Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
Part 3
by Amanda Wood
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, they belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katmis, and the UPN television network.
Summary: The gang comes face to face with some familar enemies.
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
Michael slammed on the brakes and Liz’s car squealed to a stop. He hurried out and down the rocks to the lake Isabel was close behind him. “Michael, what are you going to do?” She asked stopping next to him.

“I’m going to put them on ice,” He said when he reached the water he took a deep breath and held his hand just below the surface of the water. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the water molecules, he imagined the lake turning to ice, he felt the water around his hand become cold and stiff and then warm again, he opened his eyes, “Help me with this,” Isabel nodded and kneeled next to him, she took his hand. “Concentrate,” he told her taking a deep breath.

He could feel the connection between them link up, Isabel threw out and image of ice cream, the kind with the little alien gumballs in it. He tossed out an image of the planet Hoth from Empire strikes back. “That should hold them,” he said to her quietly looking out at the glassy sheet of ice that now covered the lake. They broke their hands out of it, he turned and hiked back up to Liz’s car, she hurried after him just as Alex’s Rabbit pulled into the parking lot, shortly followed by Valenti’s squad car. Max raced to him and he could see Tess climb out of Valenti’s car.

“Anymore unwelcome guests?” Alex said approaching them.

“I think I found a way to hold them.” Valenti walked over to them. “I have an idea of where Liz and Maria are.” He said pulling a map out of his pocket, Michael took it and looked at it, there was a small area circled. “What is this,” he said pointing at the circled spot. “There’s an old military post a couple miles from here, it’s the nearest thing within twenty square miles. I don’t think even an alien would want to wander to far.”

“Thank you,” Michael said, “Maxwell, you and I are going to take care of this bastard right now…” he came to an abrupt stop when he heard something shatter from the lake. “Oh Christ,” he said turning and racing down the tumble rocks, Max was right behind him, as was everybody else, they all came to a halt when they reached the water. There were large holes in the ice covering, and five glowing UFO Center aliens walking toward them across the ice. “I thought that would hold them!” Michael screamed.

“Apparently not,” Max said to his friend raising his hand Tess, Isabel, and Michael followed his lead, they shot a wave of green tinted light at the beings. They fell back for a moment and then shot a shock wave right back at them, everyone flew back onto the rocks. Michael sat up painfully, “Is everyone okay!” He shouted.

“I’m good,” Tess screamed back.

“I’ll be all right,” Isabel said, Alex made his way over to help her up, he looked back to the lake the glowing beings were still gaining on them.

“Now what?” Michael yelled over to Max who was standing up.

“I don’t know,” he said looking back to the lake.

“Let’s give them another blast!” Tess said.

“Good idea,” Michael said, they shot another blast at them, this time the beings flew back into the water. The four of them lowered their hands; Michael walked over to Alex and Kyle. “You guys, go with Valenti,” he handed them the map, “Get the girls out of there.”

“Yes sir,” Alex and Kyle said saluting him obnoxiously and then starting back up the rocks.

“Are you guys going to be able to handle this?” Valenti asked looking at the four of them.

“I hope so,” Michael said. Valenti nodded, “Tess, be careful,” he said turning and walking up the rocks.

“Michael they’re already coming back,” Isabel said looking at the beings in the lake.

“Now what?” Tess said taking a deep breath.

* * * *

Liz flew back into the metal wall and slid down to the floor, “Liz!” Maria screamed racing to her friend. “I’m okay,” Liz said standing up painfully.

“I’ve had it with your little games!” The Michael thing hissed, this time both girls hit the wall, they slid to the floor breathing in painfully. “Now, you either tell me what I want to know, or I will kill you!”

“I’ve already been dead,” Maria managed painfully, “It’s not so bad,” she took in a sharp breath as more pain shot up her legs and into her chest. Liz reached for her friend but found her self unable to move, the Michael thing had control of her body, he forced her to her feet and walked her to him. He placed his hand on her head, “Don’t think of anything!” Maria screamed trying to get to her feet but failing, her body was aching.

“Tell, me what I want to know,” he said, Liz felt electricity pulse up her legs and to her brain, he was in her head. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth against the sharp daggers in her blood stream. She could feel the Michael thing lock on to something; she tried squirming away from him. He had reached a thought about Max, the memory of the day he told her he was an alien. “No!” Liz screamed willing her body to move she tried to replace the memory with something else anything. Rosy! She thought about her sister. The Michael thing pushed the thought away, Maria, help me…Suddenly the Michael thing was thrown from Liz, he hit the wall with a hard slam, Liz felt herself released and then crumpled to the floor. Maria crawled over to her, “What happened, what did you do?”

“I don’t know,” Liz said confused, her body hurt, but she forced herself to stand. “He’s not going to be out for long.” She said looking at Maria, “We have to find a way out of here.” She looked around the room wildly, “Where is the door?” She said racing to the corner the Michael thing had always come in from, it was smooth metal, she couldn’t even see a small seam.

“Um Liz,” Maria said panicked. Liz turned to see the Michael thing stand up; there was a halo of blinding blue light around him. She could feel the room surge with energy, and suddenly her and Maria were flying through the air again, this time they hit the glass mirror, it shattered around them and she could feel herself hit the floor. She turned her head painfully, they were in another room, and there was a door lurking in the corner. She turned and helped Maria up; “We have to move quick!” Maria nodded painfully and managed to get to her feet. The electricity in the room was pulsing, Liz pulled the door with all her strength but it wouldn’t budge. “No,” she said kicking it. “Maria help me, we have to get the door opened.”

“Right,” Maria said, they each turned so their shoulder would come in contact with the door, they raced for it, but the door flew open and they pitched into two pairs of arms. Alex looked down at Maria and smiled, “You okay?” Liz looked up to see Kyle holding her, “We have to get out of here.” She said on the verge of panic.

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” he said helping her to stand; he wrapped his arm around her waste and turned they headed down a corridor.

“You two look like crap,” Alex said following him.

“Thanks,” Liz said taking a deep breath. The air was pulsing again, “We have to hurry!” She said trying to walk faster, but her legs hurt.

“What’s going on?” Valenti said coming around a corner, Liz’s heart jumped into her throat. “He’s coming,” she said tensing as the electricity in the air grew so thick it crinkled.

“Who is?” Valenti said taking her other side, his voice sounded far away.

“Liz,” Maria whimpered, Liz turned to see her friend fly out of Alex’s arms. “No!” She said breaking away from Valenti and Kyle, she grabbed Maria’s outstretched hand and pulled her against her body, she clung to her protectively. The Michael thing stepped into their view; she could feel herself and Maria being drawn toward him.

“What is Michael doing here?” Alex asked confused.

“It’s not Michael!” Maria screamed holding tighter to Liz.

“What?” Alex asked.

“It’s not Michael,” Kyle said racing for the girls and wrapping them in his arms, Alex raced to them and did the same. There was a round of gunfire as Valenti opened fire on the Michael thing, the bullets sizzled and clinked to the ground. “You can’t shoot him!” Liz screamed. “We have to get him to the lake with the others!” She faintly heard Valenti scream, “Others!” Maria cried. Suddenly the electricity in the room dissipated and she could feel herself being released from the Michael thing’s control. “Okay someone needs to explain this to me.” Alex said stepping away from Kyle, Liz, and Maria.

“Me too,” Valenti said helping everyone up.

“We don’t have time!” Maria screamed, “He was sent here to kill them.”

* * * *

His energy was being drained quickly, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. “Max I can’t…” Michael heard Isabel say, he turned and saw her fall exhausted to the rocks. In a moment Tess was by her side.

“I can’t believe these things,” he screamed through gritted teeth, “They have to have a weakness!”

“Well, so far I’m not seeing one.” Max said letting more energy surge through him. There was a powerful blast and he saw Michael tossed back almost on top of Isabel and Tess, then he felt himself tossed back.

“What are these things, super aliens!” Tess said helping Max and Michael up. “Isabel doesn’t have anything left,” she said turning her eyes onto the lake. Isabel’s breathes came labored; both her face and body were horribly bruised, “I’ve just about had it with these guys!” Michael said looking at Isabel and then back at the creatures in the lake. He shot another blast of energy out to the things, but it came out weak, he took a deep painful breath.

“We have to keep trying.” Max said raising his hand and shooting his own blast out on to the lake. Suddenly the sky began to flicker with lighting; Michael felt the hair on the back of his next stand up. Isabel let out a painful wail, and then fell silent. “What the hell is going on?” Tess said watching the creatures in the lake dive back under the protective surface of the water. “I don’t know but I don’t like it.” Michael said inhaling deeply.

* * * *

“Can’t this thing go any faster!” Maria screamed.

“I have the petal to the floor,” Valenti said, his voice trailed off as an incredibly bright flash of lighting filled the desert air.

“We’re not supposed to have a storm tonight,” he said rolling down the window and sticking his hand out.

“That’s not from a storm,” Liz said frightened. Valenti slammed on the breaks as they approached the lake, the lighting was centered over the lake, Liz stepped out of the vehicle and the wind whipped her dark hair around her face, Maria stumbled out after her. “This isn’t good!” Alex screamed over the wind.

“I totally agree!” Kyle said stepping up behind them. They raced down the rocks and saw what was causing the lighting, the Michael thing was materializing out of the air, when the process was complete he looked at the Max, Michael, Isabel who was motionless on the rocks, and Tess.

“I finally get to meet the Royal Four.” He said smiling Michael’s smile.

“Michael,” Maria screamed into the whipping wind, she started toward him, before Liz could grab her and stop her. The thing turned to her and raised his hand, Michael dove in between the blast and Maria, and he crumpled to the rocks motionless.

“Michael!” Maria screamed kneeling beside him and cradling his body in her arms, Liz ran to her side while Alex and Kyle went to Isabel’s aid. Valenti ran over to Michael and Maria. The Michael thing was laughing, “Two down,” he said smirking, “And now for the Royal couple,” he said turning to Tess and Max. “Your highnesses,” he bowed sarcastically. The rest of the creatures now emerged from the lake and surround them. “Now what?” Tess whispered stepping closer to Max. “Do you remember that thing you did to the skins?” He said without turning to her and staring into the Michael things empty eyes.

“Yea,” she said quietly looking around her at the other beings, she could feel one of them reach out and touch her. She jumped and took a frightened breath. “I've finally found you,” she heard from the circle but couldn’t pin point it’s origin. Max hadn’t seemed to hear it.

“Do you think you can re-enact it?” Max said to her.

“I don’t know,” she said looking around the circle again, who had said that?

“We’re going to try,” he reached out and grabbed her hand, she felt a surge of anger from the circle, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Still standing by the one you love,” the Michael thing said acknowledging their clasped hands but Max had the feeling the comment wasn’t aimed at him. He closed his eyes and focused on the molecules around him, he could feel energy surging from Tess, he channeled it and threw out an image of an atomic explosion he’d seen once on TV. From Tess he received the image of and exploding stick of dynamite.

Liz reached out and took Maria’s hand, Maria took Michael’s, Alex took his other hand and clasped Isabel’s hand, Kyle grabbed her other hand. Liz tossed out the image of an imploding star, she wasn’t sure this was going to work, not without Michael and Isabel. Maria took a deep breath and tossed out the image of a candle being extinguished. Both Kyle and Alex threw out images of explosions in space.

There was a bright flash of light, and Max could feel hot flames wrap around him and Tess. Just before she opened her eyes Tess heard the voice again, "Now we can be together."

Liz huddled close to Maria and Michael closing her eyes against the brightness. Then suddenly the energy in the air dissipated, she opened her eyes and the Michael thing was gone, all of the creatures were gone.

Max turned in a circle looking around to see if they’d missed any of the creatures. “Are you okay?” He asked Tess noticing the confused expression on her face.

“Yea, I’m fine,” she said sounding exhausted.

“Max!” He heard Liz call from behind him; “Michael and Isabel aren’t breathing!” He turned from Tess and raced toward her.

“Michael,” Maria was repeating his name over and over holding him and rocking back and forth. There were hot tears on her cheeks, she couldn’t stop them, “Michael,” she said again, “I knew it,” she said weakly, “I knew I was right…but…no one would listen…” Liz touched her shoulder gently. “Let Max try and help him,” Maria pulled away from him painfully and sank into Liz’s arms.

“Tess, can you work on Izzy?” Max called back to her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath something wasn’t right. She pushed the thought aside and walked over to Isabel.

“Are you okay,” Kyle asked moving so she could kneel beside Iz.

“I’m fine,” she said tiredly, she placed her hands on Isabel’s chest and focused as much energy as possible into her body.

“Can you heal her?” Alex asked quietly.

“I’ve never tried before,” she said and concentrated harder, she could at least give her a boost. Isabel’s eyes blinked open, Tess relaxed. Alex leaned over and hugged her, “How are you feeling?” he said quietly in her ear.

“Why isn’t it working?” Liz asked Max looking at Michael and holding Maria tighter. “I don’t know,” he said, “my power is to low,” he sounded defeated. “How did Tess do with Izzy,” he looked over to see his sister hugging Alex. “I didn’t know she could heal,” Liz said.

“Neither did I, I think some of our power transfused during the connection,” he tried Michael again this time he felt a jolt as his heart started and he drew in a shallow breath. “Maria,” Liz said shaking her friend, Maria turned and saw Michael breathing, she draped herself over him. “I’m sorry,” she said new tears pouring from her eyes, she felt Michael weakly wrap her in a hug. “I love you,” she said quietly, “I didn’t mean it when I broke up with you,” she sniffed. Michael sat himself up and continued to hug her, “It took me almost dying for you to admit that?” He said lightly, Maria laughed a little, “I died too,” she said kissing him quickly.

“What?” he said pulling his face away from hers?

“I’ll explain it later,” she said kissing him again.

Tess felt a sudden chill rack her body and she pitched forward into Kyle’s arms; he caught her, “What’s wrong?” He said holding her as she began to shake, Valenti moved over next to his son, “Tess,” he said brushing hair off of her forehead, she felt warm, there was sweat drenching her brow. “We have to get her to a hospital.” He said lifting her out of Kyle’s arms, her head rolled back limply.

Max pushed himself to his feet and walked over to Valenti, “You can’t take her to the hospital.” He said, “They’ll want to take blood, and run tests, they’ll find out about her.” Liz rose and took his arm, Valenti looked him in the eye, “She needs medical attention,” he said, “You’re powers need to recharge themselves, and I’m not going to risk Tess while we wait for that to happen,” without further conversation he started up the rocks back to the car.

“I’ll talk to him about it,” Kyle said chasing up after his dad. Max turned back to Liz he looked at her; she hugged him tightly and smiled softly. Alex helped Isabel up and started up the rocks after Valenti, Michael and Maria followed. “This could be bad.” Max said taking Liz’s hand and heading up after them...

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