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"Not My Life"
Part 1
by Amanda
Disclaimer: Not My characters
Summary: Max is possessed by an evil alien. The others fight to save his life.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
July 5th, I'm Liz Parker, and last month, Max Evans found out his Destiny, which has nothing to do with me. Ever since then, my life has been on a roller coaster of emotions, but tomorrow, I'm going hiking with him, to talk maybe about what happened that day. I just wish things would go back to normal.

Scene 1 Liz sat in the jeep next to Max, who was trying to keep his eyes locked on the road. He kept glancing over at her, which was starting to make the both of them uncomfortable. They hadn't really said anything so far. Liz looked out of the jeep and noticed they were almost there. She leaned back against her seat and stared at the dashboard. A minute later the jeep had stopped and Max was climbing out, she followed.

Max looked back at her, walking past the pod cave and down a steep, rocky hill. His eyes were intense and filled with sorrow about something. Liz guessed it had to do with the thing that had happened at this very spot a few weeks ago.

"Listen Liz, we really don't have to... you know, talk about this anymore but, do you still mean what you said back there?" He watched Liz as though he would never see her again. He missed her, and it hurt that she thought it would be a good idea for him to follow his destiny and go with Tess.

"I dunno anymore Max. It seemed right at the time but... Oh My God, what the heck is that?" She pointed at a cave which had a weird gree light pulsating from within it. "Max, have you ever seen that before?"

Max turned and his eyes traveled to the spot she was pointing at. "What the....? No... I've never seen anything like that before."

"Max, I think we should check it out." Liz had forgotten everything that had happened in the past few months the instant they started towards that cave.

Max had a bad feeling about this. He'd never seen this cave before, and normally he would've been more cautious about such a thing but he was drawn to this cave somehow. But the air about it wasn't warm and friendly to him like their pod cave, this was dark, somehow, evil, but he couldn't stay away. They climbed through the opening and down into a dark, dimly lit room. The strange thing was, the room was lit by millions of Glowing, Green symbols that covered every inch of the wall.

"My God Max...... this looks like another pod cave....." Liz's eyes were wide, unable to believe what she was seeing. At the far end of the huge room was a row of strange looking mounds. Pods. Though they weren't like the ones Max was created in.

Max reached up and touched one of the symbols gingerly, and the spot he'd touched grew even brighter, like a fire, and it burnt his finger, he drew his hand back and sucked on his fingers "Ahh..... that thing is hot... like a fire or something. Liz, what are you doing?!" He watched in horror as Liz reached up and touched the same symbol.

Liz glanced at Max like he was nuts. She drew her own hand back. "Max, I didn't feel anything. Max, I really don't think this is a good idea to be here without the others. We should get out of here. Max....! Wait where are you going?"

Max walked towards the pods, disturbed that the symbols and burnt him and not Liz. Maybe it was because he was different, an alien. He couldn't think straight in this place. He should be worried..... be careful..... but there was something.... He reached out and touched one of the pods. He shook his head and looked away. "I can't believe this.... there are more of us. A lot more.... But it looks like they haven't been born yet. I think we should get out fo here. And tell the others what's going on. They need to know about this."

Liz nodded in agreement, relieved. This place was giving her a wiggins. She moved towards the entrace, Max following close behind her.

Max watched Liz's back as she walked. She always took his breath away whenever he looked at her. She was stunning, with her long brown hair and her perfect little body.. it was like she was a Goddess trapped in mortal form. It depressed him deeply knowing that she was unsure of their relationship, and of him. He was about to tell her to be careful as she climbed out when he heard a rip and something zip towards him. He turned to look back, and something hard and slimy hit him hard in the gut. "Augh..." he cried as he fell to his knees.

Liz she had turned around just in time to see Max fall to his knees. "Max!" She raced towards him, afraid she was going to have a heart attack. When he had shown her what had happened in the White Room, she had been horrified. She was afriad she'd die if she had to watch anything else happen to him. Before she could reach him though the thing on his stomach slammed a slimy knife-like thing through Max's chest and he fell bckwards.

Max thought it was over. He could feel his life slipping away. He felt the pain wrip through him like a violent storm, laying on his back, he looked up at Liz who was rushing towards him, and then he felt something else. something invading his head. It was the weirdest thing. He wasn't dying, instead it was like he was being pushed away, and something horrible was taking his place........

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