FanFic - Other
"Once Forgotten/I Believe"
Part 4
by Ria Stardancer
Disclaimer: I own nothing but an overactive imagination.
Summary: Future fic. Years after destiny, the alien four are finally home, and they brought their humans with them. But is the alien planet where they really want to be? Kyle's POV
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I'm anti-destiny, anti-UC, and anti-unhappy endings. Don't worry, you're safe with me.:)
My life has been a continuous waste of time. I spent so much time in high school boozing and smooching and watching sports. Now as I sit here, watching my wife reuniting with our daughter, I wish I had done something exciting. Something important. Something for both of them.

Sure, I helped to save a planet, but I had no choice. I helped save the lives of four people, but I had selfish reasons. I havenít done a single, worthwhile, un-provoked thing in my life.

Even Sarah was provoked, even Tess was provoked, for god sake. Not that I regret either of them. But if there was one thing in my life that I want to do for them, for the group, it is to bring us all home.

No one talks about it. Itís total taboo around here. But Iíve been watching them for most of my life in envy, and now that I watch them in love, I find the picture hasnít changed much. They are still searching. Before, they were searching for a way to go. Now they are searching for a way back.

I love them, you know. More than life itself, and all that bull crap, as I used to think of it. They are my life. My Tess. My wife. I donít know why she loves me, but I know she does, and I canít help but be thankful for that. She blew off her destiny for me. She gave up her chance for acceptance here for me. She held me when I cried with homesickness, and laughed giddily with me when I kissed her. All I did was make her pregnant. She gave me Sarah, our beautiful Sarah. I want to give her something in return.

Sheís been away for so long, fighting in a war that had nothing to do with her, and everything to do with the birthright she gave up when she chose me. Now that sheís back, Iím going to be here for her. Iím going to be her shoulder to cry on, her arm to hang onto, her smiling face when she needs to be cheered. Iím also going to do something I would never have dared to do, if it wasnít for her.

These alien assholes that have made our lives miserable since we got here are going to get a taste of Kyle Valenti. My wife wants to go home, so that is where we're going!

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