FanFic - Other
"Once Forgotten/I Believe"
Part 6
by Ria Stardancer
Disclaimer: I own nothing but an overactive imagination.
Summary: Future fic. Years after destiny, the alien four are finally home, and they brought their humans with them. But is the alien planet where they really want to be? Max's POV
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I'm anti-destiny, anti-UC, and anti-unhappy endings. Don't worry, you're safe with me.:)
Today has restored my faith in miracles.

I remember a time when miracles seemed to be a daily event. Each smile on Lizís face, each touch of her lips, every caress of her hands, these were all miracles to me. And they still are, even though we are an old decrepit married couple of twenty one. What was lost was my faith that these miracles could bring any change, that they could truly last, no matter how many obstacles we overcame. Today I have found my faith.

Itís strange that Kyle has brought it about. For the first year of Liz and my relationship, he hated me. I admit I didnít think much of him, either. But he has worked a different kind of miracle, an impossible kind. I keep pinching myself, trying to see if I will wake up. I havenít woken up yet, but it still feels like a dream.

Home. Real home, not here. Earth. Roswell, New Mexico. The place where I have all my memories stored, waiting for me. My parents may not be there but my heart is, whatever heart is left over when Liz and Tore and the other eight are taken into consideration. Weíre going there. We are really going home!

My Tore is going to be able to grow up with his cousins in a place where they will be normal, and not ridiculed for their differences. Liz and I can get a proper home, proper jobs, although if my mother holds true to her word, we wonít have to work cause weíll be rich. . . Iíll be able to be myself again, in a place where I am free.

The rivals are gone. Finished. There are no more. We will be safe.

Kally and Sarah can get jobs at the Crashdown, and someday there will be boys to stare at them while they serve Will Smith burgers and Blood Of Alien smoothies.

Tore and Aaron will be able to cruise around town in a worn down vehicle, searching for answers to questions they donít know, and they will discover themselves in some girlís heart. . .

Maria can regain her spice, Michael can regain his courage, Isabel can regain her heart, Alex can regain his humor, Tess can regain her trust, Kyle can regain his kindness, Liz can regain her sweetness, and I can regain my soul.

Away from these eyes that jeer, these hearts that hate, we can heal, and become ourselves again.

If it is true, I have every reason in the world to rejoice.

Please, let it go through. Let us go home. . .

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