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"One Night Forever"
Part 22
by Mslayer713
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Isabel stretched and sighed, already missing Alex's touch. God, she knew dreamwalking him would be torture, but she couldn't resist; she had to do it. Finally opening her eyes, Isabel sprung up into a sitting position when she saw Max looking down a her.

"Max? Are you ok?" Isabel knew he was sick of her mothering, but after what happened today, she was worried to death about him. Max seemed so lost and frightened, like a little child. And she promised Liz she'd look after him.

Max didn't answer, but just sat down on the bed. "I need to dreamwalk Liz."

Isabel paused and looked down. "Max...I don't think you should."

"You were just dreamwalking Alex-"

Isabel looked up at him with huge eyes and said suddenly, "But I wasn't having seizures earlier, now was I?"

Max turned away and Isabel cursed, knowing that yelling at him wasn't the right thing to do. Max was so fragile right now...and she didn't want to break him. But seeing Liz again could.

"I'm sorry," Isabel whispered. "But I'm against this Max."

Max looked back at her, his eyes never wavering. "I can't leave it like that...I wanna say goodbye in my own way...I need to."

Isabel saw the love and longing in his eyes and underlining it all was determination. He might be here pleading with her, but if she chose not to help, he'd find another why to do it; she was positive.

"What is it...why do you need her so much? Need to say goodbye again?" she whispered, not understanding. Sure, Isabel missed Alex already, but not like this. Max sincerely looked like he would die if he had to be away from Liz much longer. Isabel had never understood their connection.

Max looked down, his eyes starting to shimmer. "I feel so lost...and she's my home..." He looked back up at her and sighed. "I can't help but be pulled toward her. Every cell in my body is calling out for her. And I HAVE to answer."

Isabel nodded faintly, scooting back on the bed to make room for her brother. Her mind was telling her what a bad idea this way, but her heart skipped a beat at just the thought of Alex ever having those kind of feelings for her someday. To have someone love you so unconditionally, or to even love someone else like that...Isabel knew she couldn't deny her brother his wish.

Taking a deep breath, Isabel closed her eyes and focused. Picturing Liz in her mind, she opened her eyes once more and Looked at Max, taking his hands in hers. "Think of only Liz...nothing else matters." She almost laughed at that. Isabel was positive that's how he already felt.

Feeling her brother's heartbeat join hers, Isabel charged up her energy and let Max's flow into her, fizzing up, ready to be released. Right before it was about to be shot out into the room, Isabel opened her mind and threw her power out, letting it glide until she could feel Liz's presence.

Totally connected to Max know, Isabel could feel his joy and numbingly blind happiness in feeling her aura. Smiling for her brother, Isabel opened her eyes and found herself on Liz's balcony. Looking around, she saw Max open his eyes also now, instantly gazing into the closed window.

Isabel didn't have to look to know Liz was in there, she could feel it. "Go," she urged her brother. "But, don't stray far. I'll be waiting."

Max sent her a mental 'thank you' then put his hand up, making the window slide up silently.

With a sad smile on her face, Isabel lessened her connection on Max and gave him some privacy. He would let her know when he was ready to come back.


Michael watched the bathroom door with a weary eye as Tess entered. Sighing with frustration, Michael looked at the door that connected his and Max's room with what was to be Isabel and Tess's, if she ever left his bathroom.

Max had went over a little while ago, saying he wanted to talk to Isabel. Michael knew what it was about. He saw Isabel lying down; she was dreamwalking. Guessing it was Alex, Michael left it be. If she wanted to torture herself, he wasn't gonna stop her.

But Max, Michael hoped Isabel had enough sense to keep him from it. Max didn't need to go into another lock down again. Isabel would have to be pretty stupid to help him connect with Liz.

A sudden sizzle at the back of his neck made Michael glare at the bathroom door again. Tess was using her powers--a lot of them. What was going on with her? And who was she talking to earlier?

Running a hand through his hair, Michael decided to go over and talk to Isabel and Max. He wasn't gonna get any answers from Tess tonight.

Opening the door and entering the other room, Michael cursed as he saw Isabel and Max siting on the bed facing each other, both lost in a deep connection.

"Damn it, Isabel," Michael growled, walking over. They were both out cold. Placing a hand on Max's wrist to take his pulse, Michael was relieved to find out it was ok, along with Isabel's.

Feeling like he had to do something, Michael put a shaky hand on Isabel's shoulder and took a deep breath, trying to feel the connection. The hair on his skin stood up as Michael felt the energy whizzing by.

Lashing out with his mind, Michael grabbed on and was pulled in, stumbling as he felt his feet start to sink. Opening his eyes, Michael found himself on a deserted beach.

"You were always nosy," a voice said from behind him. Michael spun to see Isabel siting down in the sand, her hair blowing over her shoulders.

"When it involves you letting a emotionally upset guy-"

"Emotionally upset?" Isabel asked, turning her gaze to him. " least Max admits he misses Liz. You won't even mention Maria's name."

"Don't bring her into this," Michael said, his voice low and commanding.

Isabel scoffed and shook her head. "See, right there." She turned her gaze back up at him and added, "He's just saying goodbye, ok? Where's the harm?"

"The harm is when he won't want to come back," Michael pointed out.

"What's your point? I didn't wanna come back. But I did. And so will Max."

Micahel sat down by Isabel and shook his head, watching the sunset. "I don't like it."

"He would've found a way without our help, Michael," Isabel pointed out. "At least this way I can watch over him."

Michael sighed and finally nodded, looping an arm around Isabel's shoulders. She snuggled up next to him, letting her thoughts wonder.

"We could bring Maria in," she suggested.

"That's ok."

Isabel looked up at him and tried to read his expression. "It isn't that hard now that I understand--"

"I said no," Michael repeated, not meeting her gaze. Wouldn't Isabel ever learn to take no as an answer?

"I heard that," she mumbled.

Micahel sighed, totally forgetting about their connection. "Then you know I mean business."

"She misses you Michael...wouldn't you like to give her a better goodbye?"

"If I tried...I don't think I could say goodbye again," Michael mumbled.

Standing up quickly, Micahel pushed away from the connection before Isabel could react. He needed some air to think.


Max climbed through the window and stopped, drinking in the image of Liz. She was sprawled out over her bed, one arm hanging over the side. The blanket was pushed down some, her bare stomach revealed after her shirt had risen up.

Walking over to the bed, Max kneeled down and ran a hand over her flat stomach, eyeing the spot with a fond memory. Like earlier, he leaned down and kissed the exact spot.

"I think I like that better every time you do it."

Max smiled and looked up to see Liz staring down at him. "Hey. You like that?" When Liz nodded, Max kissed her again, this time leaving a little red mark. Then he reached up and planted a kiss on her waiting lips.

"What are you doing here, Max?" she asked, running her hand over his lips.

"I missed you," he replied, kissing her fingers. "So I asked Isabel to help me dreamwalk."

"So, this is a dream?" she asked, her face falling some.

"In a way...come here," he whispered, taking her hand. Liz stood up and welcomed his kisses, weaving her fingers in his hair. Sighing into her mouth, Max pulled her closer and deepened the kiss.

When they pulled apart for air, Liz looked up at him and asked, "Max...what do you want us to say to your parents?"

Max, stunned by her question, thought for a moment. As soon as the possibility to tell his mother entered her brain, he could feel Isabel's interest in them start back up.

"Isabel..." Max let the connection deepen a little with his sister.

"We should let Liz tell her." Isabel's voice rang in his head, her hope showing through. Sending her back a reply, Max felt the connection lessen until she was just a little hum.

Looking down at Liz, Max said aloud, "Our mom...she deserves to know that we're ok...and why we left." The answer felt so sure...something was telling him to do this; that it would help them.

Liz nodded, laying her head on his chest. "I think so too."

Max just held Liz in his arms, his heart full with just holding her like this. Smiling, Max looked back out her window and remembered the rest of his plans for the night.

"Come on," he said with a smile, bringing Liz toward the window.

"We're going somewhere?" she asked. Max nodded but didn't answer. "I gotta get dressed."

"We're not going too far," Max offered, helping her out the window.

Still holding her hand, Max walked over to the ledge and stepped up, standing on the edge. When Liz let go of his hand and didn't follow, he gazed down at her.

"Do you trust me?" he asked.

"Of course," she replied, not even hesitating.

Holding out his hand once more, Max added, "I won't let anything happen to you."

Smiling, Liz took his hand and let him pull her up. She looked down at took a deep breath. There was no river to land in this time. "Max..."

"Look up," he whispered, his voice right behind her ear. Liz did as he said and was shocked to see how bright the stars shined.

"Kiss me."

Liz smiled and looked back down at him, turning her body toward his. "Always." Closing her eyes as their lips touched, her scream was silenced as she felt herself fall forward.

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