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"More Of Us "
"A Night To Remember "
Part 11
by Christina
Disclaimer: All the people and places from the TV show Roswell are not mine. I only own a few characters in this story.
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Rating: PG-13
Oct. 9, 2000


Jordan: How did you get the job of announcer?

Anna: Iím on the committee.

Jordan: So you get to announce the king and queen?

Anna: Yep.

(Caley walks up to them.)

Caley: Hey, party people.

Anna: Hey, Caley. Whereís your date?

Caley: I lost him somewhere between here and the punch bowl.

Jordan: There he is, over by Liz and Max.

Anna: Whereís Michael and Maria?

Caley: Making out in a dark corner.

Anna: Why am I not surprised? Iím gonna say hi to some people. Iíll be right back.

(She walks over to a group of people.)

Caley: Youíre drooling.

Jordan: Wha- huh?

Caley: Like her dress?

Jordan: Oh yeah.

Caley: I have it on good authority that Lost in You will be playing next. Jordan: You requested it?

Caley: I felt that you deserved the favor.

(He give Caley a hug and walks over to Anna.)

Jordan: Do you want to dance?

Anna: What are you up to?

Jordan: Canít I ask you to dance?

Anna: You can only slow dance, Jordan.

(The song starts to play.)

Anna: You didnít?

Jordan: Caley.

Anna: Iím going to have to thank her later. Jordan: You do that, but letís dance before the song ends.


Section 2 Oct. 9, 2000

The announcement

Anna: Good evening ladies and gentlemen of West Roswell Highschool! It is an honor and privilege this evening to announce the Homecoming queen and king! (She take the envelope and opens it.)

Anna: Catalina Silverstone and Kyle Valenti are your Homecoming queen and king for the year 2000! Come on up and get your crowns.

(Caley walks up on stage ahead of Kyle.)

Caley: Youíre dead.

(Anna places the crown on Caleyís head and gives her the other.)

Anna: Sorry.

(Caley turns around and places the crown on Kyleís head.)

Anna: And it is now time for the spot-light dance.

(Anna steps off stage and walks over to Jordan and the others.)

Jordan: If looks could kill.

Maria: Caley deserved the crown, but Kyle?

Jacob: How the hell did that happen?

Liz: I can see the headlines now.

Max: Homecoming Queen Commits Double Murder With Her Crown.

Anna: Iím dead.

Michael: Why did you call her Catalina?

Anna: Duh. Itís her real name, but she hates it.

Jordan: Never call her that.

Anna: I kinda had to. They told me to read the personís full name.

Liz: Do you need us to cover for you if you disappear for a while?

Anna: I think Iíll live. She wonít kill me around so many witnesses.

Max: Sheíll calm down eventually.

Michael: Yeah. If Kyle gets his hands off her ass.

Jacob: Heís gonna die. Jordan: Jacob, donít do anything stupid.

Jacob: Iím not. Iím just going to cut-in.

(He walks over to Caley.)

Jordan: Get ready to pin him to the floor.

Anna: He didnít hit him! I canít believe it. Maria: Uh oh. Heís heading this way. Liz, hide.

Kyle: Miss announcer girl.

Anna: Itís Anna.

Kyle: Iíll remember that next time.

Anna: What is it?

Kyle: Do you want to dance?

Anna: Husband gets jealous easily.

Kyle: Oh, okay. Have you seen Liz?

Anna: She stepped out for some air.

Kyle: Iíll see if I can find her, then.

Anna: You do that.

(Kyle leaves and Liz comes out of her hiding spot behind Max and Michael.)

Liz: Thank you.

Anna: Donít mention it. (Caley and Jacob walk up to the group.) Caley: You are so dead.

Anna: Caley, Iím sorry, really. I didnít know Kyle would be king.

Caley: I swear, if I never dance with him again it will be too soon.

Michael: Nice grip on his collar, by the way.

Maria: I was surprised he could breathe.

Caley: He had his hands on my ass. He was lucky I didnít do worse.

Jordan: Is that why he gave you up to Jacob so easily.

Anna: I wonder if they got a picture of that for the yearbook.

Caley: Like I said, a night to remember.


Section 3

Oct. 9, 2000

Post-Homecoming in the school parking lot.

Anna: What are we going to do now?

Jordan: Movies at the Evansesí?

Caley: How Ďbout it Max?

Max: Sure. Maria: Can we eat something first? Iím starved. Max: Weíve got food at my house.

Maria: Okay.

Liz: Oh no. Kyle.

Kyle: Liz wait!

Maria: This is bad. This is really bad.

(Kyle faces Liz.)

Kyle: Max is playing you.

(Anna steps in front of Liz.)

Anna: Back off, Kyle.

Kyle: Now I remember you. Youíre that snotty little school girl that called me pathetic on the first day of school. Youíre the one messing around with Max.

Anna: Max isnít messing around with anyone. You had better leave now and save yourself the embarrassment, Kyle.

Kyle: Defensive little slut, isnít she?

Anna: Come on, weíre leaving. (They turn to leave.)

Kyle: By the way, Caley, I enjoyed the dance immensely.

Anna: You son of a bitch.

(Anna turns around and punches Kyle in the nose.)

Kyle: Whore! What did you do that for?

(She pushes him to the ground and kicks him in the stomach, which is painful because Anna is wearing platforms.)

Anna: Donít even think about coming near us again.

(They turn around once again and walk toward their cars.)

Caley: I canít believe you did that!

Anna: Itíll teach him never to piss me off again.

Max: What if he reports you?

Liz: You think he would report that he got beat up by a girl?

Maria: Heís probably too ashamed to do anything about it.

Jacob: Valenti would be the laughing stock of the department. Thereís no way he would report it.

Michael: I hope youíre right.

Anna: He canít even remember my name. He would probably say it was some girl that goes to his school. Um. . . Whatís her name? Maria: Iíve had enough entertainment for tonight. Can we go now?

Jordan: Quit whining, woman.

Maria: Thatís degrading, boy.

Anna: Okay. Okay. Enough, you two.

Caley: So weíll meet at Maxís place in a half hour?

Michael: Please. I need to get out of this suit.

Max: Iíll see you all then.

Thatís it for now. Weíll see the post-homecoming party at the Evansesí house in Part XII Movie Night By: Christina Conrader

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