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"Next Generation"
Part 1
by RoswellGurly47
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Summary: 10 years after graduation, everybody has kids. No unconventional couples, but the kids get into trouble.....
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It is the year 2015 on the planet Earth. In Roswell, New Mexico 4 couples celebrate their childrens' 10th birthdays.


"Josh, Colin, and Jim you guys ride with Max and I'll take Cody, Majandra, and Emilie." Michael said to the band of hyperactive 10 year olds. Then, Colin pulled Cody's hair that she had just put into a pony-tail. Cody screamed and time came to a halt nobody was able to move except for Michael, Max, and Cody. Michael walked up and touched Cody's shoulder, which restarted time. Max nodded at Michael.

As they loaded the kids into two seperate cars Max and Michael walked over to eachother to talk, "So you noticed too. Those kids are getting stronger and they don't even know it." Michael sighed "Must be driving their parents' insane." The two fathers laughed for a moment then got into their cars and drove the kids from the school to the CrashDown.

The kids entered and all their Moms and Dads were there singing Happy Birthday to them. Not olny were these kidsborn on the same day they also share the same DNA.... alien DNA.


Josh, a healthy young boy, is the son of Max and Liz Evans. Majandra is the musical daughter of Michael and Maria Guerin. The two female aliens both had twins, sets of 1 girl and 1 boy. Alex and Isabel had Cody and Colin. Kyle and Tess had Emilie and Jim. The female aliens are only capable of having birth once. The males can reproduce as much as they like. In fact Laz and Maria are pregnant again.


All the parents embraced their children and then brought out all the kids presents and cake. Majandra and Josh wanted chocolate icecream cake with crunchies and tabasco. Everyone else wanted regular vanilla cake, chocolate tabasco frosting, and rainbow sprinkles.

Soon all the presents and cake were gone and the kids ran off to play with their new toys as regular 10 year olds should. The parents gathered in their booth and began to talk. Alex and Isabel were acting absolutely bubbly until they saw the looks on max and Michael's faces. Michael bagan talking first, "She did it again Iz. You need to tell her. We need to tell them." Michael was not happy with it but they needed to do it.

Isabel now looked as if she was going to cry, burst with tears even, she looked at her brother for support because surely her would find Michael once again being foolish. She saw no such signals on Max's face, "But, we cant! Max?" Alex and Kyle understood that there would be a time when this was necessary. Tess and Liz were confused but they knew what was coming. Isabel had small tears sneaking out the edges of her eyes.

"Isabel we have to. They are getting stronger and using their powers more. They will get caught if they continue what they've been." Max was not smiling, neither was anyone else for that matter. The kids getting caught wasn't good for anyone, the only word that would describe it was deadly. Deadly for everyone.


The others were playing with their presents when Josh came running up to the table. He had gotten an art kit and drwn a very good picture of Max, Liz, and himself. He proudly held it up for all to see and recieved applause. Max smiled and set his tone back to normal, "Josh can you get everybody over here please." Josh nodded adn took off to the others.


One of the hardest things in life is growing up. Most kids just deal with hard lives being normal, try being an alien. Not just an alien. An alien hybrid 10 year old that has a weird taste for Tabasco. I'd hate to be that kid.


The kids had assembled in a semi-circle with their parents. Tess, Isabel, Maria and Liz were all sitting with the children and the guys were standing. The kids were fighting as they normally would and looking at their fathers for reason why they were called. Max was shifting from foot to foot and Michael had his hand is his pockets.

"Kids we have to talk to you. You need to keep this all a secret or we will all be in danger." All the adults cringed at the word 'danger' and remembered their highschool years. Max didn't faulter as he spoke. All the kids nodded being very understanding. Michael again touched Cody's arm but this time stopped for everyone outside their circle.

"Cody, Emilie, Majandra, Josh, Colin, Jim. We are all from a different planet. You are all different from the other kids because we are your parents. We are well actually um kinda aliens." Michael tried his best to explainbut was cut off by the mothers, the two pregnant ones, Liz and Maria.

"You are special, like us.... and the babies. I have, well, we all have these powers and you guys have been using them alot. We will teach you to control them if you promise not to use them. You may only use them under extreme cercunstances when one of us here is in danger or something." Liz and Maria both rubbed their stomachs as Liz said the word 'babies'.

"We can't tell anyone, okay."There are people out there that want to hurt us and that is VERY bad. Do you guys have any questions? I know you do so just ask. We are all here for you and we always will be... always." Maria smiled as the kids seemed to understand. Even for 10 year olds they were really quiet.

Cody spoke first, being the inquisitive one, "So all those times I yelled and nobody cared, I actually..... Are we even human? We don't have big black eyes or little bodies and big heads. Are we aliens? Are you sure?"

Isabel answered her daughter and Alex squeezed he hand in encouragement, "You kinda stopped time there Code-girl. You are human-alien hybrids just like us. Our bodies adapt to wherever we chose to live and we only look like what you described when we are travelling in space. We do love you, you know that right?"

The kids nodded again and this time Jim spoke, "We already know Mom, Dad, guys. We have all had dreams that we told eachother about and we know. It is okay with us." the parents hugged their kids and time restarted. They all cleaned up, packed up and left. They all exited as one united group, a new oneness, the next generation.

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