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"Once Upon A Time"
"The Lost One"
Part 2
by Jenna
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or anything having to do with it. But I do own my ideas and original characters. :-)
Summary: A new face appears in Roswell, someone no one knew about, and no one expected. She could give them the answers to all of their questions . .
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first fanfic, so be nice. I would love to have feedback! Please e-mail me and tell me what you think.
Lauren turned the steering wheel of her Jeep and parked in front of the Crashdown Cafe. She opened the door and hopped out, studying her reflection in the glass windows of the restaurant. Her baggy black pants and white beater were different from the white scrubs she had to wear at the compound. She liked these clothes a lot better.

Lauren grabbed the yearbook from the back seat and flipped through to the pages that were folded down. She found Max and Isabel and gazed at the pictures.

"My brother," she whispered, touching the smooth photo. She looked at the photo of Isabel and tilted her head. "My sister."

The chimes over the door of the restaurant clanged loudly as it was opened and in that moment, Max developed a terrible headache. The pains shot through his head so harshly that he dropped a handful of fries. Tess stared at him, watching as his face contorted in pain.

"Max?" she whispered and touched his hand. "What's wrong?"

He lifted his head from his hands and forced a smile. "I guess it's just a migraine."

Lauren sauntered up to the counter where a pretty waitress was chattering on a cell phone. "Can I get a coffee, please? Cream and sugar." She looked at the waitress' nametag. "Maria."

Maria nodded and hung up the phone. "Coming right up." She turned and began to fill a mug with hot coffee. Lauren turned her attention away and gazed at the booth where Max and Isabel sat. She recognized Michael and Tess, and smiled.

"So you're all here," she said softly, digging in her pocket.

"Did you say something?" Maria asked, setting down the mug.

Max's head was pounding so much that he thought it was going to explode. He struggled to look likehe was fine, so that his friends and sister wouldn't freak out. He opened his eyes and searched the cafe, hoping to find some relief. When his eyes stopped on a young girl in punk clothes, the pounding began to beat faster. Max narrowed his eyes, confusion adding to the pain in his head. He heard Tess ask him about his headache. Without thinking, the words came out of his mouth.

"They're coming from her," he said faintly.

Lauren felt her stomach tighten as she walked over to the booth. Almost immediately, she went into a mind warp, making everyone at the table and in the restaurant except for Max unaware of her. Max kept his eyes on her as she approached. Before he could say a word, she put her hands on his forehead.

Images shot through both of their minds. A planet spinning wildly in circles; a golden throne with blood dripping down the side; Isabel and Max playing in a sandbox; a silver lake; a brunette girl in a waitress uniform; silver handprints; Dave and Lauren running through a tunnel.

The connection ended abruptly when Lauren pulled away her hands. Her mind warp ended and Max stood, towering over her.

"Who are you?" he asked in a startled voice.

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