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"More than they bargained for"
Part 2
by Brandy Burke
Disclaimer: This story was written for entertainment purposes only. I apologize for any copyright infringements.
Summary: Max and Liz learn more about Liz's scret (see part 1)
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I am sorry this took so long to finish. I was grateful for the praise I recived on part one, and welcome any cristicism (good or bad) for this chapter.
Max stood back and stared at Liz. How dare she drop a bomb like this. "Liz," he uttered, "this is a joke, right? One dream can't make you into an alien." "Max, you of all people should know about my visions. This is real. I feel it." "But...Liz, it's not fair. I wait my whole life to find out what I am, and you learn it within the course of two days."

"I can't help it Max. Don't you see what this means?! I can influence my people to stop harming your people!"

"It can't be that easy. You're just one of them, not a leader. You were probably created simply so they could spy on us."

"No, Max. Like you I was engineered, only i don't know how. But, in my past life I was a Queen. A ruler. I saw it in my vision."

"But you can't just call them up and tell them to stop the war. We don't even know the specifics. For all we know your planet may have switched to a whole new form of leadership."

"I need to find that guy, the one who gave me this necklace," Liz held up the pendant for Max to observe.

"How will we find him?" "I don't know, but we will." * * * * * * * * * * *

Max and Liz ran through the alley, hoping Luisa would be there, but he was not. They peered into the crashdown, and saw no one but a new waitress, who batted her eyes at Max. Frustrated and running out of ideas, Liz suggested they try to do something routine.

"He always shows up when I least expect him." The pair walked over to the UFO museum, for Max had to pick up his paycheck. While Max found his boss and followed him to the office, Liz reread the documents she had almost memorized. Before romance budded between her and Max, and between the sporadic flings, this was the best place for her to come and observe Max, besides school. As she read a convincing letter written by a ufologist, Luisa appeared.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" He suspiciously asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"The necklace! Did you see the truth? The reasons you must come with me?"

"I saw a horrifying vision of masive alien slaughter, if that's what you mean."

"There is so much more you don't understand. Come with me. I will explain everything."

"First, inform me a little more."

"Not here, too many curious humans. Come Queen Murina. We will discuss in a safer location."

"My name is Liz."

"I am sorry Queen...Liz."

"Not queen, just Liz." All of a sudden Max appeared.

"Ready Liz?" He asked, unaware of Luisa.

"Max, I want to introduce you to my friend..."

"Luisa. What is the pod doing here?"

"You know who I am?" Max asked in amazement.

"Yes, you are the reincarnation of my sworn enemy, the leader of the pod people."

"Please, before you condemn me, who are my people? What is our name?"

"I never learned it. I was taught your people were insignifigant. In history classes you were referred to with many vulgar words. Now, if I may...Liz---"

"Liz, don't listen to him. He wants to turn you against me."

"But Max, I have to."

Luisa brought up his voice an octave to make himself heard. "Who said anything about turning you against him? You two are obviously in love. A union between you two will be perfect in serving my cause."

"Your cause?" Liz asked.

"Yes. I am a member of a group of rebels. I was sent here by the enemy to spy on Liz and the pods. My leaders think I am for killing all pods, but I am secretly aiding the rebels. I want to ask your help, my Queen." Liz looked at Max with bewilderment. * * * * * * * * * * *

Max and Liz followed Luisa outside. he instructed them to follow discreetly in their own car. When he reached their destination he would pull over. Max and Liz were to drive on for one more mile, park, and then they would meet halfway. Even though they were not told so, they knew this secret meeting would take place somewhere in the desert.

"What is it with aliens and deserts?" Liz asked.

"I think it's the seclusion which makes landing a ship easier."

"Still, I think I've spent more time out here in the past year than ever before in my life."

"At least you don't see it in your dreams."

"I may start."

"Listen Liz, before we get into this, I want to say I'm sorry for my reaction earlier. I'm shocked that you're an alien, but I'm glad you didn't have to go through what I went through."

"Max, before we make any presumptions, lets hear whayt this guy has to say...Oh my god, Max. What if this is a trick?!"

"A trick?"

"Yeah, what if this guy is luring us out here to kidnap me?"

"I'll protect you."

"But we don't even know what this guy can do!"

"Liz, calm down. He just pulled over." Max drove for another mile and pulled over onto the barren ground. He turned and looked at Liz. "Liz, where we are, it isn't far from our cave, we can run there. Nasado left us some weapons there. If anything goes awry, we can handle it." He leaned over to kiss Liz, and she let him.

As Max pulled away, Liz grabbed his hand. "It's like we're the Romeo and Juliet of the alien world."

"Only this time it won't be a tragedy." Max got out of the jeep and walked over to the other side to help Liz. They began walking, and after only a few minutes saw Luisa. he waved, then stopped. Max took hold of Liz's shakey hand and strode to the tall man.

"Why are we here?" Max asked

"Well," Luisa began, "I didn't expect you, only Liz, but you're welcome to join us. My people don't use spaceships to travel, only transports. Of course, I, being a rebel, had some trouble stealing a transport and coming here. I took an old one that would not be missed, and it has broken down. I signaled some others about a month ago, but the signal has to be weak to bypass the government's control system, so it might take a while for help to arrive. Anyway, I was transported to that cave. My equipment is in there."

"Would I still have power on the planet?" Liz asked.

"Hopefully. The governement is a very controlling system now. The entire planet is run by a system very much like communism. It took effect soon after your first death. You, my Queen, were the last monarch. Your father took control of the pod planet, but was killed during the fisrt war. His second-in-command succeeded in conquering the pods, and then your brother took your father's place. He put your father's second-in-command in control of the pod planet, but soon the general wanted to break free of our rule. He slayed your brother and forced you to marry him. He put you up as queen to satisfy the people, but soon he became annoyed with you when you tried to exercise your power. He poisoned you."

"Is he still in control now?" Max asked.

"No, his grandson is."

"My grandson?" Liz asked.

"No. You had no children with him."

"How did I get here?"

"Well, when I was still a child, rebel scientists came to earth to recreate you. They thought Earth would be a safe place for you. They had no idea the pods were here. They found your mother was pregnant, and through pure brainpower, they manipulated her fetus until you developed in it. They changed all the genes and personality traits so that they matched your original ones. I was sent here on the soul mission to check on you and see if you were ready to come home."

"Do your people know about me?" Max asked.

"Only the inner government. Infact, the rebels didn't even discover this knowledge until a few years ago."

"What do you need me to do?" asked Liz.

"For now, we can only wait. I would like to show you a few things, and give you a communicator to keep in touch with me, but until home base contacts me, I can do nothing."

"Why did the necklace give me a vision?"

"The stones on it interacted with your brain waves and memory banks. It revived your memory of the last battle you saw. The alien you saw that slayed your friend here was your former husband."

Liz gasped. 'If you have anymore questions," Luisa said, "we can continue this in my cave."

In the cave Luisa gave Liz a communicator and showed her some maps. He showed Max and Liz the solar system their planets were in and a detailed map of Liz's home planet. He explained to them the technology of their people. He even told Max the weaknesses of the ruler of the planet. Liz looked at her watch and realized it was nine o' clock.

"Max, we should go." Max agreed and they left the cave. Luisa told Liz only to contact him in the case of an emergency. He promised he would find her so they could discuss later. Max walked back to the jeep with his arm around Liz.

"This is pretty serious," he said.

"Yeah, it is."

"I'm glad it happened. Now I have a chance to change my destiny."

"How are we gonna tell Michael, Isabel and Tess?"

"Not to mention Maria and Alex."

"Will it ever end, Max?"

"No, it never ends."

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