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"No Guarantees "
Part 1
by alien squeeze
Disclaimer: I don't own, just gonna borrow. I also don't own the song on the radio in the story. That's Dido's!!!
Summary: Valenti knows and help comes from an unexpected source.
Category: Other
Rating: R
Liz stared at her bed in shock. She was scared to pick up the envelope. No stamp, no addresses, just her name written across the parchment. She put her purse down by her door and walked towards it. Her fingers shook as she opened the envelope. "What's wrong with me?" she whispered into the silence.

**Something's wrong. Don't open it and maybe it'll go away**

She pulled out the white slip of paper and stare dumbfounded at what was written. She couldn't read past the first line. Her eyes kept re-reading the first three words.

Valenti knows everything.

The room seemed to swirl around her. She sat down on the edge of the bed. Every fear she had ever had came swimming to the surface. Max being hauled away. Max being tested, tortured,and dissected. Screams of pain and suffering echoing down long deserted white hallways. Liz looked back down to read the rest of the letter.

Valenti knows everything. Bring Max, Michael, and Isabel to the back of the old soap factory. **Valenti knows** Have them pack only what they need. **Valenti knows** There will be a letter with more information in the backseat of the abandoned car.

**Valenti knows** Don't delay. A Friend.

Liz picked up the phone and dialed Max's number. **Maybe he won't pick up** It rang three times before it was picked up.

Max's voice seemed so distant. "Hello?" Liz cleared her throat. "Max? It's Liz. Bring Isabel and Michael to the back of the soap factory. Bring only what you need. It's important.

"Liz, what's wrong," asked Max, his voice fluctuating with curiosity.

**Valenti know**

"Max, " Liz paused, "Valenti knows."

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