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"Once Forgotten/I Believe"
Part 9
by Ria Stardancer
Disclaimer: I own nothing but an overactive imagination.
Summary: Future fic. Years after destiny, the alien four are finally home, and they brought their humans with them. But is the alien planet where they really want to be?
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I'm anti-destiny, anti-UC, and anti-unhappy endings. Don't worry, you're safe with me.:)
Max: We got home safely, but not everything was as we had expected.

Liz: They lied to us. Our parents are alive, theyíre okay!

Michael: They were a little shocked by our news, but they seem okay with it. Amy is thrilled with Kally, and is absolutely determined to spoil her rotten.

Maria: Kally likes it here, a lot. I think she has more of a connection to this place than she has to the planet of her birth.

Kyle: My dad was more than surprised when I walked in with Tess Harding-now-Valenti. Sarah nearly had him off his feet. But I have a feeling heís going to spoil her even more than Diane will. . .

Tess: All the parents welcomed me like I was their own daughter. I feel so enveloped in love, here.

Alex: We were all welcomed home with open arms, once both sides got over the shock of the other side being alive.

Isabel: They started helping us find new lives for ourselves.

Max: Liz and I bought a little house on the edge of town. Not huge, but big enough for us, and Tore, and. . .

Liz: Iím pregnant again. Iím so happy I can hardly breathe.

Michael: Maria is going nuts over the apartment we got. I guess after three years in a mostly sterile environment sheís allowed to go paint crazy. . .

Maria: Iím going to help my mom run her store. Itís not exactly my prime idea of an occupation, but it should be fun, and itís not like I need the money or anything.

Kyle: I found a house over near the high school that Tess is absolutely going to love. Itís got all the little crannies and corners that she could ever want.

Tess: I finally have a yard for Sarah to play in, and a family. Kyle and I decided to go to Egypt this winter, to explore. . .

Alex: I saw Paulie, one of Kyleís groupies from high school today, and I was right. Heís absolutely green with envy!

Isabel: Iíve never felt so safe before. I have my family back! I have Alex, I have my parents, I have my son, I have my friends and brother and their children. I have all the love that anyone could ask for, and more. This is all I really ever wanted. . . strange, that I would find it here. . .

Max: I can let my son be alone for three seconds, and know that heíll be all right. I can send my wife off to the store, or to lunch with her friends, and not feel that I should be there to protect her. We are safe. I am safe. The dreams are gone and I can be at peace.

Liz: I finally have a semi-normal life. Well, not exactly normal, when you consider that Tore left a silver handprint on his grandmotherís table top, I donít know how weíre going to explain that. . . but we are free to make our own choices at last.

Michael: Mariaís finally becoming herself again. Sheís finally rediscovering color, light, sparkles, and happy things. The apartment was just the beginning, I assure you. I am finding the girl inside her again, and with that girl comes a part of me I thought I had lost a long time ago.

Maria: I still remember him every day. Steven, I mean. Time doesnít make the pain grow less. But I am learning to deal with the pain, steadily. . . I think this new baby will help. Iím going to call her Anne.

Kyle: Tess and I may have to put off our trip to Egypt for awhile, at least until the baby is born. She wonít tell me, but I think itís a boy. She is so happy, the happiness almost radiates from her. She is so beautiful.

Tess: Kyle is crazy if he thinks we are putting off our trip. Iíll climb pyramids pregnant if I have to! My life is so full, I think I will burst. . . and I donít care one bit.

Alex: I have a theory on the pregnancy thing. I think the girls were to depressed to conceive, before, so their bodies are taking revenge. I mean, the first time, it was planned, but now itís frankly ridiculous! If you could only see the grin on my face right now. . .

Isabel: So our group is going to have four new babies in the spring. Four! Our parents might be a little disturbed, but I know it was meant to be. Our destiny wasnít in some far away place. It was right here all along.

Max: There is one thing I know.

Liz: Whatever happens next. . .

Michael: We will face it together. . .

Maria: Because together, we are strong.

Kyle: We have a right to our own lives

Tess: And we will take it, no matter what,

Alex: Because we believe

Isabel: In each other, and the value of home.


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