping to help his Mom or dad. Max knocks on the bathroom door "Mom, Dad?" There's no answer and Max peers his head in, he sees a sight that shocks him, Isabel is on her knees in front of the toilet, throwing up.

"MICHAEL!!!!" Max shouts as he gets to his knees by Isabel.

Max doesn't quite now what to do. Michael comes running in, and sees Isabel. He sits down on the side of the tub, "What happened?" he asks.

Isabel has seemed to stop and she leans the side of her face against the coolness of the toilet. "I don't know. I woke up this morning and felt funny, then the next thing I knew I felt this need to do that."

Max and Michael look at her, and Max speaks up "None of us have been sick before so why now?"

Isabel shakes her head, "I'm sure it's okay now, just let me brush my teeth and then we can talk about it."

The guys leave, Michael and Max walk back to his room, Michael climbs back into his sleeping bag, and pulls it up tight around him, even though it's already hot out.

Max looks at Michael who is shaking. "Michael what's wrong?"

Michaels teeth chatter as he answers "I don't know I'm just really cold."

Isabel walks in the room, and Michael jumps up, they hear the bathroom door slam and they go to it. They can hear Michael in there getting sick as well. Both Isabel and Max look at each other, Isabel goes to say something to Max and notices that he's turning green. He bolts to his parents bathroom. Isabel goes to follow Max, and then runs to the kitchen barely making it to the kitchen sink before she gets sick again.

Later as all of them are sitting on the couch looking weak, and disoriented, Max looks at them and says in a croaked voice. "What are we going to do?"

"I don't know" Isabel says "I don't get it, you can save Liz from being shot but you can't heal us from this?"

Michael groans, "Can you both shut up, we're sick, and there's nothing we can do about it."

Max gets a semi bright smile on his face, and croaks out "Yes there is we can call Liz she'll know what to do."

Max calls Liz and she answers on the first ring.

"He..Hello?" Liz says sleepily.

"Liz did I wake you?" Max asks.

Liz perks up a bit knowing it's Max "Umm no, I'm always up at..." she looks at her alarm "No I'm always up at 5 a.m."

"Sorry." Max says.

"Don't apologize it's okay, so what's going on?"

"Umm... well Isabel, Michael and I have been sick all morning." Max explains.

Liz sits up in bed "Sick? But you guys don't get sick?!?!"

"Yeah we thought so too, but we are, so can you help us, I mean you know we can't go to the hospital, and well we know you've been sick..." He rambles.

"Max stop rambling, I'll call Maria, and Alex and well be over there, in 15 minutes okay?" Liz says.

Max smiles weakly. "Thanks Liz see you in a bit."

Liz and Max each hang up the phone and then Liz calls Maria who answers the phone groggily. "We have a problem!" Liz says before Maria can say anything.

A few minutes pass, and Michael, Isabel, and Max are getting sick again, which is how Alex, Maria, and Liz find them when they walk in.


They see Isabel first she's in the kitchen hunched over the sink. Alex looks at Liz and Maria, "Why don't you guys go find Max and Michael, I'll take care of Iz." He goes up to Isabel and pats her on the back while she gets sick.

Maria and Liz go in search of the guys. Maria finds Michael in the first bathroom, and Liz continues on her way to find Max.

Maria looks at Michael, who is heaving in the toilet. "Ay dios mio" she gets on her knees next to him. Michael has stopped for the moment, and he's resting his head. Maria says his name and he looks up at her. "I don't feel good Maria."

Maria looks at him like he's crazy. "Well of course you don't feel good Mijo you're sick to your stomach."

"But I'm not supposed to get sick," he says.

Maria runs her fingers through his hair, "Well maybe it was bound to happen eventually."

All of a sudden she hears Alex calling her from the kitchen. She goes in there and stops suddenly, she can't believe what she sees. She shakes her head and runs to the other bathroom. She sees Liz sitting on the floor with Max's head in her lap.

"Umm Liz can you help us with Isabel really quick?"

Max looks at Liz "Go ahead, I can rest on the floor" he looks at both of them "Do you know how good a cold floor feels when you're sick?"

Both girls laugh and nod their heads.

Liz gets to her feet "So what's wrong?"

"Just come with me you'll see."

Max tugs on Liz's pants "What's wrong with Izzi?" He asks.

"She's the same as you Max, don't worry."

Maria snorts at this.

As they approach the kitchen they can hear Alex saying not to scratch. Liz goes into the kitchen with Maria, and blinks rapidly at Isabel. She's covered in spots.

Isabel looks at them. "Alex says he thinks I have the chicken pox."

Liz nods her head, "Yeah it looks like you do."

Maria looks at Liz, "What are we going to do?"

Liz sighs "Well there's one option that we can't consider..."Liz trails off because Michael is calling Maria.

Maria runs into the bathroom and comes back shortly. "Michael has them too," she reports.

A couple of hours pass and they're sitting there, discussing their options, and Liz finally decides that since her parents are out of town, Max, Isabel, and Michael are going to stay there where they can take care of them.

Isabel looks at Liz, "Yeah that's a good idea because with the fact that we've never been sick, I know my Mom would want to take us to the doctor."

"Liz.." they hear Max say.

They all turn to look, and Max has spots all over too.

Liz, Alex, and Maria get them together and pack some stuff they need. Liz drives Max and Isabel in Max's car, while Maria follows with Michael and Alex in her car.

They arrive at Liz's house and her parents are gone. They herd the gang upstairs, and Max, Isabel, and Michael sit on the chairs and couches around the living room. Liz starts writing a list of things they need at the store, Maria puts in her two sense about the list and things they need. Liz repeats the list she made back to Maria. "Calamine Lotion, Children's Tylenol, ginger ale, orange juice and apple juice, pedialyte, pepto bismol, chicken soup, anything else Maria?" she asks.

"No I can't think of anything else, if we do need something we can get it later." Maria tells her. She's busy taking Isabel's temperature "101" she says after a minute.

Liz hands Alex the list and he goes out the door. Liz looks at the aliens and they're just sitting there. Michael is scratching even though Maria keeps swatting his hands. Liz sits down next to Max.

"How did this happen Max?"

Max's color is returning as is Isabel's and Michael's. "I don't know, we all just woke up this morning sick."

Liz, ever the scientist, asked, "Well did you eat or do anything that could have made you sick?"

Max shakes his head, "I ate the Chinese same as you last night, then I came home, Michael came over, Isabel came home, and we went to bed."

"Well I don't know what to tell you, maybe it's just something that was meant to happen."

They sit around talking and Alex finally comes back. He and Maria go into the kitchen and start getting Tylenol and calamine lotion ready. Liz goes to help them.

As soon as Liz is gone the trio starts scratching, Michael is rubbing his back on the couch, almost like a bear against a tree. Isabel is scratching her arms, and Max is itching his chest. Liz and the others come in and see what they're up to.

"Michael I told you not to scratch didn't I?" Maria says.

"I can't help it, it's driving me crazy." He says.

Liz tells Max and Michael to take their shirts off. Michael raises his eyebrows at this.

"Yeah keep dreaming spaceboy, we need to get calamine lotion on you," Maria says.

After the calamine is applied, and the Tylenol chewed they sit back and relax. Michael is complaining that the lotion didn't help much. And everyone just rolls their eyes.

Alex jumps up, "Oh yeah, I stopped by the video store...I kind of figured that we would need something to distract them." He gets the video bag and pulls out the videos. "Let's see I got American Pie, Mystery Men, and Runaway Bride for the girls, so what do we want to watch first."

Alex puts American Pie in the VCR. They all get comfortable. Since Liz, Maria, and Alex have all had the chicken pox their not worried about catching it.

The movie ends and Alex and Isabel have fallen asleep. Everyone else is tired also, after being up all morning. Liz lets Maria and Michael have her room. She and Max take her parents' room and Isabel and Alex are already asleep on the couch.

A couple hours pass, and everyone has fallen in a deep deep sleep. Liz has her leg thrown over Max's. Michael is tossing and turning in Liz's bed and it wakes Maria up eventually. She touches him to wake him up, and he's burning up. Just like he was when he got sick that other time. Maria goes and wakes Liz up. "Liz, Michael is burning up." Liz hops out of bed and goes with Maria. Liz touches her hand to Michael's head and he is burning up. They try to wake him up but he won't.

Liz looks at Maria "We need to cool him down" she goes to the other side of the bed. "Go wake Alex and tell him we need his help." Maria does it and comes back with Alex in tow. They all manage to get him to the bathroom. They decide to get him in the shower. They take his shirt off, and his pants. Then Maria strips down to her camisole and panties. Liz looks at Maria then at Alex.

"What? What...What? This is no time for modesty, Michael is sick." Maria says.

Liz just nods.

They turn the water on cold and Maria gets in she jumps at how cold the water is, Liz and Alex get Michael in there. Lix then closes the shower curtain so water doesn't splash all over. Maria maneuvers Michael around so the water is hitting his back and head. She hugs Michael to her more because she's so upset then to keep him up straight. Her head is against Michaels chest, and she can hear his heart beating.

"Wouldn't this work better if the rest of our clothes were off?" Michael whispers.

Maria looks up startled. "You were burning up, we had to get you in here to get you cooled off."

Michael pulls back and looks at her. "If you think that being half naked in a shower with you is going to cool me off, then you're wrong."

Maria smiles at him "Well I could have let Alex get in here with you."

From outside the curtain. "I heard that Maria."

They all laugh.

Maria puts her hand on Michaels forehead. "How do you feel? Are you still hot?"

"Yeah, but not why you think." He says. Maria hits him on the arm. "Only you would get turned on when you're sick."

She turns off the water and they step out of the shower. They wrap towels around themselves and go to Liz's room. Liz calls from the other side of the closed door. "Maria I still have that pair of your underwear in my first drawer that you left here last time. My Mom washed them for you, and Michael if you want to take your boxers off, I'll throw them in the dryer for you." Michael takes his boxers off, and wraps the towel around himself again. Maria hands him her panties and top to give Liz too. He hands them to Liz and she walks off. He turns around and sees Maria rummaging through Liz's drawer. Her towel is slipping.

Michael comes up to her and pulls her back against him. Maria can tell that he is more than happy to see her. "Michael what are you doing?"

He turns Maria around and kisses her. They stand there kissing, and after a while Maria's towel has fallen at her feet. Michael picks her up and carries her to the bed.

Later after Liz has finally brought his boxers, Michael and Maria get dressed.

They walk out into the living room, and everyone is giving them looks. Maria just ignores them. They sit on the couch, and Liz brings Michael some chicken noodle soup. They watch another movie, and by 12:00 midnight there are no more temperatures, no more flu, and no chicken pox. It's almost like it never happened. They have all called their parents earlier and said they were spending the nights at each others' houses, not mentioning it was coed.

The next day Liz gets up, and cooks breakfast for three very hungry people. The alien trio eats their way through a dozen eggs, a pound of bacon, toast, milk, and some chocolate cake with tobassco.

The End...But to be continued in a later story

P.S. Yes they will find out what made them sick

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