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"Once Upon A Time"
"The Lost One"
Part 4
by Jenna
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or anything having to do with it. But I do own my ideas and original characters. :-)
Summary: A new face appears in Roswell, someone no one knew about, and no one expected. She could give them the answers to all of their questions . .
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first fanfic, so be nice. I would love to have feedback! Please e-mail me and tell me what you think.
Lauren sipped her steaming coffee and adjusted herself on the table. The group was sitting around her on chairs, drinking their own drinks and watching her. Tess had just arrived, as well. Lauren felt bad for her. It was going to be tough to tell her what had happened to her on the home planet.

Lauren put down the coffee and took a deep breath. She waved her hand in front of her, creating an image made of colored light. It was like 3-D and totally real. There was a green planet, twirling in space.

"Our home," Lauren announced, snapping her fingers. Now they zoomed in, through the layers of atmosphere and descended on a silver castle. "The castle. Max and Isabel, Tess and Michael, we all lived here. Well, Tess, you only got to spend a night there. The night before your wedding."

The image showed two crowns swirling together. Lauren saw looks exchange between Max and Tess. Max scooted his chair closer to Liz, who leaned away.

"The King and Queen," Lauren said, almost reverently. "But only for a day. Well, actually, only for an hour. The day of your wedding was the day Khivar attacked." Lauren pushed ahead, wanting this next part to be over quick. "I guess you don't know a whole lot about our alien lives. The marriage happened. It was real. But the thing that most people don't know . . .and that you don't know . . .is that Tess and Max's union was arranged."

Tess's mouth parted, her face etched with shock. "Wait, what are you saying? Are you telling me that our . . .wedding . . .that Max and I are . . .the whole thing was arranged?"

Lauren shrugged, nodding her head. "Basically, yeah."

"I have memories, Lauren. Of Max and me . . .we were in love!" Tess cried.

"Those memories were planted in you when you were engineered," Lauren said shortly. She looked at Max. His eyes were teary. "You, too. I mean, your destiny wants you to be together cuz the marriage did happen, or whatever. But there was no attraction, no real feelings. It wasn't true love or any shit like that. There was . . .something else awaiting the King. Or so the story goes," she finished ruefully.

Tess' eyes filled with tears and her face displayed confusion and shock. Lauren continued with her speech. The crowns disappeared and lazers shot through the image. "The war ripped everything apart." Now there were two balls of light. A moment later, more lights appeared. "We were . . .born. And put into pods." A spaceship. "We left for Earth." The image blinked and went out.

Lauren looked around at each face : tear streaked Tess and open-eyed Isabel. Max and Liz only had eyes for each other. Maria looked overwhemed. Michael's face was blank, like always.

"What about me? What's my destiny?" Isabel asked faintly.

Lauren smiled at her. "I believe that you determine your own destiny."

At this, Liz's face turned away from Max's. Lauren and Liz's eyes met and understanding flashed between them. Lauren winked at her before turning back to Isabel.

"On the home planet, you and Michael were in love. Or, so everyone thought. Vilandra's betrayal was shocking and hurtful. Vilandra ended up with Khivar . . .until she was killed." Lauren struggled with her words. "You and Vilandra are different people. Were different people. You're Isabel. The end."

Isabel smiled through her tears. "I think I understand."

Lauren nodded. "Good. I think you've learned enough about your alien lives for one night." She looked over at Tess. "I'm sorry that your life wasn't what you thought. Those images are what was put in your head, but the real events . . .are very different."

Tess stood from the table and began to walk to the doors of the Crashdown. "I need to be alone," she managed to say before darting away.

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