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"Love Takes Time"
"Every Day Like a Treasure"
Part 19
by Mellissa
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Summary: Liz POV
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June 5

I'm Liz Parker, and starting next week, my life will completely change. I'm going to be a high school graduate.

Two years ago at this exact same time, I knew where I was going, what I was doing, and how it was all going to happen. I still know where I'm going and what I'm doing, but I'm clueless as to how's it gonna happen.

Two years ago, Max Evans was a buddy of mine. And he wasn't an alien. Now, he's this guy in my life. I guess most would call him a boyfriend. I haven't really wanted to call him that for a while now.

I think we should talk. Because we're both going to Harvard this fall, and Max has already suggested living together. If I know Max, that's only a short step from him asking me to marry him. Personally, I'd rather get this over this now.

I don't know if this was a mistake, ya know? To go out with him again. I'm glad I did, because if I hadn't I'd been wondering if we were meant to be ... but I know now we're not. Maybe Alex and Maria are destined for aliens, but I'm going to stick to humans.

Maria. She's getting married, ya know? To Michael, of course. She doesn't know it yet because he just got the ring. He asked me her favorite gem. I told him jade. How he's swinging the cost, one could only ask. He's not talking.

Maria's taking over the Crashdown. I heard Dad discussing it with Mom and Amy the other night. Dad and Mom have decided they've been in the restaurant business too long. I'm really happy for her. This is exactly what Maria needs. Better source of income. She's taking business classes at the community college, but not many as she'd like. They can't afford it.

Maria told me that Milton's retiring from the UFO Center. He said that he was going to let Max run it, but he's going to Harvard, so Michael's in line. That's really awesome, you know? They could really use this luck....

June 16

I'm Liz Parker and today was a very long day. For one thing, I'm now Liz Parker, high school graduate. And Emily Guerin is no long eleven months old. She's a year old. After the graduation ceremonies, we had a party for her and for all of us graduates.

Typical to our lives, it was just the six of us...and Tess. I haven't written much about her. Mostly because there's not much to write. She turned out to be a lonely teen with a major crush on Max. So, predictably, she doesn't care for me much, but when I have that talk with Max, I think we'll get along better. She's really nice. I think that Isabel's senses were working overtime or something.

Michael asked her tonight.


*earlier that night*

"So, Maria, how about we make it legal?" Michael asks Maria out of the blue. She looks up, her hazel eyes wide open. I think we all have the same look. Even Tess, who's not really close to anyone but Max.

"I, uh.. uh..." Maria just looks at him blankly. She was opening her mouth, but nothing was coming out.

"The answer would be yes," Alex whispers loudly. Isabel swats his arm, but there's mirth in her eyes.

"I know what the answer is," Maria returns, glaring at him. She turns back to Michael. "Hell, yeah!"


So, they're engaged. Poor Michael. I wonder if he has any idea what he's gotten himself into...

June 30

I'm Liz Parker, and today my best friend became Maria Guerin. I'm thrilled for her, but today, Liz Parker also became single.

You know that saying that whoever catches the bouquet is the next to get married....


*earlier that day*

"So, looks like we're next," Max says to me. My eyes widen. I think it's time.

"No, Max, we're not."

"What? Liz?" he asks, looking confused. Tell me he's not this dense, I pray.

"Sit down, Max. we need to talk," I tell him, leading him to the picnic table in the backyard of the Evans house. I wish I didn't have to do it today. It's Maria and Michael's day, and I feel like I'm ruining it.

"Okay, Liz, what's wrong?" he asks. I place the bouquet on the table.

"Max, " I pause. How am I supposed to do this? "Where do you see us, ten years from now?" Let's start simple.

He grins. Oh God. "Married, working in Boston, maybe with kid. Why? Where do you see us?" I take a deep breath.

"Separated. Living separate lives."

"Liz? Are you saying...?" he trails off. I don't think he wants to finish that. It'll make it real.

"Yeah. Max, we don't belong together. Not because of what you are, but because of who we are," I say.

"But, we love each other..." he falters. God, why do I feel so cruel for doing this?

"I love you Max, but not the way you need, want, or deserve. The love I have for you is like what I have for Alex or Michael. A brotherly one. My feelings didn't go away...they just changed. I think they changed a long time ago, and I've just been holding on to it because it feels safe and familiar..." I trail off.

"You can't mean this, Liz. I know you better than this. I'm just going to leave you alone. We'll talk about this tomorrow. You'll be thinking more clearly." Max stands up, and walks away.

He'll accept it soon enough.


So, that's how it happened. The two year saga of Elizabeth Ann Parker and Maxwell Philip Evans is over. Romantically, anyway.

January 15

I'm Liz Parker and I've been thinking about how far away I am from who I was last year. Last year, I was a senior in high school dating Max Evans. I'm a freshman at college, and I'm single.

Maria called just a little while ago. Emily spoke today. She said 'daddy.' Maria told me that she had gotten it on tape (my parents gave them a camcorder as wedding present) and she can't wait to show me because the grin on Michael's face is the biggest she's ever seen it.

Alex emailed me too. He said all the guys in the frat want to know how much he's paying Isabel to act like his girlfriend. He particularly likes that. Isabel hates being the center of attention. I can see where she might find that annoying.

Max didn't go to Harvard. He's in Florida, going to school. I've seen nor heard from him since that night last year. I hope one day, he can understand.

May 31

I'm home in Roswell until August. I didn't realize I missed this little town until my plane landed, and Mom picked me up at the airport.

I'm sitting at the Crashdown, at the counter writing in my journal the way I used to back in high school. Of course, back then, it was filled with my analyzations of Max's feelings for me and tales of running from the FBI.

I saw Maria a bit ago. She was with Michael, and they had some news for me. Turns out, Max is dating again. Her name is Tess Louison. Yup, the same one.

My first question was if they were happy. Michael said he was. I told Michael to tell Max that I wished me the very best.

Michael told me to tell him myself. Max is in town.

June 3

I finally saw Max today, and we had a long talk...


*earlier that day*

"So, Michael was telling the truth." His voice is one I'll never forget. It's after hours here at the Crashdown, and I'm downstairs still. Reliving old memories, I suppose.

"Max," I say, turning around to look at him. His face is unreadable. He's looking around the restaurant.

"Where it all started," he says, nodding to that spot behind the counter. I suddenly have a flash.

** "Liz!" Maria cried. I'm slammed against the wall, and to the floor. Everything starts to turn black...

And suddenly, it comes back. I opened my eyes to the warmest, most concerned eyes I've ever seen. **

"Yeah." It's all I can say. The barrage of memories is almost more than I can take. "I, um, heard about you and Tess. Congratulations," I say. The funny thing about it? I actually mean what I say.

"Thanks..." he trails off. He stand still, and sticks his hands in his pockets. I remember that as an old gesture he used in high school when he was nervous. "Liz, I've had a while to think about what know...and I need to apologize for my behavior that night. I was in denial, and..." Max doesn't finish the thought.

"It's okay," I tell him. "I never wanted to hurt you. Because, despite all our problems, you're a good guy and deserve the best. I'm sorry that wasn't me, but I hope you can find it in Tess."

"I do understand, you know. Because, this past year, the love I've had for you? It didn't go away. It just changed. You're like a sister to me, now. And, that's not all that bad," he says.

I breathe a sigh of relief. Max knows what I meant, and that means more than anything. I always regretted the loss of his friendship.

"When you feel that deeply for a person, the feelings never go away. They just change into something else. A different type of love, dislike, and sometimes even hate," I observe. More to myself, than to him. But he nods in agreement. We've both had our moments of changing emotions. But maybe that's finally done.


June 16

Emily turned two today. We're all so thrilled. She's walking and talking now. It's so hard to imagine how far we've all come since September 19, 1999. It's June 16, 2004, and I think that life is finally getting back on track for all of us.

I can't help but wonder who we might've have been if none of this had ever happened? If I had never been shot. Would Maria and Michael have fallen in love? Would Emily Isabel Guerin be celebrating her second birthday? Would Alex be thinking of proposing to Isabel?

Maybe Emily wouldn't be here yet, but I have this feeling that eventually the other things would have worked out. Because sometimes, that's the way things are.

I'm glad my life turned out like this, and some days, I even appreciate the path I took. I know it caused me a lot of heartache, pain, and tragedy, but it's things and events like that that make you stronger.

I'm definitely a stronger person thanks to my past with Max.


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