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"More Of Us "
Part 1
by Christina
Disclaimer: All the people and places from the TV show Roswell are not mine. I only own a few characters in this story.
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Authors Note: This is based after the episode Heat Wave. Part one is a basic intro to my characters and a little peek into the past in Roswell. If you want to skip to the good part read from section number 8 on, but if you want to understand my characters better then read everything. Enjoy!! Oh yeah, the peoples thoughts will be in brackets [like this]. Luv ya. Christina Conrader
Section1 The Florida Czechoslovakians

January 3,2000 Annaís and Caleyís free period

Caley: Admit it. Youíre head over heals for the guy.

Anna: Yeah right, head over cliched heals for my best friend. Caley how many times have I told you? Caley: Oh, God. Your dramatic cynicism is really getting to me. You know that? Anna: Iím not the one that expects the world to end every other day.

Caley: Thatís different.

Anna: Oh really? Enlighten me.

Caley: At least I know Iím going to fall in love someday.

Anna: Then itís romantic cynicism and not dramatic. Correct me if Iím wrong, please.

Caley: Okay, youíre right. I made a bad word choice. It wonít happen again. Anna: Sure. I believe you.

Caley: Shut-up.

(The bell rings)

Anna: Time for the fascinating world of Chem I. See ya.


Section 2

Annaís journal

January 4,2000

A new journal is a wonderful thing. Thank God I have something to write my thoughts down in. I may as well introduce myself. I am Annabelle Leah Durst, but everyone calls me Anna. I am 16 years old and I live in Dunedin, Florida. My best friend, Caley, lives across the street from me, and my other best friend, Jordan lives next door to me. Our families immigrated here in 1947 and kept a low profile until Caley, Jordan, and I hatched from our incubation pods in the late eighties. Then we all moved to the same neighborhood using a cover story and weíve been in Florida ever since.

I hate lying to Caley. Itís not like I donít like Jordan romantically, itís just that Iím not ready to tell him. I want him to be the first to know, not Caley. If only life could be simple.


Section 3

Annaís front porch

January 4,2000

(Anna is on her front porch reading when Jordan approaches.)

Jordan: Sup?

Anna: Not much, you?

(Not bothering to look up from her latest Love Stories book) Jordan: When are you going to stop reading those? (He pushes the book forward so he can read the title.)

Anna: Must you? (She smacks his hand away and looks up at him.)

Anna: Um. . . Jordan? Did you know that you are bleeding?

Jordan: Huh. I didnít even notice.

Anna: Hon, itís running down your arm and both knees. What happened to you?

Jordan: Nothing. I-I gotta get home and get cleaned up.

Anna: Oh no youíre not. Youíll never be able to reach your arm, and the last time I let you clean your own wounds you ended up with an infection. Youíre coming with me.

Jordan: Yes, nurse Hatchet. (She takes his hand and leads the way into the house.)

Anna: Sit on the counter. Jordan: I know the drill. (She walks over to the sink and wets down a clean wash cloth.)

Anna:[I hate touching him. I feel heart failure coming on every time I do. I canít heal him either because it would require touching and it create suspicion.] Jordan: How deep is the cut?

Anna: Itís not that bad, but thereís a lot of blood. Iím going to clean and bandage your knees first. Just hold the gauze over your arm , and donít even think about healing yourself. Jordan: You should become a doctor. Anna: Iíd actually get to charge you money then, wouldnít I?

Jordan: Right. Bad idea. Iíd be broke within a week. Anna: If you would stop getting into fights, I wouldnít have to do this so often. Jordan: Wait. How did you-

Anna: Best friendís intuition.

Jordan: Oh.

Anna: You realize that for my services rendered today that you will owe me a Dr. Pepper float and chilli cheese fries with extra jalapenos. Jordan: Yeah, yeah.

Anna: So, what was the fight about this time? Lunch money, bad jokes at your momís expense, a girl? (She runs her fingers gently over his arm causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end and his palm to start sweating.)

Jordan: Um. . . Yeah.

Anna: Interesting.

Jordan: Not really.

Anna: Okay, all done.

(She meets his gaze and their eyes lock.) Jordan:[God, sheís beautiful and so kissable.]

(He looks away)

Jordan: I had better get home. Momís probably worried about me.

Anna: Yeah. . . .um . . . right. Iíd better clean up and start dinner and stuff.

Jordan: See ya tomorrow.

Anna: Yep, tomorrow.


Section 4

Jordanís journal

January 4,2000 I am such an idiot! I blew it. I wish I didnít know her so well. That would make this whole thing easier. I canít believe that I almost kissed her. I canít believe I didnít. I mean she was right there and all I had to do is lean in and go for it. I think too much. Itís a good thing she didnít push the issue of the cause of my fight. I should have used my powers. I know better than to get all bloody and let Anna see me, and sheíd kill me if she found out that I got into another fight over her.


Section 5

Caleyís room

January 5,2000

Caley: They are so impossible! Anna and Jordan are in denial about being in love with each other. Iíve got to get them together somehow. (Anna knocks at the door.)

Anna: Hey, can I come in?

Caley: Yeah. Whatís up? Anna: I just came by to get my dress. You know, the one you quote un quote borrowed? Caley: Itís hanging up in my closet. How come you need it?

Anna: I have a date. Iíll give you the details later. Thanks, Caley. (Anna leaves. ) Caley: Wait a minute. Who is she going out with? Iíve got to call Jordan.

(Caley punches in Jordanís number. The phone rings. Jordan picks up.) Jordan: Hola como esta?

Caley: Cut the crap, Jordan. This is an emergency!

Jordan: Geez, spaz much?

Caley: Anna has a date tonight.

(Silence.) Caley: Uh, Jordan? Ya there? Jordan: Oh. . . um. . . yeah. I just zoned out there for a minute.

Caley: I can see why. Jordan: So, whoís the lucky guy? Caley: I was hoping you could tell me. Jordan: Iíll make a few calls and see what I can dig up for you. Caley: You are just dying to know arenít you?

Jordan: Good bye, Caley. (He hangs up the phone.)


Section 6

Annaís room

January 5,2000

Caley: So, how was the date? Who was it with? Just tell me everything. Anna: Thereís not much to tell. Caley: You donít sound too thrilled.

Anna: Please. I almost drown in my soup. Chris Matuza is so boring. Caley: You mean Christian, the Anti-Christ?

Anna: Please, Caley. He plays water polo and enjoys ballroom dancing with his aunt.

Caley: You should have known better.

Anna: Thatís what I told myself. Caley: You can do so much better. Anna: Donít you think I know that. Caley: Good, Ďcause Iíve got the perfect guy for you. Anna: Oh no. Here we go again. Caley: Just hear me out, okay? Anna: For the last time, I will not go out with Jordan. Caley: Iím not talking about Jordan. Anna: Okay, then, who? Caley: Cody Walker. Anna: Youíre not serious. Caley: Why not? He has personality and he didnít fail in the looks department.

Anna: I hardly know him.

Caley: That didnít stop you last time. Anna: Letís leave polo boy out of this. And any ways, I want to take a break from the dating scene for a while. All the guys are so. . . so. . . Caley: What? Normal, bland, ordinary? Anna: Human. Caley: Well, thereís only one non-human guy here in Florida and you wonít admit you like the guy. Anna: Do we really have to go through this again?


section 7

Annaís journal

January 5,2000

Oh, gosh! Dinner was so boring. Chris has the personality of a dead slug. All he discussed the entire time was water polo and ballroom dancing with his aunt. And to think, he actually enjoys waltzing with her. Also, he didnít ever tip the waitress. I really should have known better. Caley still wonít get off my case about the whole Jordan situation. She is so impossible sometimes.


Section 8

Annaís room 10:00am

January 20,2000

(The phone rings. Anna picks up) Anna: Hello. Durst residence.

Caley: How much would a plane ticket to New Mexico cost?

Anna: I told you that when we turned eighteen we would all go on a road trip to Roswell. Caley: I need to go now!

Anna: For Godís sake, Caley, it was a weather balloon! Caley: I just found something that would suggest otherwise. Anna: And what was that. Caley: I had a vision. You know that key chain thingy that Amy gave me from her trip to Roswell? Well, I picked it up last night when I was going to go out and I had a vision.

Anna: Caley, you canít be serious. Visions are strictly alien related and that would mean that thereís something alien in Roswell. Caley: Duh. Thatís the point.

Anna: Okay, okay. What did you see? Caley: I saw someone in my vision. I think she can help us.

Anna: Do you think sheís one of us.

Caley: No, she was dying and someone saved her. I didnít see his face, but I think his name is Max and the girlís name is Liz. We have to go Anna. Anna: I donít know. It might be dangerous. Caley: Annabelle! Please! This is important to me. . . and you. Anna: Iíll get Jordan on three way. This concerns all of us, not just you and me. Caley: Should I start to pack?

Anna: Letís just talk to Jordan first.


Section 9

Jordanís journal

February 1,2000

Weíre on a plane to New Mexico right now. Iím surprised our parent let us go. Anna is sleeping right now. She always sleeps on airplanes. Caley is listening to her Disc Man and drinking a Coke spiked with hot sauce. I prefer mouthwash and apple juice, myself. When we get to Roswell we have to go to the Crashdown Cafť and find a girl named Liz and get her to tell us where we can find Max. Itís amazing what one phone call can do to your life.

End Section I

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