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"The Matchmaker That Is Maria "
Part 1
by Nikki
Disclaimer: I don not have anything to do with the WB or anyone who created Roswell, if I did I would be the goddess of the universe because my series was doing so well. If you must sue you will get all my debts and if you're lucky, the 25 cents that I have in my tiny jar on my nightstand.
Summary: A night of realizations and a night of dreaming bring the whole group together once again.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I love and need feedback, if you don't send it to me then I will be forced to stop writing. Also the song is "Return To Innocence" by Enigma, old I know but when I was going through my parents old Cd's and I played it and heard the song I couldn't help but use it for a fic. The song "My Lover's Gone" is by Dido. I'm Canadian so my spellings aren't wrong, so to whoever corrects this please don't change my Canadian ways!

Liz Parker and Maria DeLuca were sitting companionably in Liz's room eating some cookie-dough ice cream and listening to some cd's, among their favourite songs were "Don't Think Of Me" by Dido and "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" by Britney Spears. They were bitching about their old boyfriends, about how much they hated and still loved them.

"Lizzie" Maria said hesitantly. "How far did you and Max go? I mean we've never really talked about it."

"We saw into each other's souls" Liz said sadly remembering how wonderful she had looked to Max in his memories.

"Doesn't count, I'm talking physically, we're best friends and we tall each other everything, you can't not tell me because it would be violating the friendship code." Maria said while taking a big scoop of ice cream.

"It's not like we made love Maria, we've been as far as "2nd base" and I am glad that we didn't go further" Liz said pausing as she put in Dido's cd again totally intent on listening to "Don't Think of Me" again. "If he had wanted to go further I am pretty sure I would have." Liz was blushing now and looking horribly embarrassed

Maria decided to switch off topic with the whole alien thing so she started to talk about her and Alex's band. "I can't believe your Dad offered us a job to play at the Crashdown, that is so totally cool. I think it has something to do with I'm practically the boss' daughter wouldn't you say?"

"Maria, I think he wanted you guys to pl-" Liz paused as she listened to her stereo, the song that had come on brought tears to their eyes.

My lover's gone, His boots no longer by door. He left at dawn. And as I slept I felt him go. Returns no more. I will not watch the ocean. My lover's gone. No earthy ships will ever bring him home again. Bring him home again.

'I can't help it Maria, I love him so much, how could I lie to him about sleeping with Kyle, I had to though, I had to." Liz said as she leaned into Maria hug. "Max, being Future Max, said that I had to lie, but I can't lie anymore, I don't think I have ever wanted to tell anyone anything so bad."

'I understand babe" Maria said stroking Liz's hair. "You know that you have to, I mean if Tess leaves then she is betraying her entire planet. As obsessed as she is to getting home I hardly think that she would leave."

"But Max sa-"

"I don't care what Max said Lizzie, it's inconsiderate of him to put you through this, Jeez, if Spaceboy ever put did that to me I would be sending his ass out my door."

"Sure you say that now, but if the situation was reversed I would think that you would do exactly what I did" Liz said.

"Pretend to sleep with Kyle, no way, he's practically almost my brother. That's like incest or something"

Liz was getting exasperated. "Maria you know what I mean, you would have done everything in your power to save the world. Max told me that Micheal died. Died. So did Isabel, do you think I could live with the fact that I might have destroyed the planet for my own happiness? 'Cause if you do then you really don't know me that well at all"

"Liz, I was trying to make you feel better, why are you attacking me?" Maria got defensive.

"I'm sorry Maria, I'm just upset. I'm sorry" Liz hugged Maria and then Liz said. "Spend the night here, I have at least three pairs of your pajamas here." Maria was notorious for forgetting things. "And you know that you can sleep on the floor. I'll go and get my Pooh Bear sleeping bag."

"Sure, but make sure that I'm up by 11 because I have to work at noon." Maria said as she got into her pajamas and then into the sleeping bag.

Maria and Liz fell asleep each still thinking about the aliens that they loved more than anything in any world.

Alex was trying to write a song for when they played at the Crashdown when he heard a knock at the door. He threw his pen down in frustration and went to the door, intent on killing whoever interrupted him. When he opened the door and saw Isabel Evans he changed his entire perspective at killing the person.

"Isabel hi, what are you doing here?" Alex asked as he let Isabel into the room.

"I don't know what to do, I keep trying to tell myself that I have to be with Micheal but all I can think about when I try is you, Alex, I need you more than I ever needed anyone before." Isabel said with tears streaming down her beautiful face.

"What made you finally come and say it Iz?" Alex kept his tone neutral but inside he was jumping for joy over the prospect of Isabel being his.

"It's just been building up until I couldn't stand it any more, I had to tell you. I'm sorry if you don't wa-"

"Isabel, how could you think that I don't want you?" Alex said and pulled Isabel close. "I've always wanted you since Mr. Raddish's 5th grade class and we were in the science fair together. I love you because you're beautiful on the outside but especially on the inside."

Isabel was overwhelmed with love for this man, the only man who ever totally understood her and loved her even though she wasn't your average person. She kissed him, trying to pour everything she had into the kiss, all the love, all of the joy and all of the happiness she felt.

Alex was at the least to say, surprised, he had loved Isabel for 10 years and now here she was kissing him. Alex didn't think he just kissed back. They continued kissing until Isabel pulled back.

"Thank you for loving me Alex" Isabel said to him.

"Thank you for letting me have someone to love." Alex whispered.

They walked into the living room and Alex popped in a movie. He went back to the couch and started to nuzzle Isabel's neck gently.

"Mmmm, Alex what movie did you put in?" Isabel asked.

Still nuzzling her neck. "Valentine", you know that new horror film, it looked good so I rented it" Alex said.

They watched the movie for awhile until they both got so involved with each other that they didn't notice it finished. They also didn't notice when Max walked into the house.

"Oh, Max" Isabel quickly tried to straighten her top and fix her hair. "What are you doing here?"

"Mom wanted to know if Alex could fix our computer, the last thing I expected to find was this though." Max said. "Alex call me later about the computer thing, Isabel if you're staying the night I'll cover." Max walked out of the room.

Alex and Isabel went to Alex's room and Alex handed her a pair of his old "Roswell High" sweats and left so that she could change. Isabel changed and called Alex in. Alex was wearing some boxers and a t-shirt. He motioned for her to get into bed and then he got in himself. They spent their first night as a couple lying in each other's arms.

Max was lying in his room, unable to sleep. Images of Liz and Kyle painfully flashing through his head. Every time he thought of Liz he thought of that night. When he slept his dreams were filled with the look in Liz's eyes when she saw him.

Max turned over and thought about what could have happened on that night, he had been prepared. He was finally going to take it to the next level with Liz and then he had seen Kyle. It had hurt more than any torture had.

Max heard a soft tapping on his window and got up to let Micheal in. He pulled back the curtain and saw Tess there. He unlatched the window and let her.

"Max, I know it's late but I have to tell you something." Tess paused and looked at Max. "I want you to be with Liz, I know it's our destiny but I don't care though. I am sick and tired of trying to force everyone to be together and I know you don't want it to happen anyway. I love someone else and I feel like I am a hypocrite if I continue to fall in love."

"Tess, I'm happy that you've found the one for you, I would never try to force a relationship with you. I believe in choices." Max said glad that she had found someone. Just like he had found Liz, thinking about Liz was painful. "So who's the lucky guy?"

"Kyle Valenti" Tess replied simply without batting an eye. She obviously doesn't know about the Liz thing.

Just thinking about Kyle and Liz made Max's blood boil. He wanted to inform Tess of what a jerk he was but then he realized that Kyle wasn't seeing anybody so he wasn't do anything wrong. "I'm happy for you Tess"

Tess left and went home while Max tried to sleep to no avail. He tossed and turned all night long thinking about Liz and the love he thought they had both used to have.

Micheal Guerin was lying in his apartment relishing the quiet. No matter how long Micheal lived alone he still thanked God ever night for getting him away from Hank.

"I wonder what Maria is doing right now" Micheal said to no one. He could just imagine her at home singing as loud a she could and jumping on the bed. Or maybe she was with Liz and they were giving each other manicures and braiding each other other's hair.

"When did I become so interested in her?" Micheal realized just how much she brightened up his day. "She makes me look forward to every breath I take." Micheal smiled in realization, "I need her" He put some clothes on, grabbed his jacket and keys and hopped on the bike over to Maria's house.

Micheal walked up to her window and tapped on it gently. When she didn't answer he gave a furtive look around and saw nobody so he used his powers to open the window. It clicked open and Micheal stepped in.

Maria wasn't there or in the bathroom, Micheal knew her mother was gone for the next two days for some seminar and walked around looking for her. When his eyes fell on a message beside the phone. "Mom, I'm sorry I didn't get to say bye but Liz and I needed to girl time. I love you. Maria" Micheal put the piece of paper down and went out to his bike totally intent on going to Liz's.

Micheal went up Liz's balcony ladder to call Maria to come out when he spotted Liz's journal, he knew he shouldn't but he couldn't resist. He opened it to the most recent journal entry. Micheal could just imagine Liz saying this:

I know Max thinks I slept with Kyle and I know that's the way it's supposed to be but I can't help but think about all the times we shared. Every kiss, every discovery, every touch was wonderful and new. I only wish I could tell him about Future Max because I know he would listen. Tess and him belong to one another but that doesn't make the pain any less easy to bear. I am Liz Parker, girl who saved the world.

Micheal quickly shut the journal realizing that he had just stumbled upon something very private and important. He now knew why Liz and Max were so frosty around one another. Micheal walked to the window and tapped on it hoping he wouldn't wake Liz from what he now knew was much needed sleep. Luckily, Maria woke up and not Liz, she came to the window and whisper-yelled "Micheal what are you doing here?"

"I need to talk to you" Micheal held out his hand and she hesitantly took it. She stepped through the window and he put his warm leather jacket on her. "Let's do downstairs where we won't wake Liz" Maria agreed and they walked downstairs.

"Micheal I'll tell you now, if you have come to a) borrow my car, b) trample my heart or c) tell me you're gay I don't want to hear it" Maria said tiredly.

"No I wasn't going to say that, what I was going to say was that I love you" Maria's mouth dropped open. "I love you more than anything and I need you in my life" Micheal said as quickly as he could.

"Okay who are you and what have you done to my Spaceboy?" Maria said.

"I'm serious Maria" Micheal said, and for the first time Maria noticed that Micheal looked scared waiting for her reaction.

"I've always loved you but I'm not sure I want to be with you" Micheal looked really hurt. "I mean to say this because I can't have you be hot one minute then cold another, I need stability, I need structure, but most of all I need you." Maria told him and then enveloped him in a hug, Micheal pushed her chin up and then kissed her.

"Mich-" Maria said before leaning into the kiss and throwing in a few creative moves with her tongue. Micheal groaned and tried to deepen the kiss even more. Maria's hands started to move into interesting places and when they roamed up his shirt he pulled back.

"I don't want you to regret anything, never regret me." Micheal said.

"But I won't" Maria promised.

"You say that now but what about tomorrow or in 10 years or even in 5? You never know what's going to happen to me and neither do I so I don't want you in that position." Micheal said earnestly

"I would never regret it, but I think that maybe we should wait, you're right, let's take things slow." Maria said. She kissed Micheal once more long and lingering kiss.

"I'll see you for breakfast at the Crashdown tomorrow at 10:00, don't be late" Micheal said and with one final kiss he was gone.

Maria walked upstairs and got into her sleeping bag, she was happy if only Lizzie was happy. Maria fell asleep thinking about the morning that was to come and all the mornings after.

Tess walked into the Valenti-Harding household and dropped her keys on the table. Jim was asleep but Kyle was watching late night television. Tess walked over to him and sat down.

"Kyle, do you resent me for moving in here and taking your room?" Tess asked.

"Of course not, hell, you've turned my dad and my house into a nice place where we want to be, what you did for Christmas was the most wonderful thing that could have ever happened to us" Kyle said surprised over the question to say the least.

"I was just wondering." Tess said and then she leaned very close to Kyle, Kyle did the rest and gently touched his lips to hers. Tess leaned closer and deepened the kiss, Kyle hands were going under Tess' shirt and she moved under his.

Kyle broke apart and moaned. "Tess, you don't know how long I've wanted to do that."

"Yes I do believe me" Tess said and then she kissed him again.

"Tess wait" Kyle said and turned her to look straight into his eyes. "What about Max, what about destiny?"

"I went to talk to Max tonight, he understands and says that he would support this." Tess said. "I'm actually not surprised at all, Max is a great guy."

"Yeah Great" Kyle said thinking of what Liz went through for him, he didn't know why he had had to pretend to sleep with Liz but he would put all the money he owned that it had something to do with Evans.

"Tess do you want to go to Maria and Alex's concert with me?"

"Sure it's tomorrow right?"

"Yup" Kyle said. "I'll knock on the door and everything"

"You bet your ass you will" Tess said.

"Yes ma'am"

The next morning Maria and Micheal were sitting in the café eating breakfast when Liz saw Max come in, Maria wanted to do something for her friends so she told Micheal that she had to dash to Alex's for a last minute band thing.

Maria drove to Alex's thinking of the perfect thing. When she got there, just like she'd always had, she walked right in and up to Alex's room. What she wasn't expecting was Isabel Evans to be lying right beside him.

"Alex" Maria said quietly not wanting to wake Isabel who had a dreamy smile on her face. "Alex come here I need to talk to you about tonight"

Alex jerked awake to find one of his best friends smiling and looking down on him. "Maria what are you doing here?"

"I need to make some last minute changes to tonight's performance." Maria pulled Alex out of bed and into the hallway. "I see you and ice princess are not so icy anymore" Maria exaggerated this with a big wink.

"Maria ne-" Alex started

"Nevermind that this is what we're going to do." Alex listened intently then he went downstairs with Maria to his garage.

The Crashdown was packed the night because all the people who had been at the blind date contest wanted a repeat performance. Waitresses were bustling in and out carrying drinks and food to people sitting at the tables and in the back the band was going over Maria's plan to help Max and Liz.

The Whit's jumped on the stage and Maria started right away with her usual songs, at intermission Maria and Alex went to talk to Micheal and Isabel.

"So you guys make sure that he's here in 3 minutes because that's when we're going to start okay?" Maria ran over the plan until in was time to put the plan in motion.

"Okay everyone, everyone her who paid us for their ticket's names are in here, if I pull your name out of the blue hat" Maria pointed to the blue hat. "Then that lucky guy has to come up on stage and dance with the girl who is picked out of the pink hat." Maria nodded to Isabel. "Alex do you want to do the honours?"

Alex put his hand into the blue hat waiting a moment to make sure Isabel had changed all of them to Max Evans. "And the lucky guy is" Alex waited for a drumroll. "Max Evans" The crowd started cheering and a very red Max walked up on the stage. "And the lucky girl is" Alex yet again waited for the drumroll. "Liz Parker" The audience, most who went to Roswell High started clapping for their favourite couple.

Liz walked up on stage, also as red as a beet, and took Max's offered hand and they walked to the center of the restaurant and waited for Maria to start up the song. Maria's melodious voice floated over them like gentle waves.

Love- Devotion Feeling- Emotion

Don't be afraid to be weak Don't be too proud to be strong Just look into your heart my friends That will be the return to you're self The return to innocence

If you want then start to laugh If you must then start to cry Be yourself don't hide Just believe in destiny Don't care what people say Just follow your own way Don't give up and use the chance

It's not the beginning of the end It's the return to you're self It's the return to innocence

The return to innocence -Return to Innocence, Engima

Max and Liz were dancing so closely and putting all the feelings into the dance that Max started to get flashes, Liz talking to him with grey hairs, Liz telling him she wouldn't die for him, Liz telling Kyle that she had to pretend to sleep with him, Liz having her wedding dance, Liz crying when Future Max left.

"Liz?" Max questioned.

Instantly Liz knew what Max was talking about, she had felt the connection run right through her and she had been thinking about that night. "I'm so sorry Max, sorry that I lied to you, sorry that I pretended to sleep with Kyle, but most of all sorry that I hurt you so badly, I never meant to."

Max didn't say anything but tipped her head up and kissed her, when he did Liz felt Max sorrow over the thought of losing her, his love for her all along, most of all his forgiveness.

Max and Liz never left each other's arms all night, Maria watched this and thought to herself, "Man I'm good."

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