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"Playing With Fire"
Part 7
by Love
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Max looked at Liz, disbelief filling his eyes. She just stared back at him.

"Dawn is Pierce's daughter?" Liz shook her head, not knowing what to say. Her attention was captivated by the scene in front of her. She clung to Max, wishing she could do something to help. Dawn looked absolutely petrified as Pierce made his way over to her. The gun she held in her hand was shaking uncontrollably as Dawn shivered. Her cheeks were tear-stained as she regarded him warily. He reached out to touch her, but she pulled back.

"Don't touch me." She hissed the words and moved backwards, trying to get away from Pierce. Liz watched in horror as Pierce grabbed Dawn's wrist and hugged her to his chest. Dawn started to scream- a shrill, high-pitched scream that made Liz's hair crawl. Pierce shoved a rough hand over her mouth to keep her from making a disturbance.

Dawn could hear Pierce's ragged breathing and his breath was hot on her ear. His hand was over to her mouth, and Dawn took the opportunity as it had come. She licked his hand and when he pulled it away slightly, she bit down as hard as she could. "Ow!" He let go of her mouth, but his other hand still had a strong hold on her. He shoved her against the garage door of her apartment complex. Dawn was vaguely aware of the fact that no one had come out to check out the gunshots. Then she remembered: No one was around. It was deserted this time of day. She knew she was closed in and she had no way out. Pierce leaned in and when his face was inches from hers, he spoke.

"You missed Daddy, didn't you?" Dawn felt repulsed, and it took all of her might not to throw up.

"You're not my father. You never were and you never will be." Pierce just grinned horribly at her.

"Yeah, I'm not your biological father. But I'm your stepfather."

"No you're not. Mom divorced you five years ago. But you didn't care. You never cared about her. You just used her to get into the FBI. And once you did, you dropped her. You had affairs. You did everything you could to hurt her. And then you killed her." She choked back tears, trying to stay calm, but she was quickly losing it.

"I loved your mother. You know that." He stroked the side of her face and Dawn spit in his face.

"Screw you."

Tess just stared at Pierce and Dawn. She didn't know what the hell was going on, but she was uncomfortable with the way things were going. She looked at Jonathan, whose face reflected what she was feeling. Pierce was seriously freaking her out, and she could see that Jonathan felt the same way. Tess sensed that Jonathan still cared for Dawn, even after everything they went through. He had told her of their relationship, they're messy breakup, and her stalking him. She had believed what he had told her before she met Dawn. But since she had gotten to see Dawn in action, she wondered if Jonathan was lying. Dawn was crazy, but she wasn't so crazy that she would stalk somebody she didn't even *like.* From what she had seen of Dawn's behavior, she felt less than friendly towards Jonathan.

Dawn's eyes were wet from the tears and her cheeks felt sticky, but she still managed to keep her composure, even with Pierce's heavy body weighing her down. She carefully avoided his eyes, knowing that if she looked at them, she would lose her confidence. If the saying was true, and the eyes were the windows to the soul, then Pierce had no soul. She instead focused her eyes on two forms at the side of the driveway. Max and Liz clung to each other, looking at her in horror. Liz caught her eyes and offered her a wary smile, trying to tell her that everything was okay.

Dawn gave her a little smile in return, trying not to show too much emotion. Pierce thrived on fear, and Dawn had to let him know that she was not afraid of him. At least she had to play it off that she wasn't scared. Out of the corner of her eye she saw movement. Jonathan had started to move up the driveway, a finger to his lips.

Dawn suddenly understood. She gave a slight nod with her head to let him know that she saw him, then slowly reached for the gun that was in her left hand.

Jonathan got up right behind Pierce and knocked him over the head with his gun. Pierce reeled in shock, then released Dawn. She ran out of Pierce's reach and aimed her gun for Pierce's arm, hitting it dead on. She saw the fury in Pierce's eyes as he struggled to get up. He reached for his belt line, and Dawn's eyes widened in horror when she saw the glint of metal. The realization hit her.

I shot him in the wrong arm! She knew that he could shoot as well one-handed as he could with both hands. He shot with his right arm, and she had shot him in his left.

"Run!" She screamed to Max and Liz, who were still standing in shock. Liz grabbed Max's hand and pulled him behind her. He started to run and they sprinted across the yard with Dawn right behind them. Suddenly a gunshot rang out and Liz's body crumpled to the ground.


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